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What a beauties!

I tried....I really, really tried....but I couldn't stop myself - THEY ARE AS CUTE AS A BUTTON!!!! There that's off my chest as it were - not that I am convinced that they are buttons - there are no obvious shanks and they seem to be sitting fairly flat on the dotty, spotty material. So like the others I think they may be magnets, or counters. They make me think of tiddlywinks, or game pieces - they'd make really gorgeous game pieces - hey there's an idea - how about having sets in four different colours, with accompanying quilted game board and having the first patchwork, stitched Ludo set?

i believe they are magnets that are going to be drops of goodness that you can mark special dates with... and i see a few that would make a great chess or checkers game... woohoo.. whatever they are just to have a little pile on the table or in a jar would be a treat... like little pennies from heaven....
thanks for the smile and happy thoughts for the day...

Natalie...sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather but happy you are feeling better now. I so love to look at your blog so it's nice you are back. Your little "drops of goodness" as they have been called look so cheery and I would have to say something to do with advent calendar too since there does seem to be 'holidays' represented. I think these would also look wonderful on the inside of a scalloped border too!
Can't wait to see what you have in store for all us curious quilters :)

i like Amanda's answer

perhaps you have stitched two of each and they are a game for your little one (when she gets a tad bigger) for matching the pairs - sounds way out but in my first thought was an advent calender

I'm wondering if they are for a game, perhaps? Checkers or chess or some other fun game??? Maybe? So glad you are feeling better! Can't wait to see what these are! :O) Bari

Are these buttons???? Is there a pattern???? LOVE THEM! Nichole

Advent calendar?

THe buttons are adorable and I can see they are baby/toddler thememd! I love the little robot! ;0

I wonder if they are to be pulled out of an advent calendar - with a cute little ribbon for hanging! No clue but I know it will be wonderful - how precious they are! Teri Dingler

Hello, I'm glad you're already much better, and so that the drops of love cure hehehe, are beautiful, and I want to know that you will use them !!!!!!
hugs and kisses for you

The drops are gorgeous. I am very curious what you are going to do with them. Glad you are feeling better now.

Very sweet. Are they magnets?

No doubt something clever and out of this world!

Hi Natalie, Can't wait to see what you have install for us!

The bug must be going around, it sounds similar to what I had.
Your drops of goodness look fantastic, I can't wait to see what you do with them!

They're really cute!!

I am really hoping they have something to do with the QFD Christmas in July project!!

My guess would be a matching game or magnets!

I'm guessing they are for some kind of calendar - based on the number of holidays/events represented.

Hmmm? Magnets? A matching game? An advent calendar? A hat? A brooch? A pterodactyl? Oops sorry got carried away there. Whatever they are, they are very cheery.


Glad to hear you are all feeling better....

I think they are for a game....

Sandy N

I Know I know but I'm not saying.

Hi Natalie,
Your drops of goodness look soooo cute! Maybe they will become a necklace or buttons?! Whatever they are for, they will be fabulous!

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