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More about the stitchery please , I now have you on my blog mmmmmm, those cutie toes , careful the birdie doesn,t peck---------------cottonreel

I am so happy because I am one of the Stichery Club girls, so now I just have to sit here waiting. Hugs Eva

Can't wait to see the new design, but I especiallly love the little foot notes!! cute tiny toes... enjoy your baby... patterns can wait... (smile)

that last picture is priceless!! absolutely to die for!!

Cute, cute things...especially the footnote!!

But if you'd waited till naptime we wouldn't have gotten to see those precious little feet :0)

another project to add to my loooooong list of 'must do's'.....will have to get a hold of some shrinking sheets when available...looks very interesting!
(Can't knock it back when it has the 'official' stamp of approval!)
;o) Wendy B

your works are fabulous!
I love your style :)

Mmmm...I suddenly have the urge to find a pair of chubby little round-bottom feet and nibble on them! How scrumptious! Oh yes, and the quilt is pretty yummy too!

I just finished the stitching of the 'sweet and spotty' project for the angel swap, but mine is going to be 'sweet and rosy' ! Love stitching your little birds with their fancy tail feathers!


Very intrigued with the zipper project... can't wait to see that one..

I still LOVE the birds and one of these days I will be able to afford the patterns...

Your footnote is the cutest thing ever!!!!

oooh i love the magic of that shrinking sheet..another adorable design too btw! Isabelle's little feet are adorable too :)

Oh those toes.
I love the creases around the ankles. They mut be kissed!!!


What CUTE!! little feet. Every time I see something else you are designing - I want it now.... love it.

Sandy N

You are teasing us again - looking forward to more glimpses soon
It just shows how fast our precious wee ones grow - not a year yet and Isabelle's up on her feet - next will be your time for chasing and catching before little hands get into places they shouldn't - Bless you all

so Cute, those little feet on your work

A zipper? Oh dear! I haven't had much success with zippers! I'm really excited about seeing your stitchery club project though! I am loving being a part of it. Isabelle looks comfy walking around on the stitching! The shrink sheet looks great!

very cool and i love the model's lovely little feet. how does she keep them so soft? ;0

Beautiful fabrics!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...can't wait for these to be here. I love the stamp of Cinderberry approval too... she's is such a cutie!

I wonder if those dresses on the new release are imitations of Isabelle's clothing...

take care - have a gorgeous day filled with creative stitches & inspiration


I have been working on my project for the SOM club too!! Finished the 2nd part today and now I just need to write it. "Just" doesnt seem the right sentiment though, does it?

What a fabulous pic of little Isabelle's feet.....too cute!! - oh and the stitching looks lovely too....!

Such cute little feet!! Oh, nice stitching projects also :-))
Happy stitching, P

They look like something I will have to have. Can't wait to see the finished products. Unitl then I will continue stitching and writing and writing and writing. Enjoy your day.

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