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este tipo de costuras me encanta y me gustaria mucho hacer los stitchers, puedo llevarme el patron?
espero tu respuesta en mi rinconsito?

I love the little bag. Who's pattern is it?
I love the needle wallet, too.

How very sweet is that tutu!!! Looking forward to the project tomorrow♥x

What a precious adorable baby! Love the fabric on the zip pouches.

beautiful! everything. ;0

Looking forward to seeing the pattern. Isabelle is the sweetest little cutie pie ever! Her smile can fill a room with happiness!
bunny hugs,

oooooh, I'm now going to go and have a look at all my spotty material in preparation for Monday.....can't wait!!!
have a great weekend
Wendy B

How cute! I love the tutu... yes! girls do love to dress up.....

Looking forward to Monday to see your pattern...

Sandy N

Ooh those bags do look very cute. I love Isabelle's tutu too. My Isabelle used to love dressing up and dancing too. She still loves the dancing bit but doesnt wear her costumes anymore.

What a beautiful smile Isabelle has!!!

Cute little bags.

Can't wait to see the pattern for the needle wallet.....I really want to make one!!

Interesting peek and beautiful pouch Natalie. I'm sure to be equally distracted by that lovely link I just opened . LOL

Isabella is sooooo cute. Love your little bags. Can't wait until Monday when you post the Angel pattern. Found 2 honeybun rolls to make Tail Feathers & they were on sale too. Hugs, Jeanette

Awwwww ....... how cute is your little Isabella in her tutu ;o)??!!!?
I can't wait to see what you've come up with for the Stitcher's Angel project!! I love your designs, they're just delightful.
Joy :o)

She is adorable- the bags are so cute and can't wait to see the polka dot wallet. Have a happy day :0)

Little girls and "dress-up" are so much fun! Just last weekend, my daughter and I were remembering when she was little and how much fun she and her friends had with old prom dresses, high heels and more. Isabelle is "sew" cute! :-)

Lovely creations with a beautiful and smiling Isabelle.

Everything you do is so over the top cute and lovely!

What lovely pencil cases & I would dab one for my bingo pens as it would be the talking point - now as for the tutu - Isabelle is absolutely gorgeous - what a smile!! Liz

Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful, even down to the quilt your beautiful girl is sitting on!

I'm so excited to see what you've come up with for the swap! I'm pretty confident it will probably be my favourite project! (Cheeky aren't I?)

I would love to know why someone who began sewing at age 14, that is making clothes for me sewing, and continued until Knitwit came on the scene in around '79 and I have not sewn in a single zip since then.
Were they a problem in my growing up years, my almost up to midlife years.....early midlife....so why now.........
One of the inscrutable questions of the female sewing psyche.

How cute is she with those little chubby feet!!! Ahhh girls. The first thing mine does when she comes home is dress up. She loves to wear things like this. Many times we've gone to the grocery in "glass slippers", hat and handbag. LOL!

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