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Congratulations to you and your family. Isabelle is so beautiful. I was hoping to catch up with you at the AQM but unfortunately the lady who was going to work for me at the shop had a family emergency so I have to stay here. Not to worry. I am sure the guys at Creative Abundance will update me as soon as tehy get back so I can stock your new releases.

Again, congratulations and many years of happiness ahead for your family.

Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous!

She's perfect!!!!!!!

Soooo beautiful Natalie.
Congratulations to you all.

Robyn xx

She is beautiful.

I'm so excited for you! Congratulations on such a beautiful little girl. The world smiled on the day she was born! Wishing you some rest, love and much happiness. Can't wait to see more pictures!

Congratulations - she is a beautifull baby :o)) - Kind regards Gaby from Germany

Oh! Very Big Congratulations!!! She's just beautiful! And I love her very pretty name too!

So sweet!

Dear Natalie,
first congratulations on the arrival of little Isabelle Ruby! is beautiful!
Then I wanted to compliment your wonderful work. I have linked my blog as a favorite ...


very good!

P.S. Sorry for my English is not perfect ...

Alessia (Italy)

Dear Natalie,
first congratulations on the arrival of little Isabelle Ruby! is beautiful!
Then I wanted to compliment your wonderful work. I have linked my blog as a favorite ...


very good!

P.S. Sorry for my English is not perfect ...

Alessia (Italy)

What a perfect bundle of gorgeousness. Congratulations.

Awww! I love these photos.. Isabelle is divine! I also love your website Nat.. awesome stuff! Hope its all going well for you and your managing to get some sleep! Much Love, Sez xo

Congratulations - what a beautiful girl! You are blessed :)

All the best from California

Congratulations!!! She is so pretty. You should be very proud for this lovely girl. Regards from Spain.

She is very, very beautiful. I'm glad you're well.

Congratulations! She is Beautiful!

Congratulations! She is beautiful!

Natalie, my sincerest congratulations to you and your husband! Isabelle is such a beautiful little bundle!!

Congratulations to your family!

Congratulation , Isabelle is so beautiful, she looks like her mother. Kisses. Christel

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl,she is a real little sweetie.Looking forward to seeing many more photos of your little poppet.

Love to the three of you


So little, so cute, so perfect!
Best wishes to you and your family!

Congratulations! What a perfect head shape she has.
Hugs from Hungary!

Congratulations, Isabelle is simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing her photograph with all of us.
Denise in California

Congratulation, she is beautiful,

Congratulation, she is beautiful,

Congratulations, we wish Isabelle and her family a good health and a lot of joy and happiness in her life. Carla from luxemburg

what a beautiful girl, she's so kind, big kisses!!!!

Along with everyone else congratulations to you & your family on this beautiful event.

Congratulations with this beautifull little baby girl.
I really love her precious soft little bit of hair...so sweet!

Enjoy each other...

I have to wait 12 days to due date....


Just like everyone else, I say a great big Congratulations!! on such a perfect little girl. Make the most of every moment. They grow up so fast. And Congratulations to Dad, Grandmas and Grandpas.

What a sweet little girl...Congratulations mum and dad! Yvonne from Holland.

What a sweet little girl...Congratulations mum and dad! Yvonne from Holland.

Congratulations Team!!! I love the little bundles name!! Gorgeous!! Cathy

Congratulations, A bundle of joy, brings delight to all.

She is just perfect! Congratulations! Enjoy every moment, they go past so quickly!

Die Kleine ist wundervoll. Ich wünsche alles alles Gute und ganz viel Freude.

Lieben Gruß aus Deutschland!

Your baby is wonderful. I wish you all the best and a lot of happy moments!

Love from Germany!


Congratulations to you all - a pink fluffy one! She looks gorgeous - Enjoy!

Congrats!! She is lovely!

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your gorgeous little pink bundle! Julz

Congratulations Natalie and Brad!! Isabelle is a real sweetie. Life will never be the same thats for sure...treasure every moment...even the tired and teary days - you will actually laugh about them later.
Best wishes always
The Baynes Family xoxo

Congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful little bundle of joy!!!!. Enjoy the moment & treasure the memories. We know she will give you many reasons to smile. A big welcome to Isabelle & best wishes to you all. Cheers Del & Shirley at Quilters Harvest.

Natalie, she is beautiful. Enjoy every moment and treasure every memory, they are all special and we must remember that. hugs to Isabella and mum and dad, Helen

Isabelle is beautiful. Congratuations. I know she will bring much joy into your home.

Congratulations on this beautifull little girl - so tiny and cute!!
You will sure spend the most wonderfull time of your life now with her - I must know, for I also have a daughter ;)

Claudia from Berlin

Wow!! She's beautiful!! Congratulations from Italy!! Hugs, Manila

Congratulations! How cute and beautifull she is!

Isabelle is so sweet. She is really beautiful!

She is so beautiful and sweet!
I have just nominated you for an Award on my blog...just wanted to let you know! :)

Well done!!! She is just beautiful.

Congratulations Natalie, she is just beautiful.
thank you so much for being part of the stitchers angel project. Just love your designs.

Congratulations. She is beautiful.

Congratulations! What a precious bundle of joy.
Enjoy every moment of being a mom.

Congratulations! What a precious little bundle of joy.
Enjoy every moment of being a mom.

Congrats, congrats, congratualtions!!!!!! She is adorable - what a fantastic blessing she will be to your family. I have one such gorgeous bundle and even 17 years later, she is still as adorable as ever and has been a blessing everyday......

Congrats to you all!
Welcome Isabella!

Congratulations Natalie! She looks very pretty!

Hello Natalie,

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy! I have four little bundles, ok, they are bigger bundles now...but they never stop being joys. All the best from Sonya and the Giggle Button team.

Isabella is beautiful! Congrats to you all! and Welcome Isabella!

Welcome little Isabella! You are a gorgeous young lady.

congrats on your beautiful baby girl. may you enjoy each and every precious moment with her.

Your baby girl is just beautiful!!!Congratulations.

Congratulation to your nice little daughter !!!!
Belle vie et joyeux chemin pour elle....

Congratulations Natalie, she is a cutie.

What a little beautiful diamond you both have in her!!!
Congratulations (= Onnea in finnish)!!

Ohhhhh, she looks like an angel!!! Congratulations from Texas, U.S.A. I hope you get rest!!! With so many fans sending you good wishes & congratulations, you'll never rest!!!! :)

All the world of joy and happiness for you and your little wonderful girl!!!!!ciao from Diana from Italy!

Oh, how beautiful! She is so lovely, so sweet...! Congratulations! :)

My goodness, what a pretty, pretty baby she is!!! Congratulations :D

Wow what can I say she is beautiful. A little miracle

She's beautiful! Congratulations!

Kind regards,
Beertje Zonn

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. I hope your family continues to have much joy and blessings.

Congrats on your baby girl, just love her name. Hope everything is going well.

Little Isabelle is soooo sweet what a wonderful job you did,looking forward to more pictures.
cheers Sheryl

She's beautiful! Congratulations!

Congratulations Natalie. I hope Isabelle gives you many, many years of love and smiles. Enjoy every moment as you watch your precious daughter grow and experience all that life as to offer.
Kind regards - Dawn

Congratulations....she's so nice! I'm sorry for my bad english! I'm french...but I like your blog and yours all creations...I add you of my link in my blog.
Seen you soon

félicitations de france

Félicitations de France elle est adorable
Congratulations from french, she is just adorable!

Voilà une bien jolie princesse ! félicitations aux parents

You have a beautiful daughter, and so many amazing things ahead of you. Enjoy every moment!

Congratulations! She is so cute!!!

There is just nothing like holding a sweet little babe in your arms, kissing that sweet little forehead, and savoring every moment of her new life. Congratulations!!

She's just beautiful!!! Lucky you!

Congratulations Natalie! She is sooo gorgeous! Enjoy her and all things pink- it is fun!

Congratulations!!! She's a beautiful little girl!!!

Congratulations, she's very beautiful

Welcome to the world Miss Isabelle. Congratulations Natalie and Brad on the safe arrival of your beautiful daughter. Hugs Jx

Congratulations Natalie, she is just adorable!

congratulations she is very nice

She's beautiful!Congrations from Bonnie in Corpus Christi, Tx.

What a lovely little one and such a lovely name that you have blessed her with. :-)

Congratulations, she is perfect!! Now the fun begins. Betty

Congratulations, what wonderful news and now a whole new source of inspiration for you! Enjoy

Congratulations on your gorgeous baby girl! I love the name you have chosen for her.

Congratulations to you both on gorgeous baby Isabelle. What a treasure she is! Best wishes

Congratulations! A beautiful name for a beautiful baby!

Congratulations in little Isabelle! It is your best design ever! She is just beautiful and so adorabe. Love her name! Best Wishes to you and your new little family. United States.

OMG!!!! She is just precious Natalie. How very happy you all must be. Thanks for sharing her with us. She's beautiful.

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