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Oh my gosh! I can see why people are having trouble deciding which project they want to start first because they are all delightful! Thanks so very much for a chance to win a signed copy.

Wow! I'd love a copy, Ive had a lovely time stitching a couple of your designs already and am teaching my girls some basic embroidery too!! Congratulations.

Congratulations - looking forward to grabbing a copy and getting back into stitching now that the weather is changing!

How generous are you - you produce a wonderful, creative, book filled with imaginative projects for us all to enjoy and create, then also give us the chance to win a copy as well. Thank you so much for this opportunity and congratulations on all your work and effort into a truely beautiful book. Hugs Cherie:)

Natalie, Congratulations!!! What an amazing achievement and I just LOVE the quilt - in fact I love all your projects :) I know this is going to be one very popular book!

Congratulations on your book. I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy!


Congratulations Natalie, on the birth of your paper baby....gosh what a time to wait...18 months...an elephant baby would beat that!!! Need you ask...of course everyone would love to win your beautiful book!! Thank you for being so generous!!
Hugs Gloria

I just love that quilt!

What a beautiful book...congratulations to you and thank you for the chance x

Congratulations on your book - knew it would be gorgeous!

Yes please!!!!! I would love to win your book and I was wondering when I was going to see the mini quilt again.

Would love the chance to win a copy as I will give it to my daughter who has made quite a few of your previous designs.

Congratulations on your book. Can't wait to see it. Like everyone else, I would love to win a signed copy.

Congratulations on the release of your gorgeous looking book Natalie. The Elfin faces are delightful.Would love to be in the draw for one of those.Shirley Flavell

One of his books will be arriving to Brazil in a few days. I bought a copy last week. I'm anxious to have it.

Congratulations! What an amazing looking book full of projects. If I'm not lucky enough to win one it will definately be on my wish list!

I think I love this book! I'm wondering which I would choose to make first... Congratulations, and thanks for the giveaway!

Congratulations on the release of your first book!!!
I would soooo love to win a copy of your book!!!! I just adore the little toadstools and owls...just so cute!!
Hope to win of course,fingers crossed!!
Love from Holland,

I think it will be very difficult to find one here in south of France, I would be so pleased to win one!
anyways congratulations for the book!
Marie (france)

Please x infinity... Then me husband may not divorce me for buying yet another beautiful, gorgeous book.

I would love to win a copy of your book and to see your elfs in real.
Hugs from
Lena Z in Sweden

Hi Natalie! I love you new book! Unfortunaly, I can't find it in Québec city. I would be so happy to win one!
Congratulations for the great work!

Congratulations on your new book! It looks wonderful! Would love to win a copy! Thanks for the generous giveaway! Bari

Natalie your book is wonderful all those gorgeous projects.
I would love to win a copy

I would love to win a copy of your cute new book!

Love the whimsy in your designs! Really want to win one!

I love your book. You are so talented!! I would start with the quilt - no maybe the mushroom - no maybe the . . . I guess I would have the same problem as everyone else lol. Hope

I LOVE your project and now I LOVE your book!

Thank you for the opportunity to win! I love your blog too!


oh!il a l'air très beau mais je ne sais pas si je vais le trouver chez moi en Belgique et je le voudrais bien!oh oui je le voudrais bien surtout signé par toi!cela me ferait tellement plaisir! amitiés cathy

Oh my goodness, I'm so pleased for you and I can't imagine how you felt as you opened the envelope! I'd love to win a copy and, as my best friend is having a baby girl in August, I think my first project would be the hidden garden, perfect for the nursery wall! Thanks for the giveaway!

Congratulations on the Beautiful book, I would like to win a signed copy. Please pick me, its also my 26th year marriage anneversary.

Waow! I'm desperate : I'll never find this in France, in my deep Burgundy so pick me please, please, please!

Oh those Elfin girls are so cute. Congratulations Natalie on the first of many books.
happy days.

That is just too cute! Can't wait til it is available here! I love the little Elfin girls. Thanks Cheryl Goss for sending me here!

ohhh - yes please!

My daughters Sarah and Matilda (11 and 8)can't wait to see the book, they both think there are projects in there that will be just right for their budding little stitching fingers! And who would quash their enthusiasm? Not me. More magnificent projects Natalie, kudos to you.
Emma B

How exciting for you......would love to get a copy of your new baby....Yipee.

I would love a copy of your beautiful book signed by you. I am a big fan of your work. Thanks for the chance to win.

Congratulations on your exciting project! I've fallen in love with your little elf girl - what a sweet face! Hope you pick me!

What a happy book! Would love to get my hands on a signed copy and make a few of those projects. Congratulations! - Marlene

How exciting, your book just looks gorgeous!

Congratulations Natalie! The projects look adorable, and I would love to make a few for myself - the mini quilt is my favourite!

What a Treasure !!!!! OOOOO Pick Me !!!!!
Congratulations on finishing such a lovely set of projects - And so much red - who could ask for more ?!!!!

Here's to dreaming about cotton floss -
Enjoy your day

Love it! Can't wait too see your new project.

Congratulations, your book looks fantastic.How exciting for you finally on the shelf.

The book looks incredible!!! You did a great job and I would love to win a copy! Congrats!

Congratulations on the publication and release of Cotton Floss. I'd love to win a copy!

Beautiful work got to be in it to win so fingers crossed, I have a little girl that will love any of these made up by me. Thanks Cheryl

Please, please, please pick me - you have done a terrific job! It would be a lovely birthday present (my bday is the 24th) too!

the book looks fantastic!

Congratulations! Beautiful book, it looks great! I would love to win a copy...

I am in love and awe! You are so talented. Congratulations!

Hi Natalie, the book looks great & I hope I am lucky enough to win one. The mini quilt would look great in my Grand daughters bedroom.

Id love a copy of your book, how exciting, thank you for giving us all a chance to win

I seems to me a delightful book. I love your embroideries they are full of humour and colour.

Me, me, me! Randomly pick me please!!

A momentous occasion! Well Done! You are right to feel so proud. I love your style and passion. Would love to win a copy.

I would love a copy of your book! I am a big fan of your work!

Oh Natalie i so would love a copy of your book!! I've been dropping hints aroumd my place for weeks for one for my b/day this weekend...Not sure if i have been heard!! So would love to win one of your signed copies...fingers crossed...

The book looks just divine. I have a new granddaughter that I want to start stitching for - so the timing may be perfect

Congratulations on your new book. Can't wait to see it. I love your little elfin girls!

I would LOVE a copy of your book!! Looks great.

Oh Natalie your book is gorgeous and I would love to win a signed copy! Love love love it!! The fabric tyou have used certainly compliments your beautiful designs! CONGRATULATIONS!

Congratulations on your new arrival! I would love to win a copy.

Absolutely awesome Natalie! Big congratulations. I already have an order in for a copy but if I won a signed version that would be superb. :-)

Congrats on your new book book Natalie, you should be very very proud, it's lovely.

That's so exciting! Congratulations on the arrival of your little bundle of joy! ;)

Congratulations on the birth of your paper baby Natalie. Cotton Floss looks gorgeous!


Wow! Gorgeous!! Can't wait to take a peek inside the book! Thanks :)

Oh Natalie! A book...signed??? I'd have died and gone to heaven! I just adore your work. And the colder weather makes me want to stitch...some of your projects would be perfect to work on!

Congrats! on your 'first' book...the first of many I'm sure...a signed copy would be fantastic, thanx for the chance.

Congratulations Natalie on your first book, cannot wait to see it.
I'm a new fan of your stitchers cannot wait to start stitching.
Daniela Sharp

Congratlations on your new arrival. Cotton Floss looks lovely and fresh. I have three little grandaughters who would love some of the items for their rooms (or at least their Mum will) and I am a sucker for anything to do with owls so it's a winner for me. And a signed copy would be a lovely bonus.

Congratulations on your new book with all its gorgeous projects. So many things to love in there!

Congratulations Natalie on your first book, cannot wait to see it.
I'm a new fan of your stitchers cannot wait to start stitching.
Daniela Sharp

Congrats Natalie! This is the moment you've worked along for and I have watched you grow, grow, GO thru the years. Thanks for sharing and giving us the opportunity to have one of your first books. I know there is more coming...just know it:)

How exciting, your 1st book. Thedesigns look great. I would love to win a copy.

Congratulations on the publication of your fantastic new book. It is so cheery and colourful. Thankyou for your generosity with the giveaway.

Cotton Floss looks delightful! I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and stuck into making some of these little projects. Thanks for the inspiration Natalie.

Congrats.... thank you for sharing your journey. all the best

I would SO love a copy of your book! I wish it was more easily available in the U.S. :( I know I will get one eventually, but I sure would love to win one. :) thanks!!

What fun! And how generous! Thanks so much for the chance to enter, and congratulations on what looks to be a wonderful book.

Congratulations Natalie I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.

Congratulations Natalie on the release of Cotton Floss! I would love to win a copy!

would love a copy by WINNING or buying THANKS for the chance!

Yes please I would love to win a copy of your book. My to stitch list just got longer. Congratulations on such cute projects.

Two very happy winners, indeed! I love all your designs, and hope to add to my collection. :0) Congrats on the beautiful publication.

Adorable. I would love a copy of your book.

I would love to have a copy of your gorgeous new book as I am trying to encourage my ten year old to learn to sew and having your book at home would be the incentive she needs as she LOVES the type of projects you create.

Congratulations on your new paper baby! It must be such an exciting time for you :)

What a delightful gift. I know just the person I would stitch up one of your darling elf girls for. Love your designs.

Wow, you've done it again. I love everything that you do. I am working on Tail Feathers right now, but can't wait to start on projects from your new book. I hope that I win the book. Congrats again.

I would love to win a copy of this fabulous looking book Natalie :) Please pick me pick me hehehe Congratulations on producing a lovely book with lots of lovely designs in it :) hugs Vicki

Congratulations on your new book ... gorgeous projects it all looks amazing!!! I would love to be included in the draw ... a signed copy would be something very special to own. Thankyou!!! Cheers Sue

Welcome Paper Baby! Would you like to come and live at my house? I promise to love you...
Congratulations on a wonderful book!

What a cute book, the Toadstool Pin Rest is what caught my eye, they made Mushrooms like that in Germany when I was a little girl and I still love them and Yes, I'd love to win :) Thank You!

A lovely book just in time to take to my quilting retreat. Plenty of projects to keep me busy.

Thanks for the fantastic giveaway. All the projects look delicious and I can't wait to get a closer look, especially at those little elfin girls.

Love the book! I received my copy and I just LOVE it! Love all the projects now the only problem is which one shall I do first! They are all so enchanting!

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