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Those are some great artworks up there i must say, would love you to share the secrets of those stitches !

Love your work!!! cheery & happy.

The quilt looks just beautiful. Love the idea of mixing. Just great.

Hi Natalie

Just had to let you know that i received my copy of A mothers pockets yesterday and i just LOVE it i can't wait to get started. I have to hold myself back though as i have a few chrissy pressies to get finished. My DD asked me to stop looking at your site she wants her quilt finished........LOL

Patricia K

tiene unos tapetes muy lindos lo que mas me gusta es que conbina el bordado con el patchwork,a qui en mi ciudad no llegan esas rebistas . gracias por el blog

Parabéns Natália , seus trabalhos são fantásticos .
Very , very beautiful .

Saw your tweet on twitter about your new background, had to come over and check it out. It's fabulous! LOVE it. And Mothers Pockets is fantastic! ooxx`jodi

I do love your new background, very nice.

Oh... How Super Sweet is 'A Mothers Pockets'... My Stitches need a little more practice.. Smiles :0)

That mommy does have a lot of style and pizzazz- much more than I do! And I don't even have 6 babies (only 2, and they are almost grown!)

I LOVE your patterns, Natalie!
The new ones are so incredible beautiful and delicate and colorful...

Hey Natalie! Don't know about pockets, but you just described my handbag!!! My brother calls it the Tardis because he says it's like Dr Who's time travel machine - way bigger on the inside that it looks on the outside and you never know WHAT you'll find in it! Tee! Hee! Hee! Love your "Mothers' Pockets" design, just gorgeous!! Bear Hugs! KRIS

Hi Natalie
Just thought I'd let you know I've started stitching Tail Feathers and I'm loving it so far! :D

Oh I just love this new pattern!! It fits my family so much it is just missing 1 child, we have 7. I recently had twins and I just couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this one. I must have it! Thanks for sharing your talents.

Oh how creative and adorable. Love the colors and the theme!

Hi Natalie
I need to tell you how beautiful your designs are, and how happy they make me feel. Those baby faces are cute but hilarious at the same time!They provide all the "Eye Candy" I need.

This is sooo sweet!

I'm still waiting for TailFeathers to become availabe in CA so I can purchase it!

Oh how sweet! Just adorable as is all your fabulous creations!
bunny hugs,

wow, what a beautiful design, and a lovely story of how you got inspired.

Hi Nathalie
I live in Ottawa Ontario Canada
is there a store in Ontario that offers your patterns???

Also..if I were to purchase a pattern can i then Sell what I have made from it? are there any issues with that??

I just found your blog and love your work.. your are truly amazing
thanks Debora

I love it....it's so funny!!
Agnès from France

Hello Natalie, i adore 'a mothers pockets'- it will be on my list of things to buy and sew.
Best wishes...Heather

So beautiful Natalie...another have to stitch design!!

Beautiful Natalie, the new pattern A mothers pocket and also the one from earlier this week.
I like to stitch so much and in particular your great designs.

hi natalie,I think the iron on transfers are a terrific idea.I have just received block one of Tail feathers and it is going to save so much time when you have this as an option.thanks.I have the Mothers love from a magazine previously.It's gorgeous too.


Wow - Everything that you design - I want a pattern of. I already have heaps... still to make... I just love this pattern. It made me think of my mum and how much I love her. (My mums hair doesn't look like that..lol). It is beautiful...
I better start on projects now...

OH I LOVE IT!!! She made me laugh and think of myself on a busy day. Shes wonderful. Thanks and keep 'em coming!

this is wonderful - after having children i look at these women with tiny purses and laugh - mothers seem to have everything including the kitchen sink in their purses - and i still do - i like what is in these pockets much better than mine - and don't forget the cell phone now

Hi Natalie,
I love the new designs; especially the loving mum with the strange hair - doesn't matter, as long as she is a loving mum!!

Dear Natalie! There may be you remember me. I am Nika from Russia. You can see my russian blog http://nikacraft.blogspot.com/ and my ministry blog http://christforchristglory.blogspot.com
in english (excuse bad English). I to wish to address to you with the greater request. We in Russia never can buy your beautiful patterns ore quilt fabric. If I can ask any yours patterns for our Russian quilt club? We can do it and send a photo for you. I cannot pay you, but I shall be very glad to make Russian craft gift for you! Your russian quilt friend Nika

Lovely pattern :)

The vines just make her 'Do' more colourful. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous new designs.

Your newest is design is just beautiful!

Hi Natalie,

both of your new patterns are just beautiful....your stitching is soooooooooo neat...wish my stitches were like that.


cheers Julz

Hi Natalie,
I love both of your new designs. Another two patterns I will have to purchase. I can't keep up with all your wonderful patterns that I have to purchase but then I don't have the time to get them all stitched. Oh well I will be set for when I retire.

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