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The pattern are beautifull. I love it ;-)

C'est très beau !

ooooh Thanks !
i love this pattern !

ooooh Thanks !
i love this pattern !

ooooh Thanks !
i love this pattern !

So cute! Thanks a lot!

Thank you Natalie !!
Ces petits oiseaux sont adorables. :o) Je les broderai, c'est sûr !

Thank you Natalie, your pattner is beautiful.
you are a special angel..

Lovely pattern, thankyou very much.

Oh my! You are so kind and generous to share your wrens with us! They are adorable! The pattern is downloaded and my shopping list is made - I can hardly wait.

I am still learning - can you give me any specifics on the pellon or weaveline that you use? Again, thank you!!!!

hello Natalie

Je suis francaise et j'aime énormement ce que vous faites de vos dix doigts !!!
merci pour ce merveilleux cadeau que vous nous faites !!!

A bientot

VERY CUTE... and i'll definitely need to make 2 - one for my swap partner and one for me... maybe i'll wait on mine and maybe my swap partner will send me one.....????.... fingers crossed!! thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us.

It is wonderfull !

I think I need to bring the holidays forward as I am impatient to start (and finish) this project. You always come up with fresh designs which still look fantastic when I have attempted them. Thanks Natalie

Thanks so much for the lovely bag.
Have not started the first project.

Merci beaucoup ! This design is lovely , as usual ! Thank you so much !

Thank you Natalie!
I have no words... I just have to sing the praises of the fabulous pattern from you AGAIN!!!! And that Simplicity collection is also gorgeous... Maybe my Angel partner would get this tote too. But perhaps I have to finish my caddy first. Greetings from Satu.

Hi Natalie,
Just love your Blue Wren pattern! Where are you able to buy the new DMC varigated threads from? I'm in Sydney and have tried a couple of my local stores with no luck - they are such lovely threads.

Natlie, I just so love your designs - they are very inspirational and make you feel like you want to start straight away. Your stitching is just beautiful. I could wait until I got home to log on to see what your design was, so sneeked a peek at work!! Love your work and your characters. Dawni

I have arrived late. Hope I could join the Stitcher Angel Swap. I must say that I love your designs. Thanks for being so generous. Regards from Spain.


thanks Natalie for this beautiful pattern. I couldn't wait until the next monday and ...now we've got the posibility to work an another wonderful Angel Swap project.

Oh...this is just wonderful...I love it!!! Thanks Natalie!!! :o)....

Great pattern. Will prepare it right away when I'm back home from work.

Another simple, delicate and beautiful design. Thank you so much Natalie, I wish I could start it straightaway but will have to curb my impatience until I finish my first project.

Thanks !!!! this pattern is very beautiful !!!

Hi Natalie, thank for your wonderful pattern. cant wait to start sewing. you truly are an angel!

That is as cute as it can be Natalie!!!! Thanks for doing this for us. It's adorable!!

So cute! Thank you!

It is 20 til 12 pm in Western Pennsylvania (USA), and I decided to check a few things on the "net" before I go to bed......I am so excited I did. What a gorgeous design. Thank you ever so much for this cute tote/bag. Can't wait to start this project. Appreciate your time and admire your talent.
Thanks ever so much.

Lovely pattern, thankyou very much Natalie. Have almost finished the caddy so here comes the stitchery bag!

This is an adorable project! Thanks so much for sharing... now if you could write a tutorial for creating more hours in the day, I'd be all set! ;-)

(Thank you!)

These are darling wrens. Thank you for sharing them with us. Take care and God bless, Cory

Natalie - thanks so much for your beautiful mini tote! It's so cute! I think this swap is "mean"... all these beautiful things that we can make... and give away!! I'll just have to make two!!! Thanks for treating us "stitcher's angels" with such a gorgeous design!

Thank you Natalie for this most generous gift. I am looking forward to making this adorable tote, the first of many Cinderberry Stitches' patterns, I'm sure!

Absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much! I'm going to take it on my road trip next weekend!

Wonderful stitching and a fabulous design. Thank You very much.

This is especially pretty to me. The stitching and the colors are gorgeous. Thank you for the pattern.

Thank you so much for this delightful pattern!! I can't wait to start it :o).
Joy :o)

Thank you for the lovely pattern.
Love the fabric and colours you have used - can't wait to make my own tote.
Thanks again, Wendy!

I love your Blue Wren Tote. I have to say that I have never seen such beautiful stitching. It is perfect! Thank you for your generosity in sharing the pattern.

Your stitches are stunning! Thank you for the pattern.

Simply lovely! I find yous stitcheries so adorable! Thanks!
My angel is more than welcome...

Dear Natalie - you are an angel indeed! You are very generous to share such a gorgeous design with us all. I am sure there will be baby Blue Wrens popping up all over the world! I am off to purchase those wonderful variegated threads immediately!

Thankyou Natalie..you are very generous!!
I do love your dear stitching patterns....and the bag is lovely!
I made some of your needlecase holders previously and they're always commented on :c)
Many thanks and keep up the beautiful work.
Hugs Robyn xx

This is so beautiful! And you did such a good job in the tutorial. Haven't seen anything like this!

Your pattern is gorgeous! Thank you!

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