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Hi Natalie.
I'm brazilian. I received stitchery the month. I loved it.
Rose Leão

I am one of the lucky ladies who joined the stitchery of the month. I was soooo super excited today to receive mine that I'm sure you must have heard my squeels all the way from South Africa to your side of the world. Thanks for this charming stitchery that I can't wait to begin :-) YIPPEE YA HOOOO

It's so gorgeous. I have the deer stitched and am working on some green circles now! I love it! I'm so inspired by this. Takes me back to good old Bambi days I think! (I hope you don't mind - please let me know if you do - I've borrowed a photo from your blog to show my blog friends your gorgeous design.)

What a cute pattern!!! These deers are so wonderful!! :)

Adorable! I love the deer. ;0

This is sew cute!!! And no, your posts definitely do not bore me, especially ones like this (((o:

Loving your posts, Natalie - and such sweet little creatures:)

I got my Sew Deer this week and love it. Can't wait to start stitching.

Hi Natalie, I'm loving the regular posts! Your Sew Deer pattern is just that So dear!

Certainly not sick of you! Oh, the dear are so dear, I can hardly stand it!

Hi Natalie ! I don't have enough of your regular posts !!! I'm always happy to have some news from you !! I got your stitchery yesterday and I love it !! I confirm the linen is very beautiful ! I like very much your new explanations in colors and the already printed fabric !! So easy ! Thank you !!

Love your work and your posts. I have bought several of your patterns and have several more plus your book on my wish list. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

Gorgeous! And I love your regular posts!

Yes Marie, I am sure Erica will be able to help you and send projects for the club to the USA just contact her at Under the Mulberry Tree and she will be able to help you (link below)


can we join in the US? I love handwork. what a great stitchery to start with. Hugs, Marie

That is 'sew' precious!!! Looking forward to being able to buy a kit.

I'm in the USS and would love to join....how can I get them? We have deer waltzing across our yard daily! A few more on the wall or pillow would be great!

You are so "deer" to do this...love the blogs!

Wow. It is so cute. I love it. Happy Stitching,

Ultra cute!

Sew cute and sew deer! Love it and love your regular posts - brings a smile to my face to read them!

Oh, such a darling deer family! Love them!
And not sick from your posts at all :)


Hi Natalie,
Received my sew deer in the mail this week and really love it. It is sooooo good coming already printed on the fabric so we can start stitching immediately. I am also loving the regular blog posts. Thank you for another awesome stitchery pattern. :)

Love the new 'regular' posts! I always check your blog daily to see if there have been any updates! Keep them coming!

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