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Posting a bit of QuiltAid to our blog, Helen...Hope it helps
Sure love the fabrics offered.

Hi...I have been following your blog since your baby was born and have purchased a lot of your stitcheries from Quiltopia in Maple Ridge B.C. I just love them and now can pick your designs out from the rest. Keep designing...Sandra Port Coquitlam B.C.

On retard, because I have a blog only since few days, but I put in my blog the Hamlin Fistula Quilt Aid link!

I too will spread the word on my blog. Love everything you do

yes please hope i'm not too late x

Just love this!

quel dommage....j'arrive trop tard sur ton blog.......j'aurai bien aimé participé a ton concour...pour gagner ces merveilleux coupons...
mais je vais quand meme te mettre sur mon blog.....c'est trop mignon ce que tu fait......

Hola Natalie, es un gusto comunicarme contigo.. eres una artista maravillosa..tus diseños llenos de magia y dulzura.. me encantan.. además he puesto un post en mi página, ojalá sirva de algo, y gracias por la oportunidad de entrar al sorteo..por acá en Chile no tengo la suerte de conseguir tan lindad telas... ojala me vaya bien...
un abrazo..desde Chile..

Gorgeous fabric! I would be so thrilled to win one of the prizes. :) I tweeted about the Quilt Aid here: https://twitter.com/kindred_spirit/statuses/17423657576



I love your work, I wish I could buy your patterns in Poland. :)


Hi Nat,
Add me to the draw. When I came across your site from going into FionaMarie.com I was truly amazed on what you have. SO much inthusiasm & challenges! I love every thing you have to offer. I am NOW A FAN OF YOURS!!
Chris Konieczny from Medford, WI, USA

Hi Natalie from cold, wet NZ, I have just stumbled on your blog for the first time! What a happy place to be....your designs really reflect your personality! I'm blogless too but would love to go in the draw.

I read your blog almost every day to find out what's happening. I love Robyn Pandolph's fabric, so feminine and romantic. I am spreading the word about Quilt Aid.

Hi Natalie,I have no blog but I have spread the word.

Would love to win a bundle. I love your work!

I'm blogless as well-I enjoyed waiting for each block to arrive last year-and one of the hardest parts was choosing the finishing kit. I loved your block then and your birds this year are just as special. It is such a good way for many people around the world to get behind this cause.

I tweeted too;

I've placed the link in my side bar.

I hope I am not to late to join in the fun the fabric is so scummy and soft reminds me of my childhood thanks for the chance ttfn Nicole x

I have placed the Quilt Aid link on my blog. I would love to learn more about this so please email me at gmmeenan at gmail dot com

I have placed the Quilt Aid link on my blog - and I would love to learn more about this, too, so please contact me via gmmeenan at gmail dot com.

No blog but heaps of inspiration thanks to your wonderful site. You are so creative and the fabrics and designs just blow my mind and make my fingers itch..... just time is the problem. Love, love your work. Please let me be lucky.

As usual, the RJR Pandolph fabrics are AMAZING! The colors, the prints, the "everything" about them. What's not to love??? You have a great blog and I would love to be a winner. Please count me in. Kathy B

Put it up on facebook - so hopefully will generate some interest. Great charity - I've read the founders books. Now off to look at some blocks......

Sorry no blog - but they are fantastic blocks, such talent. Do I detect a bird theme running through them? Fingers and toes all crossed.

Oooo I sooooo love the fabrics!!And the colours are yummie!!
I so hope I win a set!!!
Love from Holland,

more than happy to link from my blog. Every little bit helps.

Hi, I posted on my Facebook..I only have a couple of Australian friends, but I hope that if friends of friends pass it on, then it will do some good ♥

No blog here, but yours is great and I will be happy to spread the word Quilt Aid 2010.

Hi Nat!
I have put the link to my homepage:)

Spreading the word!! Quilt aid 2010!!!

I posted your button on my blog


Ah Ha! got it on Twitter also.

shobbs7136 Quilt Aid is going on. https://www.quiltaid.com.au/ Natalie Lymer is shouting it from the rooftops so we need to help! scarlette - love the fabrics

got it on the blog - and hope it helps



I love the blocks you all have designed and would love to win a fabric bundle.

Count me in, sounds like a good project.

Hi Natalie,
I am Blogless! So will keep hopping--- and spreading the word re Quiltaid--- Might help me lose some weight too!!I have never won any fabric ever-- those fabrics look scrumptious.
Yvonne W.

I don't have a blog (yet) but will spread the word when I can. Just came across your site, it's wonderful.

No blog but I´ll tell my friends-
Louise D

I don't have a blog or facebook page, but will happily cheer you along in your wonderful efforts.
God bless from Utah U.S.A.

I do not have a blog and will be most happy to speard the word about Quilt Aid 2010. Thank you ever so much for the opportunity to win. Judy C in NC

Hey Natalie,
I'll put it on my new facebook account.
Lovely fabrics!

Beautiful fabric, wonderful cause and a generous giver! Thanks for the chance to win.

such beautifull fabric - here's hoping that you will count me in although I stay in sunny South Africa!
Warm wishes
Maria von Podewils

Beautiful fabrics! And honorable cause.

hello just amazing fabrics and yet again your design and stitching is just perfect ,how do you find time with a toddler to take care of! would love to be included in your draw,will forward the information about quilt aid to my daughters, and friends from Helen Summers

I really like your blog very nice materials I would like to master, landed on my blog as well.

I am hopping and hopping...sorry no blog...beautiful fabric....will spread the word about Quilt Aid...Linda B

No blog, still I have been telling everyone I see...very hard to type when stuck in a hoop! Ah, the days when we used to be able to hula multiples of them at a time! Now we do better things, like quilt for a cause!

No blog here either, but will spread the word as well. The fabrics are very lovely and anyone would be most happy to win (encluding myself :D

Hi I have blogged about quilt aid on my blog and also on face book. I am anxious to help . It its a great cause. I am living in such a wonderful country want to give back Jen

No blog and I'm not coordinated enough to hop on one leg and jump through a hoop. I could try but then I would probably hurt myself and not be able to quilt. Perhaps I could be entered anyway?

Amazing fabrics! Gorgeous blocks!

hi ,I`d like to enter your quilters blog

I'm hopping on one leg and jumping through a hoop as I type...please enter me in your giveaway....

Hi Nat,

I don't have a blog, but I would love to win your lovely fabrics! Love your blog too.

Rose M.

Beautiful little bundles Natalie and I love the Quilt Aid patterns!

What beautiful fabric. Will spread the word at our community centre. Thanks for the chance to win.


Beautiful fabric, as is your blog! What a worthy cause!


!Hola Natalie, he puesto un enlace en mi blog, y me gustaria participar en el sorteo de las telas gracias.

I Natalie! I have left a post in my blog. I have also translated the most important things and FQA's in AidQuilt web, in order to make it easer for those who don't understand English. I hope it can be spread all over the world!
I have a question to make: if I wanted to buy the whole 12 kits complete set, should I order to each webshop? I mean, as I live in Spain, it'd be easier to make just one order than 12.

I have no blog. I will try to disclose it anyway.
thank you for the chance.

I will post a link on my blog. Beautiful fab!

What a lovely fabric selection. I've never won anything in the blogosphere, and don't expect to this time either! (giggle)

What a wonderful project. Please include me in the giveaway. Thanks.

Beautiful quilt blocks by amazing designers. Thank you to all of you for participating in this worthwhile project.

fantastic fabric, and wonderful cause - will definitely tell others...

great fabric please count me in the draw

Telling my other crafty friends about Quilt Aid! Thanks!

Hey what great fabric. Talked about your giveaway at out quilting group. Thanks for the great giveaway.

Hi...this fabrics is simply wonderful!
a big hug

Hi Natalie, I would love to win those gorgeous fabrics and think they are just so delicate :) Such a fabulous cause you are involved in :)

Hi, I don't have a blog, I have a facebook account, but don't know how to use it...isn't that lame? But I belong to several online groups, and have a big address book, so I'll be getting the word out to lots of people about the QuiltAid website.

Thanks for the giveaway,
Lynn D in NC

Hiya Natalie,Please pop me in the draw...I'm hopping on one leg & oops fell through the hoop....(Does that count?...lol...)
Gorgeous fabrics.....
Hugs Catherine x

Hi Natalie, I don't have a blog but love what Quilt Aid does and will spread the word amongst all other quilters I know. Thank you for the opportunity to be entered into the draw :) Karen

Hello Natalie,

I have blog about Quilt Aid 2010. (I finish my 2009 Quilt Aid and I enjoy it so much)

Thanks for your giveaway

Sandy N

I don't have a blog? ...so I hopped on one leg and tried to jump through a hoop while leaving a comment on this post. Please enter me in your giveaway. Seriously, thank you for your work for Quilt Aid.

Of course I'll post Quilt Aid 2010 on my Yahoo group. Will also put it on my facebook page! Those fat quarters are making my mouth water....!

I have a twitter account and will certainly post - as soon as I learn how to use it!!haha -would love to win! Teri Dingler

Those fabrics are yummy. I participated last year and have already ordered my first block for this year. It's a wonderful cause and the blocks are amazing!

Hi Nat,
lovely fabrics and a worthy cause; I'll spread the word.

would luv to participate, what wonderful designs there are for this quilt aid 2010
joan in italy

Thanks Natalie for the help in getting quiltaid posted on my facebook it worked. Thanks for the fab fabrics up for offer, count me in Cheryl XXOO

HI Natalie

I thought I posted a comment on your blog this morning 21/06/10...but when I checked again I couldn't find it ... dissappeared into cyber space ... I think.

Sorry don't have a blog or facebook & twitter....but am loving the fabric in this latest Quiltaid cause...the fabrics are like soft Gelato...yummy

Ta Nat

Chris ... in NZ

Hi Natalie, Sorry no blog or facebook (way behind the times!) but will pass the info on to our quilting groups in my town.The fabric are just beatiful. Thanks for the chance to win them!

Hi Natatie,

Love your web site and I will spread the word about quilt aide to my friends! I am new to your site and hope to see more patterns soon!


Hello Natalie! Lovely fabrics! I had a quick view of the finished Quilts Aid quilt and they are GORGEOUS! Congratulations for your involvement.
Take care

Just love the fabric!

thank you for the chance. I do not have twitter or facebook:(

Well I jumped through the hoop but landed on my oosey watsit - does that still count? What a great thing you are doing Natalie! Got some arnica for my bruises now?

Angel blessings

I have tweeted and facebooked. I can't seem to get my blog working right now but will do that soon too.

beautiful fabrics

Hi Natalie
I've blogged about Quilt Aid and will put the logo into my sidebar.

I don't have a blog or facebook but will pass the word about Quilt Aid to my friends, I am interested myself and looked at the "finishes". The fabrics are gorgeous, I would love to be in the draw for one of these. Your pattern designs are lovely, am currently working on Truly Scrumptious. Can't hop or jump thru a hoop at the moment but certainly look forward to when I can. Thank you Natalie for the opportunity. Kind Regards Shirley

Hey Natalie! Lovely fabrics that look like they'd be fun to play with! I had a sneak peek of a finished Quilt Aid quilt and it was GORGEOUS! Congrats on your involvement. Bear Hugs!


No blog either but quite happy to spread the word about such a worthy cause. Hopping and hoping........

I have added a link on my blog :)

Hi, I can tell people the old fashion way.
Beautiful fabric.

Hi Natalie,

Thank you for your wonderful post highlighting Quilt Aid. Also, thank you for the chance to be entered in the drawing!


I'm hopping and juggling too! These blocks are so pretty, and for a wonderful important cause too ...

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