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Is it a hedgehog or a porcipine?? ;0

Such beauty once again and so much different from your other patterns. I would say a cute snuggly cat hiding there. Looking forward to meet the new creature soon!

Oooo! A Cuckoo? Just a guess....can't wait to see. Love your stitches Natalie and loved the interview on We Love French Knots.

A hedgehog?

I was thinking a hedgehog but maybe it is a messy fairie who needs the help of a hedgehog to get her hair under control. I would love to see a mouse too.

Yep -- I'm going with hedgehog or porcupine!

Looking forward to seeing the new character I am guessing its a cute wee hedgehog,

A little cat on the top of a cupboard ???? I can't wait to see more !

I'm guessing a hedgehog too! Can't wait to see!

A fireplace? Maybe a hedgehog,although I don't know what he would be doing near a fireplace!I think maybe a Christmas theme. Can't wait to find out. Love your designs.

Your stitching is beautiful. Soooo whos the new character???

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