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Hi Nat,

Your patterns and website are goen off!!.

Great job.


Hi Nat, What a great imagination you have. I Luv your patterns, the fabrics you use, just everything. Do you have full pictues of the patterns? Have fun drawing the winner.

Hi natalie - what fabulous patterns. just gorgeous and so sweet for christmas. You are a great inspiration to all your fellow crafters.

I bought my first Cinderberry pattern at a new quilt shop here in Texas last week. It was a needle case. I love your designs. Can't wait to start stitching! Great job on the patterns.

Oh...these new patterns are lovely and I would love to have one of them. So please pick me this time :)
Have a nice day

Hi Nat,
I have missed your blog these last 3 weeks and it was great to catch up!

Hello ! I'm french and I've found out your creations in Australian Homespun magazine and I love them ! Your blog is also great and I've just finished the "Springberries Needlecase " stitchery and have made a little bag with it .
Have a nice day !


New lovely patterns from you!

Your weekend looks wonderful and your patterns are just gorgeous! Love popping in to see what you have been up to, thanks for giving us sneak peaks into your life. Please enter my name into your draw.

great pics from Candleberry counrty weekend...........throw my name in the draw

I'd love to be in the draw for your beautiful patterns.
We had pet mice for a while they are so cute, especially the babies.Trouble is they breed to quickly.Love your blog.

I love your patterns and I love to read your blog :)

I love your patterns and I love to read your blog :)

I love your patterns and I love to read your blog :)

Love reading your blog. Will your patterns be available at the Quilt show in Adelaide?

The talent from Australia just amazes me...The gifted women that share their talents. I love sitting down, having a cup of coffee and reading a window into your everyday lives... Thanks for sharing.

love the new patterns if only it was three more sleeps

What a great blog you have and really beautifull patterns. I love all of them.

A Christmas Ditty

Oh what a sight,
on "Christmas eve night",
as the "Christmas Belles"
were ringing,
to spy Sugar and Spice,
the two "Christmas Mice"
atop the Christmas tree
singing !

Hi, love your new patterns, love all your patterns!!
I love reading your blog and seeing your new creations.

I love the new heading on your blog!

It was great to chat with you at the Candleberry Christmas workshop - I just love your patterns, especially the three sisters. ps: my quilting cousin recently said sleep is such a waste of time (less time for stitching) - but it is something I can't do without!

congradulations! I love your patterns. Thanks for the tutorial on stitchery. Keep well!

I love all your patterns but have been watching to see what Christmas will bring! Love 'em!

I love all the christmas. One pattern maybe it will be ready for this christmas.

When I first saw a sample of your new pattern designs it brought back a childhood memory of a mouse that came to visit our home one Christmas time. Each night he would sneak out to eat through some of the christmas wrapping on our presents under the tree!

I begged my "daddy" not to set a mouse trap telling him "as soon as Santa comes he will go home". How could my father argue with that!

I so looooove your designs and thank you for bringing back a childhood memory that I had temporarily forgotten. I will definitely be stitching one (or maybe all) of your designs.

P.S. I think your blog is one of the best and the first one I visit each day.

It will feel like only three sleeps, it just goes way too fast! I think i need to start stitching christmas things on December 26th to get it done in time!!!

BEAUTIFUL BLOG!! Love all your patterns and fabric choices.

Hi Nat, I love your new Chrissie designs - just going to have to do them they are sooo cute!!!!! :) Isnt it lucky the Christmas comes around each year, I dont know that I'll get them done for this year it is rapidly approaching!!!! Awww!!! Cheers Sue

Your comment on Christmas being three sleeps away is SO true! Must get back to stitching!

I love your patterns!!!!
I hope to be able to carry them out for Christmas!!!!!
thanks for showing to us all these wonders

I like a lot little mouses !!!!! and new patterns....you are a great mouse' s designer....

Love the new patterns & the pictures from the retreat are wonderful. But three sleeps to Christmas means I am WAY behind (LOL)!

I love your blogg and most off all I love your designs. And I get to practise my english sending you commentes. I have too little time stitching having two boys 2 and 5 years and a full time jobb. But with insperations frome you and others I find some time almoest every day.

wow wow wow I want them all so nice can I please be in the draw Hugs Beth

I have just looked through your photos from the "Christmas week-end"! What a wonderful time you must have had! Love your new pattern, you are so talented!

Your new patterns are very inspiring and your blog is always so interesting to read. I have started stiching for Christmas, very slowly though because as always I try to give handmade gifts to my family, it brings a smile to my face on Christmas Day which makes all my stressing and late nights worth it.

Love the patterns, have placed an order already can not wait to start those beautiful little mice.

"WOW" I am totally inspired...It looks like you all had a wonderful weekend full of inspiration and pretty things...OHHH I wish I was there!!

I love the new Christmas designs. I'm with you what ever happened to August one day it was the 1st then it was the 31st. September wasn't much better.

I just love the mouses :>) Hoping I can get the patterns shipped to the UK.
Love checking in on your blog and the pics from your Candleberry day looks awesome. Wish greatly that we had stuff like that over here.

Glad to hear the patterns are now available (I have a mouse lover in the family...time to brush up my stitchery skills). Please count me in!

I would LOVE to win!!! Please enter my name. Thanks for doing the drawing!

I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful work. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog.

I love the new patterns and all three are now on my wish list Your blog is just the best eye candy!


Congrats on three new patterns and I love the pictures from Candleberry. That table with all the trims is very inspirational!

I just love your new patterns and to read your blog.If I might be able to do everything I want to do I can't sleep untill after christmas.Keep up the great work.

squeek, squeak, squeeeek -
translation - adorable, fresh and inspirational
any chance of getting the patterns sometime soon in the UK?
Keep up the GREAT work!

I love it. Your designs are just wonderful. Love the Christmas designs. But what I really love is everything you have and also what you saw on the Candleberry Day. I wish I lived close to shop there. I'm in the US. :(

The new patterns are just superb, I can't wait to place my order and get started on them. Now to justify the purchase to my darling husband ... !!!!

Hi Natalie,love the patterns and candleberry country photos. I went to Candleberry Country today after reading your blog about your weekend there. Loved the shop and meet the lovely Amanda

o lovely l shall enjoy the new patterns, and as for christmas am so not ready !!!!

Hi, I love your patterns and enjoy reading your blog very much!

You are such a wonderful inspiration. I just love these new designs and the small mice are soooo sweet.I am looking forward to begin with the stitcheries.Thanks for a great blog also!
Kind regards

Love your new patterns ! Enjoy reading your blog.
I love the banner on your webpage and the snowman swag is going to have to be made for our fireplace with winter!
Congrats on 3 new patterns!
Kathie in NJ

hi there,
had a look at your candleberry day, wow! The designs are gorgeous! The mice are so funny. Great that you have them out as patterns now, thanx!

Your photos from the Candlebery Workshop are wonderful. It looked like you were one of the angels flying high from some of the high angles the photos were shot from! Thanks for sharing with us who were not able to be present.

Llllooovve the new patterns. The mice are absolutly gorgeous. They are so cute. I think I will be getting all three patterns. Eventually anyway.

Great new patterns, they are just adorable!

Congratulations on 3 new patterns ready to go. 3 sleeps-uhoh, I need way more sleep than that. Someone's peddaling too fast.

Love the patterns but I might need more than 3 sleeps,lol.

Love the new patterns maybe they will be ready for christmas next year... or the year after..or the year after

Gee, if we all counted that way we would be rushing to get everything ready in time for Christmas, maybe we would be more organised though. Loved the new patterns.

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