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This small city of toadstool houses looks great!!! Love them! :)

this has got to be the cutest photo shoot ever. Love your toadstools!

Cutest mushrooms EVER!

When I was little I wasn't much of a doodler, but there was this one thing I would draw over and over again - a little mushroom house just like yours with a rounded door, windows and spots on the roof. I can't even begin to explain how CUTE your little village is to me!!! Can't wait to see them in person. ;)

Some music is definitely needed. "The March of the Toadstools". They'd fit right in to The Nutcracker suite, wouldn't they ? They're gorgeous.

Hi Nat, you are so clever, they look wonderful. One day I will be able to go to the market, cant wait to see your photos xx

They are just so cute!!

Great post - I'm still chuckling! It's nice of you to pack them up ready to post them over to me ;o)

So cute and clever! Your display will be fabulous!


Oooh, so cute! They are lovely!


How Fun! I can just imagine you lining all those toadstools up and then getting down on the ground to take their shot LOL! Looking forward to seeing you in Houson!

What a cute post! Period:) loved every word and every photo.

Gah! They are so cute... and so is this post. :)

They look fantastic! You can never have too many toadstools!

How sweet! You have me laughing out loud with this post - all those little'rooms lined up formally waiting to be dismissed like soldiers! Fun! Good luck at Market!

Oh I do love your photo's!!!


They are just so cute. I am sure they will be a BIG hit at Spring Market....


That was an adorable post, Natalie!! I can't wait to see photos of your display at market!

Omigosh adorable!

How cute are those?? I LOVE THEM!!! Can't wait to see you at Market.

Oh yeah, this reminds me of the 150 strawberries I made for spring market. Love the little mushrooms, can't wait to steal one from you. xo

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