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I'll check out Cotton Floss next weekend when I'm on my stitchy retreat.

Creating new ideas and designs needs a lot of concentration and focus as well as inspirations.

Yeah a book! You're one of my favorite embroidery designers!

Congratulations on your successes. i am sure we will all enjoy them too.

Have purchased the book and love it - OOOOOHHHHHHHH so BEAUTIFUL are the pages between those covers. well done

Congrats to the winners. Can't wait for the big reveal.

Congratulations to the winners...you lucky ones! *grin* Wow! You used all that pencil...can't wait to see the next book, Natalie! Have a wonderful weekend. Sandy

Congrats to the winners. I got mine today, so Cotton Floss is already in Spain. It's sooooo beautiful!!

Can't wait to see who you are sketching up now and what projects they will become!

It's looking very interesting...can't wait for the big reveal :) Barb.

Looks like that pencil has been getting a good workout! Look forward to seeing your new designs and I'll check out Cotton Floss next weekend when I'm on my stitchy retreat.
Lucky winners!

Wow! I'd give my eye teeth to have your imagination and ability to sketch. In the meantime I've ordered Cotton Floss... yes it has arrived in the UK and by tomorrow there will be a copy in Scotland! You do get about!

From what I can spy, it look like another book in the making? :)

Love the fact that your pencil got so small. The baking paper idea is a good one. I will have to keep that in the back of my mind.

Congratulations Ancret & Kelly - enjoy your books!

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