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This quilt is adorable. The quilting is amazing too. I can see this in my daughter's room-better get to work:)

Cutest quilt ever. Great teamwork on the pattern design and quilting.

superbe comme toujours vous etes tes douee bises jojo

I just LOVE little Miss Bella Babushka!! You are a creative genius! Love the colors, love the fabrics, love YOU!

Hi Dana - thanks for asking, I have a Bernina Aurora 440QE which I love. I did not do the beautiful quilting, that is the amazing work of my quilter Mel who uses a long arm quilting machine. Natalie

Hi Laura - thanks for asking, the patterns should now be available at stores but is you would like to purchase online you can try Erica at 'Under The Mulberry Tree' her store link can be found on the blog side bar to the left. Natalie

Qué preciosa colcha!!!
Hermoso diseño!!!
Un beso!

I love it!! these babushka is wonderful! :)

Love your babushka pattern is really lovely!

Love it, Natalie. And the colors are so happy.

Bravo! what a wonderful design, Outstanding
colors!! My Daughters is grown & out of the house with kids of her own & I have boys. I cant see them wanting this :(
BUT I adore it. As a kid this is I would have loved to wrap myself in. Still would. SO I am thinking A lap quilt or something? I dont know. I live rural NC and no quilt shops by me anymore-but walmart & they keep closing the fabric sections they have in each store.I do not know what the world is coming to when they keep closing fabric places down & now walmart cuts back the wee asiles of fabric in the few stores around..AUGHH what do we do?? You have to be able to see & feel the fabric-on line is really difficult & expensive when you can't even touch or feel what you are buying.
oh well I digress.. I would BUY YOURS WHERE EVERY I could find it....because I love what ever you create. If you have a leftover scrap I would even frame it because everything of your lights up a room. ANd I can never find any.
Congratulations this is wonderful.

OMgosh !! It is wonderful!! Babuska is simply perfect..that is just what you think when you see it! Gramdma lived next door to us & in the cold winters she would make sure we were bundled up sometimes she would go to her closet and get more come back & say now `you have I will tie a good babuska on you' ...SHe was not Russian,she was German SO I guess it is a `comfort thing' :) I LOVE what you did AS USUAL!!!
IF I COULD come thru the computer & grab the quilt I would :>) it is just divine..

Bella Babushka is absolutely divine! I can't wait to get my hands on the pattern!

Adorable. Gorgeous prints. 'babushka', 'matryoshka' - doesn't matter, they are soooo cute! I have a set of 5 and my little friend next door calls them 'egg girls'.

Thanks for the advice Natasha, why BABUSHKA? Because I like the word and it is easy for my 2yr old to say - Isabelle adores her Nanny so it seems just perfect to me.

Natalie your Quilt is Gorgeous!

I really like the bright colors and the images of Russian dolls you used in your latest pattern. However, why are you calling this dolls BABUSHKA? The right name for this dolls is MATRYOSHKA. For whatever reason some foreigners call them babushka which means "grandmother" in Russian.
Russian in the US, Natasha.

Hi! I follow your blog for a while now. Your designs are wonderful, well done! I admire your creativity. Take care and God bless you. luv from moz

Your lucky daughter.One beautiful quilt.The quilting is so lovely.

Congratulations Natalie! Love it even more now that I can see the whole quilt!! Can't wait to buy the pattern! You are a star!!! Thankyou for designing beautiful patterns! Melissa

Just Gorgeous and Perfect for my little Grandie's first Bed too...Thanks Nat!

Congatulations N!!!!! Yet another beauty...I wish I had a little person to sew it for....

I love everything about this quilt1 xxx

she looks very nice here with all her friends..........nice quilt Nat........

Adorable! ;0

What a sweet, sweet quilt! I love it that you didn't centre the babushkas in the middle vertically. The quilting is stunning and it looks amazing on the bed!

Oh Natalie -- that's adorable! I sooo wish I had a little girl to sew for -- how VERY very clever and creative you are!

What a gorgeous quilt! Love the fabrics and the stunning quilting too :o)

So cute! Where can I get a pattern - I don't have a quilt shop nearby! I want to make this for my little girl, she'll love it :)

Natalie, you've managed to do it again! What a sweet design! ~karen

What I really want to know is what sewing machine do you have and is all the quilting free motion?, its amazing!

Super cute Natalie and I have some fatquarters of Sweet Broderie!

At first I thought the girls where hand bags. Lol......... But I now see that they are not. Very cute. Love the colors. And it gives a very spring feeling.

I LOVE it too... Wow love the colours.. I wish I was little again so I could have it on my bed.

Looking out for it.


A beautiful design Natalie. I just love those gorgeous little faces. And you're right the quilting is DEVINE and makes those little ladies pop! Congratulations.

oh that is just gorgeous. The quilting on it is exquisite too.

Just gorgeous!

wow Love it I want one ....might have to keep an eye out for the pattern!!Did I say that I LOVE IT!!!!

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