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Sounds like fun I will give it a go. I have just finished a Baguette bag. I really enjoyed it thanks for the great pattern.

what a fabulous idea - I might have to try it myself. It's the little simple things (I have a tuppaware cupboard that frequently gets emptied too!) that get forgotten and they matter most.

What a lovely idea!! I'm certainly enjoying yours :o). Thank you ........
Joy :o)

Nice to see you join in!!!
Thanks for the mention.
Dawn @ 4:53 am

what a lovely idea, my daughter is doing a similar thing - a picture a day - with her new camera and posting them online. you're also reading one of my favourite books i love a good murder!!

What a wonderful idea - and especially if it doesn't matter if Monday becomes Wednesday, or Thursday.

I absolutely adore your site and your patterns. You truly are so talented. I would love to look you up at the next Quilt Market (if you are going) so I can meet you and start to carry your patterns in our shoppe.
Love the idea of the post today!

What a great idea! A pity I don't have a blog to catalogue this... a good reason to maybe start one up! I can't believe how quickly your baby girl is growing!!

a red polka dot mug sounds like a great idea to look for! I have mugs of all types and preferred coffee with cream in it for me. Somehow I always find tea tasteless - I must not be brewing it right! so many like it. Love your blog and your delicate designs.

That is such a lovely idea. I might start this myself :) My favorite is the red polka dot mug. Mum and I (pam from cottage garden threads) were just swooning over red polka dot mugs the other day.

Hi Natalie, sounds like the beginning of a wonderful day, love the sound of your favourite mug, I too have them a spode ( on sale years ago, blue and white) its for coffee then I have some beautiful mugs, a gift from my daughter, they are red and deep pink and beautiful designs, they're for tea.
Hope you enjoy your walk a must for life and yes 'alone time' with ones thoughts, enjoy your blog and your lovely work.


Hi Nat!. . . I love that you are doing this too! . . . Won't it be great to look back?!. . . & remember - but it's also great to slow down & bit & think about these "simple" things. . .
xo, Bren
(p.s. - your photo is adorable!!!)

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