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Really like the shot! I think I could manage a several if it were heated here.

This is co cute, and i love your subject.. hope to see more subjects from you. Keep it up!

How intriguing?!!! Yes I am curious what this was all about!! A new book or pattern maybe?! Looking forward to seeing more Natalie! Any clues?!

The bottles look very sparkly next to the bright blue table. Lovely! We have a massive amount of mozzies at the moment. I think that they are just waiting outside with napkins and little knives and forks waiting for me to step outside and water my veggies!

No rest for the creative mind!!

Love the shot! I think I could handle a couple (only a couple) mosquitoes if it were warm here. -12 today. Not nice to walk to the school and back. :)

Did somebody mention a book !! I am still keeping my eye out :)

I am very, very curious to know what happens next ....

Scrumptious bottles... I can just imagine how gorgeous your photos will be!

I feel a book coming... do I do I. I hope so.


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