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J'ai été baver plus d'un paquet fat quarter de je me suis inscrit mais je suis sérieux en amour avec votre couette hérisson et j'ai donc une grosse décision à prendre! Je vous remercie pour la création d'une telle belle ligne de tissu.good and to be able to open your arms and embrace everything that goes with it is huge growth. Good for you!!

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OMG when I think back to when we met at Candleberry Country when you started out. You have certainly blossomed in the quilting industry in a short time and everything is turning to gold. Hope 2012 extends your midas touch. Wendy

I love your blog! I am a quilter/crafter and I would like to invite you to visit my quilt blog!
Yours, Ulla
(Ulla's Quilt World)

Wonderful project!
Happy New year - may all your wishes come true in 2012!


Dude! That is a SUPER CUTE project! You really are a true artist. :)

This is of course a very obvious idea but you could make a playboard using this idea.

And congratulations on your fabulous year!!

What a great idea! And here's to a wonderfully successful year for you!

I look forward to seeing what you can achieve in 2012

I am sure it will be wonderful

I wish you to reach every goal that you dream and to be inspired in the same way and more. Your art is a passion and your fabrics and patterns inspire lot of people all over the world to search the same fire into themselves. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful 2012. Baci!!!

Una belleza!!! te felicito!!!
Tu inspiración para los trabajos es envidiable!!!
Un beso grande!!

Lovely... I just purchased one of your fabrics. Now I hesitate to cut / use it... it's too sweet!!! Happy new year to you... and I hope that as many as possible of your dreams will come true

It's lovely to read news from you. I love your Woodland fabric collection. Hopefully it will become available in the UK soon.

This is so sweet. I love to visit your blog and see what you have been working on. Good luck in 2012!

It puts me in mind of a very funky game board! Very creative.

I love it! And I adore you! You are an artist and everything you touch is your canvas.
I'm so glad not only that you know you can reach your dreams but that we really DO want you too!
Forget the moon, shoot for the sun!

What a truly inspiring work of art!! Kudos to you and big time gratitude for you sharing it with us :) Many, many happy wishes for a wonderful new year for you and your family !!

I'm Gob-Smacked, Love your work!!!!

It looks beautiful. It truly does look "gob-smackingly-Woodland-gorgeous". Very much so.

It IS a work of art! Beautiful! And one that is SO achievable! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent!

Natalie what a fantastic way to display one of your fabric designs (because there will be heaps of ranges). You will be able to do this to all your ranges as they are developed, what an exciting wall to look back on in your studio it will be.
I am so thrilled to hear 2011 was such an exciting year for you. You so deserve it. Growth is good and to be able to open your arms and embrace everything that goes with it is huge growth. Good for you!!
May 2012 be another exciting year for you.

Oh this is stunning! What perfect fabric for those self covering buttons!

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