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will this pattern be available soon? the sneak peak has me wanting to buy!!

I was just wondering when this pattern would be released? i can't wait to see it...


Oh Natalie...your latest project is super...I love the colours ...it is adorable ....really looking forward to the unfolding of the finished quilt...
cheerio ...jo

Your sneak peeks are very promising; I'll have to work hard on my embroidery skills to make it look half this nice!

I love your embroidery. It always looks so vibrant.

I can't wait to see the whole thing. These sneak peeks have sparked so much of my curiousity. How exciting for you and for us. Wishing you the best. Miss Nancy

I love your work! It's beautiful... it's a pity that I don't understand very well english... well done!
See you soon

Oooo, I can't wait. Better get over to Treasured Threads and get on a wait list or something!

This is such pretty fabric. Your blog is lovely. Excuse me while I go look around some more!

Very cute again Natalie!! I expected nothing less from you.

Natalie...as always your beautiful stitcheries appeal to the "I have to do this next" person in me.
Will look forward to seeing it fully.
Nice work :c)

Natalie, I nominated you as an awesome embroidery blog over at Pimpstitch.com. I'm in love with nearly all of your patterns, but especially the fairy tale ones. I wish I was possessed of the talent to even attempt one. :)

so cute. my embroidery looks like barf compared to yours!!

Ohmygosh! I love little sneak peeks -- how adorable. I can't wait until next monday!

As always the sneak peaks are intriguing....can't wait to see the completed design.

It is gorgeous, and your work is always SO, SO neat! I love coming to your blog just to look at your perfect stitching :)

Looks gorgeous already, and can't wait for the stitches angel project too! One inch squares sound challenging.

I love this fabric line and with your stitcheries....it´s definetly a treasure to make!!

You are such a tease!!! Looking forward to seeing it all come together!

Dear Nataly,
I think this will be the right pattern for me. I'm already dreaming about a 'spring-like'quilt.Spring and early summer are my favorite, and the colors are so bright.
Can't wait untill it's released.
Were can I see the whole pattern, when it's released?
Els from the Netherlands.

So gorgeous, love the bee! I can't wait until your project for the Stitchers Angel, I know I'm going to love it!

The stitchery is amazing!

It all looks very Yummy Natalie...Gorgeous fabric.

Another divine creation Natalie, can't wait to see the finished product!
Janelle ;-)

Hi Nat, Love the sneak peak ... cant wait to see the whole thing and then add it to the to do list. :)
Cheers Sue

Your stitcheries are gorgeous, I just know I'm going to love the new pattern!!! :o)
Joy :o)

Hi Sweetie... glad to have you back amongst us...hehe. Although, I know how busy a person can get when caught amongst the fabric, stitches and designs.... DREAMLAND!

Waiting with baited breath for all these new & wonderful SRPING THYME goodies.

take care... hope all is well with that precious bundle also.

have a great day full of inspirational creativity!!


I have just finished making a quilt top with the Simplicity range too - it is so gorgeous! I love your bee - I can't wait to see the finished design.

I have purchased some Simplicity and just love it! The sneak peek is just perfect- I love it -can't wait to see the whole design......Then buy the pattern!
Dawn x x

WOW looks great Natalie. I was starting to get worried about you and your bump, but didn't want to intrude (have had some bad times with bumps, and was scared to ask). Glad all is okay and can't wait to see the completed project. Just might have to do it!

Fabulous sneak peek! I just LOVE your style, and the colors are fantastic.

The colors, the stitcheries...all so petty.

Looking good!!! Can't wait to see the entire project.
I recieved the pattern Twelve Red Robins in the mail. Thank You!!!! Can't wait to get started! It was a thrill to win the pattern and an even bigger thrill to recieve it!!!! Brenda from Georgia in the USA.

Oh how lovely, can't wait to see the finished product!

oh it's beautiful from what i can see.

i really love the middle picture. very inspiring.

Yes you have done it again....what a teaser....looks great....I was wondering what fabric you use for the stitchery

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