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oh...zut ! I am too late to try to get a gift from you !! I would have been very pleased to embroider it ...:o{
but not to late for the other birds in trees ;o) I thank Gencat for giving us your link !!!! your blog is so sweet !! go on doing it for us !!!;o)
biz BZH and dzing !(I'm a fairy)

Love, love, love the pattern. count me in for the drawing.Good luck with the pattern draw. You have quite a few comments. Tracey

Oh! It's very beautiful!

Oh, wanderfull!

love all these patterns, so cute

I know I am too late for the contest but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this! Those birds are as sweet as they can be! Just charming! And I love Christmas, too! Thanks for sharing your work with all of us.

Love your pattern!!!

Did I enter? I don't think so...I hope I'm not too late..I was on vacation...

Its the 30th and I hope I'm not too late to enter! I love your new patters so cute, I also love anything about Christmas even in July!

Beautiful pattern, I would like to enter your give-away. I love your blog!


Hello What an amazing new pattern.Super flowing lines and curls.Hope Iam not too late for the draw.Iam in germany.Ireally enjoy your website

Another wonderful pattern. I love those robins!

Just arriving from holidays, on the last day to send a comment and (why not?)win a gorgeous pattern. I love your blog. It's very inspiring - maybe some day i'll start my own blog.

Greetings from Portugal.


vos créations toutes rondes sont adorables. J'adorerais broder celle-ci!!!


C'est adorable, tout rond. Celà donne envie de s'installer sous l'ombrage d'une tonnelle et de prendre l'aiguille pour se laisser emporter ds nos pensées !
Bravo vos créations sont "choux" !!!

I love your new pattern it is another one of your beautiful creations

This is a fantastic design, I LOVE it! Always look foward to your posts.

Love the little birds. Hope you are feeling well - not too long to go now!

It's a gorgeous design - just like all of your designs! Hope I'm not cutting it too fine to be in the draw!

Your blog is wonderful!
Magnificent works and ideas. Congratulations!
I will come back more times.

Very nice!!!!I love yours patterns.Beautifull projet

Absolutely lovely. Please put me in the draw!

Wow! these are cute. I just found your site, and I will definately be coming back!

Ruth M.

I love it, you're such an inspiration!

What a fresh pattern, I just love it!

J'aime beaucoup ton blog et je viens de te sélectionner pour : Brillante weblog premio 2008

hallo Nathalie I mailed you just a few weeks ago about your patterns witch I love.But in Holland I can not find a store who sells hem So it should be nice to win one.

Greets gerda

hi there please put me in the draw as your work is lovely , Sue ...

Iam sure these little robins would like to come to the beach with my family for Christmas! What a cute pattern. Cheers, Jan

Nice pattern! I just found your site.

Just found you but I'll be back.

Hi Natalie,
let's see if I will be one of the three lucky winners.

Thanks for this opportunity!


Very nice pattern and I love christmas.

Love the Robins - keeping the fingers crossed

Very Beautiful !!!

Hi Nathalie,
It is gorgeous!!!
please pick me ;-)


Hi Natalie, Love all your patterns, you are so talented.

Holy cow, can you believe all the comments? LOL! Love your new pattern, and since the odds are very high, I may look to buy your pattern soon!! It really is cute, I like it very much. Lets see, 22 is my lucky number, do I win if you draw 22?

Hi Natalie, Just love your gorgeous "Twelve red robins". Well done!!
Cheers Sue

This looks absolutely gorgeous

Hey Natalie, It's very obvious that we all Love your patterns. I hope you will still have time after you have the baby.

.....could 264 be lucky for me??? here's hoping....I am another cinderberry stitches "addict".....love this new one Nat!!!

This beautiful!those hearts, suggests wonderful mood!

I love Christmas designs too!
Please include me in your draw :-)

Yes - I have joined the Angel Stitcher swap :-)

Dear Natalie,
What a wonderful joyfull design this one is.I hope to win this pattern
Cheers from the Netherlands.

Lovely pattern. I love the look of red on white!

Well, it's just as cute as expected!
I just LOVE your work and all the gentle curlicues and other flourishes that make it yours.
Entering the drawing provided the impetus to go ahead and let you know how much I love your work and wish it were not so expensive here in the States...!!! Just costs tooooo much to send stuff overseas. But we don't have any designers doing your kind of work. At least not that I've seen.

beautiful pattern, as usual!
I hope to win!!
Ciao Claudia

Well, I loved this when I first saw it...so gorgeous. I don't have a hope but if you don't try then you don't get :D

A great festive design - as always.


you are so nice to offer your pattern!!!! i love your stitching!!! tank you so much!!!

I love love the red and white robins. I have been watching closely for a pattern to emerge. I hope I am one of the lucky ones. Tracey

Hi there, these are really lovely ... as usual!!

cheers, Shiree

Just the loveliest Christmas design. The robins are so cute and the red stitching makes me want to start sewing. Congrats on a lovely design.

Wow, you are so popular! 12 red robins is so cute. Pls pop me in the draw.

Oh Natalie, it is just so cute. Love the little birdies.

I love your beautiful work. It is just lovely. Please enter me in the drawing. :) Karen

I love it!! I have been watching for awhile and it was every bit worth waiting for!

Thanks for the offer to try and win that adorable pattern!! Please enter me.

What fantastic patterns you have! I love them all!


What fantastic patterns you have! I love them all!


Ooh!! a giveaway! I have been eagerly watching this pattern evolve with the tempters you have given us and i would love the chance to win a copy. Keep up the great work.

Doesn't hurt to give it a try. Love the pattern, very cute. Crossing my fingers, although it does make it hard to do any stitching. LOL.

Your designs are just delightful! It would be great fun to be a lucky winner. Here's hoping!!!!

Hi!Im a big fan of your lovely work!

Just wanted to pop in and say hi... I bought one of your patterns while away on holidays... I was pleasantly surprised to find an iron on pattern... so easy while away on holidays - I wanted to stitch while away. Thanks so much for your creativity. I'm now addicted to your patterns and shall have to go looking in my closest town to see what other patterns I can find of yours!! Take care!

Beautiful pattern! Love your designs!Very inspiring! :0)

Hi Natalie!
I just found out your site and I am amazed about your pattern and your work! Congratulations!
Cheers, Flávia

wow...more than 200 comments...

for sure I'll not be the luky one who'll win... but all this comments just confirm how much all we (all over the word) love your creations!!!

and, about the contest: why don't try? you'll never be a winner if you don't take part. Isn't so?


have a nice summer sweetie!

Hi,Ilove this pattern...Ihope to win a copie(from Argentina)

A so beautiful pattern !! I love it !!

What a sweet pattern to get us in the Christmas spirit! Hope I win the drawing! Twyla

Sweet pattern, best wishes with it.

Boy do I wish I lived close enough to visit all the shops that carry your work. I love the Red Robbins.

Your little Christmas Robins are the sweetest....of course I want to be in the draw!! Who could resist?

Hu, it is a beautiful design, and I would like to win it. :-)

Love, Sofie

Love Chrissy, Love the design...please count me in for the giveaway Natalie.

What a great design, love it. I will just wait patiently 'till next Wednesday and see if I get lucky.

Love, Suzanne

Darling pattern!Count me in!

Sweet pattern!! I'd love to win too - like the 225 people who posted before me lol.

Oh my goodness. Those Robins are just adorable. Living in Australia I do miss those cheeky Robins at Christmas. Please pick me!

LoVE LovE lOve this pattern.

always so wonderful.
I hope I have the happiness to be drawn.
bisous of Belgium

I love little robin. I hope I win one of the patterns. I joined the angel swap and I'm looking forward to see your design.

The Netherlands

What a cute pattern, I love to win a copie.
Regards Anke

Ohhhhh ! :o)
What a cute pattern !
J'adore !!
Lhise from France

let me be the lucky one,...

How fun! I am just learning to stitch and am slow, but this one is already on wish list! Just beautiful!

The birds are so cute! :D And tiny! Didnt think they would be so tiny at first. :)

Natlaie, I just love your newest pattern!! Beautiful! Thanks for the chance at winning a copy.

How beautifull it is. I don't know if I prefer this one or the bluebirds? It is very dificult to find your models!Where can we find the bluebirds?
Kisses from France

Dear Natalie,
Your new christmas pattern of the red robins is just gorgeous so please please please please please pick me to send a pattern too! Love your work.

What a cute design!

Oh my goodness, look at all the comments!! I would love to win a copy of your new pattern, so please enter my name in the draw.

Another awesome design as always. Happy stitching and count me in.

Thats just gorgeous, your stitching is so perfect, I hope mine looks that good after I do some more practicing.

What a beautiful new design. Would love to win it

Hello Natalie,
What a beautiful design! Congratulation for all your designs. I love all them !!!
Nadine from Luxemburg

What a cute pattern, I love it!! Please enter me in the drawing!
Thank you!

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