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Yes Aliner, that is the machine quilting on my latest pattern "Bella Babushka" quilt. My quilter Mel is amazing! - Natalie

Good idea!
But I'm actually amazed by the quilting. Is that a machine quilting?

Hi Melissa, thanks for asking - I found mine at Borders here in town.

Back again! Did you get yours from Thailand?Or did you find them in Oz some where?

OOPS!! Sorry just followed the link!

What a gorgeous way to collect all your pins when sewing! I want one too!!! Where did you find your 'Valentine'??!!

Aw, What a wonderful idea!

Happy Valentine's Day Natalie! I love that last shot -- look at those beautiful quilting stitches!

He is cute. And you have changed your banner again. If the Tail Feathers had to go then this replacement is really sweet & interesting. xx

Just look at that little face!!

Oh wow, yes he really is gorgeous. I want one too!!

I want one!

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