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I really appreciate the blog since the first time do I saw it. Now they have reached another milestone which lead us to report about it, and I think it's a great new... as the content of the text.

Oh Natalie... Snowballs is so HEAVENLY! I love it so. And so, so, so perfect in Flower Sugar. Gushing over Snowballs so much! You've done it again!!!

Less than a week now... can't wait to see you in Houston! xoxom

I just found your blog, quite a newbie to the blog world, and after seeing your wonderful artwork and patterns,it is official, I have to learn some hand stitching, I think that looks likes embroidery? I have wanted to learn for sometime. If I get a handle on some basic techniques over the long, dreary winter I would love to get some of your fantastic patterns.
With four daughters and a house to run I keep hearing a persistent voice say: "You don't have time to get obsessed with another hobby"
Luckily I very listen to her.
I'll be checking in again I am sure.

Our cup overfloweth,

This is just stunning and delightful and magnificent and delicious and wonderful! I just came across your blog and site this week and can't wait till I have time to look through all of your pages! I am in LOVE!!

I don't think I'd have the patience to do all the circles, but it is very cute!!

Oh my gosh...'Be Still My Heart' LOL. This quilt is, I believe, the most wonderful Christmas Quilt I have ever seen, without a doubt. Since I was instantly addicted to stitching quilt blocks while recovering from surgery, this really speaks to me. I really wish it were easier to get your patterns here in the US. Geez what a time I have! I will be persuing this wonderful new design though, you can bet on that. As for keeping it quiet...you did GOOD! What a wonderful surprise it was when I popped into your blog and saw this quilt. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm going off to pout now because I'm having so much trouble getting patterns from Austrailia,the UK, Norway, Sweden, and all those wonderful places where the greatest stitchery patterns are found. Well, gotta find my poor pitiful Pearl stool to sit on for a while, LOL. Hugs...

Wow! It's a very wonderful pattern!!! the snowballs are great!!

OMG!! Gorgeous! I can't wait to buy this pattern! Congrats for this great work Natalie and thanks for sharing with us!!!!

Adorable. Love it.

i would love to make one of these, i am a sahm of 4 kids and we love christmas, i have yet to do an advent calendar with them as i cannot find one that is a keepsake, i think this is it. gonna have to see if i can get my hands on a copy. might have to wait though, my hubby got hurt at work recently and is still out of work. maybe next year, but i sure do love this, (all your work is pretty!!)

You have put a lot of work into this Natalie...its absolutely fabulous :) I love it.

I would love to make one. How do I find the pattern? I having looking for an advent calendar. This is perfct.Nice job

That is way too sweet! I love it! ;0

Looks gorgeous and a lot of fun :)

How cute is that???!!!! Just adorable - wasnt going to do anything more for Christmas but think I might just have to change my mind!!!

I just adore snow balls!!! the secret work you have been doing, oh my! This is magnificent. Reminds me of a tiny checker board :) BRAVO

As usual! . . . absolutely adorable! (Just like you!)
xo, Bren

c'est tellement BEAU!!!!!!!tu as des mains de fées.....bravo...

Looks great!

wonderful!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this..
this is so adorable..you are so brillant ..I can not stop looking at this...the details...

That's great! I was waiting for it, since Cristhmas in July, hoping you will give the pattern also for the print & sell, 'cause I heart it! :-) Marvellous new!

Wonderfully original and beautifully executed! IN Love!

Love the colours and especially the snowballs very very cute Thanks again for inspirational designs, Where do you come up with these designs wish I had half your talent Thanks xoxo Cheryl


Natalie I love your work .... this one is simply adorable!!!
Joy :o)

I must start on mine for Christmas.... It is too cute!!


Natalie, I have always admired your unique style, but this is really beautiful!

It is beautiful. I love it!!!!!!

Hello Natalie,

Congratulations on a stunning pattern. Those little buttons are so cute.
Happy Monday.

Ahh that's pretty!
You're a fabulous designer. :o)

Oh Natalie, that is adorable. I'm afraid it would take me years to complete that beauty, tho!

Natalie, you have done it again. The advent quilt is gorgeous. Another must have. The colours are so fresh and exciting. Well done Kind regards Shirley

That is beautiful. Very clever way of attaching the little snowballs. Clever!!!!!!!!!

i love this, when will the pattern be available in the states? I love it!!

wow.....fantastic pattern Nat! Well done....it would have been hard to keep that one under wraps until it was done....! I will definitely be buying this one and putting it on the "to stitch before Christmas list".....!

that is absolutely gorgeous...and so worth the wait...

This is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! Amazing design!

Just beautiful and so creative Natalie!

This is so cute! Will patterns be available in USA? Nola


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