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I have had a lifetime passion for red shoes that began with a pair of Italian punched patent leather Mary-Janes when I was two! Those boots are SCRUMPTIOUS!!

so, sounds like I need to go shoe shopping before Melbourne then?? I had a fantastic pair I bought in Greece years ago that I thought I'd be able to squeeze my clod hoppers into and never could so they were not ever worn, maybe I still have them somewhere.... shall go searching...

Ever since I was a little girl I've always had a pair of red shoes. So lovely and bright especially on a yukky winter's day. No girl needs an excuse to buy shoes.

I love anything in red!!!! But shoes are great!!! I have several purses in red that I need to dig out and use.

Awww... it's great to see Dorothy making a come back & bringing her little glittery red shoes along...now it sounds like there's a Red Shoe Diary happening....wasn't that a show that was on late at nights....hmmmm....might have to look into that.

Nat I love your shoes...how gorgeous!!! I think it's high time I went looking for shoes for the up coming summer season! Don't think slip slop thongs are going to cut it...LOL!!

Have a great day hon!


I am so excited that red shoes are making a splash this year...I have a collection (4 pairs collected over the last decade...) I am drooling over the ones all the designers have been posting about but am not finding them here in the states. Must shop more for new red shoes! Love your boots too!

I've been keeping up with the Red Shoe Phenomenon and it's been fun to see all the red shoes popping up in blogland. :-)

Yes Nat you're face was flushed with excitement as you spotted the red boots - think you would have bought them anyway even if they didn't fit!
4 pairs of shoes (1 mine)skirt,pants, and shirts all made it home, and a few extra kilos from the icecream (1 scoop not 2)- a lovely afternoon.

Love your shoes Nat, I was with the girls at Loxton, but didnt get into the shoe shoping I was too busy sewing and enjoying the quilt shop. Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend. Cheers Sue

welcome to the land of the red shoes! I love those ones from Rivers, maybe......I better not!

'I love shoes'
It doesn't matter what colour or style I love them all. I am really starting to take a liking to red though but my favourite colour would have to be pink. I really like those boots Nat.

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