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Two months later I was sent a letter by this pos company saying I had to spend another $1,200.00 and have a new sonic wall installed on my system; a new requirement that came out 1 month after my new system was installed. OK, I did it. I asked them if they could now certify me as compliant. No.

This is the perfect gift for my mother and sister! Both of them wear eyeglasses. My mom always forgets where she puts her glasses, and I’m sure she would find this very helpful. The pattern is easy to do. I have just the right person in mind to make this.

We hunt mushrooms in the State of Michigan on State land and I would love to have the pattern to put on my check book cover and a card wallet.

I would love to receive this!!! SO CUTE!!! I would make one for my daughter, that is away at college, and save it for her Christmas! She has so many gadgets I am sure she would find something to put in it.

love the new ideas that you have Natalie,and what a cute pattern this is.Thankyou for a chance in this fantastic draw

Beautiful design! Perfct for my secret recipe.
Nadia Simona

Love it. It would make a great gift for all of my retired teacher girlfriends!

Oh so Lovelyu... I would use it for my camera case... I need a new one badly... I would be the envy of al my freinds... :D

thanks for the chance

Love, love, love the "mushroomie" flip! I would give it to my daughter to store her e-book inside. It would look so darling on any table and keep the little ones from getting to it when mamma is busy.
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

What a darling little flip! I would use it to carry all sorts of things! It would be great to carry my small handwork bits for traveling...like my hexies!

I just saw mention of your new pattern on Bari J's We Love French Knots and had to come see for myself.
How adorable. I wish I'd been in time to try for the giveaway but will have to have the pattern no matter what!
I shall make mine a little larger and keep my Kindle in it :)

too late for the giveaway but am so loving the little shroom pattern. will have to find it somehow somewhere. yeah! a treasure hunt!

I Love it'
.... but i Love all your designs :-)

Well if that isn't the cutest thing. love it. scarlette

Luv your stitchery and patterns.....and this one is awesome.....I need a case for my camera.....I just luv it. I would make one for the grandkids DSI's....two girly ones and one for a charmer of a grandson... but I will have to drop the ruffles. Thanks for the chance to win.

Oooooh I love all your pattern and this one is great and please let me be the one....

Ooooh your Mushroomie Flip is simply delightful, just like all of your designs :o). I really love to win the pattern cos I think it would be just right for my family's script repeats and other important slips of notes :o).
Joy :o)

Please pop me in the draw. It is just beautiful. I think I would make as teacher presents for Christmas, and then one for me! You are so talented, I am loving the sneak peaks of your fabric too!
Thank you

very nice

Cute ladybird and mushroomie house, looks delightful. I would probably put me cds in there for the car when we are off on one of our adventures somewhere.

would love to win...make one for my grand-
daughter's DS, my sister's glasses and my daughter's IPOD. Your designs are wonderful!
Di Ann

Well done Natalie, another great pattern, I'd like to go in the draw please.

I would keep my glasses along with a couple of drawing pens and pencils for the spur of the moment sketching.

Wonderful design! Perfekt for pencils and drawing pad.

How gorgeous!! I would put my pawpaw ointment in one (useful for everything) and have another for those emergency stashes of chocolate that my family always seem to find - they would never check my stitching folders??

Hhmmm...... my Lindt chocolate stash. No one in my family (all boys, say no more) would think to look in there. As it is, I hide the lolly jar in the potato bin, it's still half full & it's been there for weeks!! LOL

Thanks Natalie

This is so...adorable and would be fantastic Christmas gifts. Of course I would use it for my glasses. So, everyone who sees it would ask where it came from! Your fabrics are to die for!

Hello Natalie,

A lovely pattern, I would store my glasses safely in there.
Happy days.

Hi Natalie, so cute, I think I would use it to maybe store a Kindall, it looks big enough..But I sew and maybe would store some books or a journal. It is sooo fun. I love your little sticheries, would love to add to my collections. Thank you, you are very inspiring.

I think I would use it to hold my checkbook...yes, I still write checks for everything! I love the idea about storing my reading glasses or sunglasses in it. I just think it's so cute!

Love the new look pattens Natalie. I would use my flip purse for my iphone. Cool idea.

OOOh lovely mushroom flippie. I have been thinking of making a case for the Navman to sit in the glove box and keep it's little face all nice and clean. Can't leave them set up in the car anymore as people are breaking side windows to steal them!!! Hence the need for a little baggie or such. So I will have to buy this pattern for sure...or maybe I could be lucky enough to win one... signed and all...bliss... My creative juices are swirling already.....
Cheers Gloria

Cute, Cute, Cute !! Like you, I would also use mine for the Nintendo ds. Mine is stored in a boring plain green zip make-up bag and yours is SO MUCH nicer! Love your patterns and will keep my copy of Cotton Floss very close to me. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs.

I hope I'm not to late to get entered for the pattern. Can think of lots of uses, even a present for a special friend.

Love the new design. maybe having my glasses inside something so beautiful will make them easier to find ( I am forever loosing them VG)

I would definitely keep my passport in it for my next holiday hopefully not too far away.

C'est gai, si coloré, cela fait vraiment envie cette petite pochette !!!

Great new pattern Natalie.I think it would be too nice to use initially but then maybe after a while I'd use it for my phone!

It would have to be for my stitching on the go, very inspiring to look at. But in saying that, no one in my house would ever suspect my stash of Lindt chocolate bars to be hiding in something like that! I'm currently hiding the lolly jar in the potato bin, it's one of the few places the kids don't bother to look in!! Hahaha Thanks Natalie


I love your new design, Natalie! How cute and the fabrics are just gorgeous! I'm not sure what I would use it for....lots of ideas though, chocolate stash, phone and glasses but I think as I use a lot of tissues it would be perfect to hold them and look pretty in my bag as well.

I'd love one to keep my glasses in. I keep losing them. Gosh I hope I win its hard to get your patterns in the US.

I'd keep my hand piecing kit in there - perfect size!!

That is just so sweet. I'd love to win a pattern. Thanks for the chance. I think I might use it to store those little things that tend to get lost in the bottom of a purse.

Such a cute, adorable design! Looks so nice :))


Hi Natalie,, your idea of doing the iron on transfer is a very bright idea thankyou< I love it, as I dont trace that well!!!!
Also the stiches guide sounds great as your stiches are soooo neat......
Keep up the lovely work...

Cute hey! I would use it to pop some makeup in, powder, lipstick, and maybe even some dental floss..

How cute, i could just see myself popping my Kobo ereader in there.

What a lovely project, once again. I don't think I would use it, once made, but display it next to a Woodland toadstool!

Now that. Have joined a stitching group, I thin it would make a perfect travel sewing kit!!! And I would love the bright colours too!!!

Ooohhh I just love it!!! I can't wait to make it - have so many people to make it for: parents going overseas, love the chocolate holder idea for another friend & a notebook holder for my sister...

Love your new design it's gorgeous,I would pop it in my handbag with my shopping list pad and pen

Hi natalie !! I love your new pattern !! So fresh ! I'd like to make one to put my i-pnone when I go to work and one for my sun glasses and one for my papers and one for a needle urgency !!! and of course I'd like to make one for each of my friends !! It would be such a lovely gift !!

Hmmm, would it be big enough to hold my pens for doodling?

Great new pattern would need to male at least 3 or more.
1st one I'd keep my fabric swatches in I've always got material floating around in my bag for taking to quilt shops to match fabrics and threads.
Then i would have to make another to carry my hand-piecing in to quilt group .
Finally number 3 for either my dsi or ipod touch.

One could stash their 'patchwork' money, or photo's of those they love....oh love letters!!

Oh please! Oh please! Oh please I hope I win! So very, very hard getting my hands on your patterns here in the States! SO excited when Cotton Floss came out here! I always keep a digital camera in my purse. I would tuck it into this beautiful pouch! Live that adorable lady bug!

A bar of chocolate sounds great!!!! but seriously I would use for my mobile phone plus would be excellent for my passport.

I would use it for my sewing accessories - It is a wonderful design - And I think with such cheerful fabric - I would be stitching up a storm !!!!

How sweet! Your new design is great. I would use it to hold my passport. This way when I travel I can take a little piece of gorgeous with me everywhere.

I'd use it to store all my ephemera I collect when I'm out and about, all those little pieces I keep to scrap with!

It would make a lovely and useful gift with a choccie inside as a treat. I would eat the choccie and then use it to safely carry scissors and such, and it could hide another choccie for later too!

Love the new design, I can see it storing many things... But I would use it to store my iPod touch or iPhone. I think I would also make many for friends as they would be perfect for small sewing projects and other bits and pieces.

What a great pattern! I'd use mine for my glasses! Thanks for the giveaway! :0)

As always, I adore your ideas and designs, and I enjoy the little stories behind all the stitchery too. I can see myself sneaking into the ladybird's house to see what it's like inside!

I love making things for the people in my life and Christmases have been handmade for a few years now, so I would make several flips and fill them with chocolate or whatever homemade treat I think of before then.

I finally got started on 'Sail Away' whilst away this weekend and my daughter is in love with it. Like mother, like daughter! :oD

Just love the new design, have a dear friend and I could make her a case for her Kindle which she takes everywhere,also one for my grandaughter for her small sketch book and pencils.From Helen Summers

Boring, but I probably would store my iPod Touch in it. Great pattern.

I'd store my sunglasses in this cute Flip keeper - I love it!

I love Love Love Love it!!!
So many idea's...my crochet hooks would enjoy being cozy inside there with eye glasses on the other side... and another one
for tea & sweetner!!! But to be able to sew like YOU! IT IS GORGEOUS!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT

I would like to keep my notebook and pencil/pen to jot down all the lovely ideas that are on your blog.

Lovely new design. I can think of many things to put inside Mush-roomie Flip, but nothing original, everything has been mentioned by someone else. First of all I would make one for my HTC Desire cellphone. I'll keep my fingers crossed, hoping you pick my name.

This is gorgeous! Is it big enough for an ipad or a kindle or a paperback book? I don't know what I would put in it, but I'm sure I would find something that would fit just right!

I would definitely make a version to fit my Ipad! So cute!


I would use it while traveling to carry my address book, postage stamps, pen, and add purchased post cards. And when I'm not traveling, I would use it for grab and go sewing project supplies. It's so lovely, as are all your projects.

I would put sewing supplies in it. Floss, needles, patterns, etc.

I love this pattern. So sweet. I would use it to hold essentials inside my purse like my phone, debit card, cash etc. that I can grab and take with me rather than carrying my whole purse.

I would put my smartphone and debit card in there. This would be great when I don't want to carry my whole purse. Like if I'm leaving work with girlfriends for lunch.

It would make up to a beautiful purse...... I would add a zipper
magic happens when you put pen to paper

I would use it to put my iPhone in. I always worry about it getting banged up and this would be the perfect solution!!

It would be wonderful to keep my phone in, or my glasses, or my checkbook, oh i could think of lots of uses for it. And would make several for gifts too. thanks. its a wonderful design.

I would use it as a little sewing kit to keep in my bag. Love the fabrics! Thanks.

Ohh, I'd love to use it as my little dilly bag to take essentials to work. You know the kind- keys, phone and sunglasses; all happily waiting together.
Lovely pattern.

Gosh, there are so many things that could be kept in Mushroomy Flip. I think it would be perfect for travel documents - so much nicer than the usual plain old folders. It would be a perfect stocking filler as well - being so versatile any one would be able to find a use for it.

Oh,yes, so many ways to use this cute new design! Blackberry storage? Notepad? A little first aid kit, perhaps?? Perhaps a little hiding place for some extra spending money?? :D

This is really cute, Natalie!
I'd keep my 'going to town' notebook and pen inside. We live 130 klms from the big town so I always have a running list of things to do or buy on our next trip.

I love the new design! I am going to be totally unoriginal and actually put glasses in it....I am picking up my new glasses on wednesday and I think my new sunnies would love if this was there new home!

Natalie,this is soooo sweet....I would have one for pens,pencils etc...one for a small sewing project,to carry in my bag like your gorgeous little "One Wee Home" stitchery...(which I have just finished & I love it soooo much)
Another for "me money"(sewing/fabric/bits & bob's)
Oooh one to hold panadol & any lady only things....
Oh I could make lot's of these...
Hugs Catherine x

I love to have teabags with me when I go out so I would put my teabags in it or my scissors and sewing kit for going to friends places.
I love this design, it is truly lovely and I think it would be lovely stitched onto a little girls sheet set.

Wow Natalie.. LOVE your new design...

I would keep money in it.... when I am going to a retreat (patchwork) or a Show eg Sydney Quilt show, I like to save up, so I would put my money in it and I know that no one would look inside it.



I just love all things ladybird. I think I would use it to keep my new i phone in so it doesnt get scratched while being carried around in my handbag. Love it.

Love it! The ladybug is just so cute and I love her little toadstool house! I would love to make one for my mother-in-law to store her passport and travel documents - as she does travel around alot. So I'm sure it would be a well used and well loved gift for her.

Oooh it's gorgeous, I would make it for my daughter to keep all her hair ties and ribbons in!

Love it Natalie, I would useit for my cutters and then one for my IPod that I have to have when I am sewing as it keeps me on track! Love allyour patters and would love this one.Have a grand day and the pics of your beautiful daughter are the BEST!Hugs, Marie

I so need help with this pattern - my niece has made me promise to make her a DS cover and I dont know where to start this is perfect - thankyou again for a wonderful opportunity to win one of your gorgeous patterns

Gorgeous design. Love all your designs. I would use it as a passport holder when traveling. If not traveling, would use it to store my glasses inside my bag.

Loving the new Mush-roomie flip! I could make one to keep my small embroidery project in, one to take out with me when we go out for dinner just to put my phone and credit card and lipstick in, one to have in my handbag for those ladies essentials, one for my sunglasses, one for my kindle and one or two for my daughter for whatever a 11yr old girl has to carry with her, the possibilities are endless! What a fab idea Natalie!

This little design is beautiful! I would love to have a pattern! I would use it to hold all my coloured felt-tip pens when I go to university.

Love this pattern, I would have to store my rotary cutter and scissors in this!

Wow so very cute. I'd use it to keep my Kindle in and then I can look at the gorgeous little mushroom house as it sits on my bedside table. Once again an fantastic design.

My sunnies need a case, they are bigger than usual because they are "pop overs", they sit over my bi-focal glasses I have to wear all the time!!!! I would enjoy making your pattern.

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