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That block is adorable! Those little babies are so cute. This is going to be a wonderful quilt. Your work is superb. Thanks for sharing with us.

Those bebes are really cute can't wait to see the whole quilt.

Just absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait!

Very very cute!!!! This block has to be a favourite with the cute little bebes in the pram and mum with her red shoes. Love the fabric and thread colours! WELL DONE !!!!!! :)
Cheers Sue

Gorgeous! lovely colours..

Oh Natalie!! This is gonna be the cutest!!! You are so talented with your drawings. I love everything you do.

Your designs are too cute Natalie...love the colours in this one too - looking forward to stitching these! The babies are gorgeous and I did note the red shoes!

SUBLIME - each block is stunning
I showed them to a 14yr old who 'CAN'T WAIT' to get the patterns - she's currently stitching her first non cross stitch panel - 'springberries'
Keep the creative juices flowing

the three babies are very amazing !!!! I like the blue buttons and the vintage pram.... thanks for explications for Mojo....

Hi nat,
As a mum, the pram with three bebes are so beautiful, just amazing! Now I know, this is the next quilt I want to make (and it is not even finished, hihi)!
Can't wait to see it all ready and gorgeous!
Keep up the nice work!

Such lovely little babies!

Absolutely ADORABLE! I love your color choices too.

Aaaack!!! They just keep on getting cuter!

the babies are too cute. I really like the colors in these blocks. Question, do you choose the fabrics first before you start designing or vice versa? Also, your embroidery floss, all the colors match so well, what brand do you use?

Love, love the Mojo girls! Very, very cute and I can imagine the fun to be had while stitching this cutie.

How true Nat...we all need to watch over our little babes.
I noticed your fetish for red shoes has come out in your design. Ya gotta love red...Ya gotta love shoes!!!

wow you are quick, these are coming together so well, I love them! see you in a couple of weeks

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