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That would be wonderful, I would get the game if it was free to play.

HI Natalie. Thanks for the giveaway. I would sure love those Happy Hedgehogs to meet my Helping Bear. Here's hoping.

Hi Natalie, from as far away as Portugal. I am new to quilting and have been searching the net for ideas, tutorials and inspiration. I have been doing cross stitch and embroidery for about 25 years and loving mixing the old skills with the new quilting. Your work is fabulous and just up my street. Thank you. Love Cristina

I have been a reader of your blog for a couple of years now...it has been a great inspiration for me...when I saw your Sweet Peas quilt, a little light went off in my head as how to set some alphabet blocks together that I already had embroidered. The result was my favorite all-time quilt...I have also been interested to see your daughter grow (I'm a grandma now), and I thought the Christmas pictures where you convinced her to sit still by using frozen veggies were just darling...especially the one where she left no question as to whether or not she wished to share! My all-time favorite stitch is the stem stitch, but I've been incorporating various stitches to achieve the look I desire...would love a chance to win one of your patterns...

Superbe vos broderies.
Comment faire pour en avoir?? en France.
Bien cordialement

Ciao Natalie, adoro tutti i tuoi modelli e amo lo stichery. Io vivo in Italia e mi piacerebbe davvero tantissimo provare i tuoi patterns.
Abbracci. Marina

The patterns look great! Feather stitch is the one I admire, but the simple back stitch is the one I'm best at.

Joan - from sunny central Texas

Hi Natalie!

I am brand new to stitching so I don't have a favorite anything yet. Though your Sew Deer pattern makes me want to improve NOW! Love your designs.

Memphis, TN

Salt Lake City, Utah. Thanks for the giveaway! I can't think of one embroidery stitch I love more than others. I must love them all!

I would love love love love something from this line!

I look forward to getting your patterns faster and easier. Your projects are bright and happy. I follow your blog from Loveland, Ohio, USA. My favorite stitches are eyelet, chain and blanket stitches. Fingers are crossed.

I love all your work! Cross stitcher here but so want to try one of your patterns and a way to use my fabric stash!


Thanks for the giveaway! Love all of your designs. They are always so cute and bring a smile to everyone.
I'm from the Seattle area.

Change is as good as a holiday - well done on the fantastic new design.

I love stitching and was just thinking that I needed to start a new cross-stitch. I'm visiting from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and would love to be entered for your wonderful patterns.

I love making the fly stitch or the lazy daisy! I am from Michigan USA. thanks for the lovely giveaway-I love your designs.

I love chain stitch and back stitch and think your owls are divine. Thanks for the chance to win.

Hi Natalie,
Love the new look patterns. My favourite stitch is blanket stitch. It was the first embroidery stitch I was taught, and the only one I did for many years when that was all the sewing I knew how to do. There were a lot of appliqued t-shirts and dresses etc in the childrens wardrobes in those days. Thankfully I have progressed from there!

Would love to win thanks for the chance LOVE your patterns

Love, love, love the new covers. Your signature style is so you and so lovable. Hard to pick just one stitch, as I love (and complete)many styles of embroider, so I guess it would have to be backstitch. So much detail can be achieved by one little stitch. Thanks for your wonderful patterns and inspiring stitches. Hugs Cherie

Would love to win thanks for the chance LOVE your patterns

I like most of stiches. Lovely patterns. hugs Jofrid

oh I would think it was christmas to win one of your patterns!!

Love the new packaging :-) xx

Hi, I've only just discovered your website today so I'm not sure what your look was prior! However I love the vibrancy of the colours and your little signature acorn lady is very cute. My fav stitch is blanket stitch - cheers, Claire from Te Awamutu, New Zealand.

i can't choose a favorite stitch! but i visit your site from Maryland USA. Love your work!

Hi Natalie..I follow you all the way from Ontario Canada... Just love all your designs.. My favourite stitch is the Back Stitch...its fast, clean , crisp and I use it all the time.. Debora

Hi Natalie, the new look of your patterns is perfect. That's you. I stitched some of your designs and I love them all. My favorite stitches are the backstitch and the French knot, because I like catching the eye because of the drawing, the outline.
The best wishes to you and your new line from Cologne, Germany. Cordula

Hi Nat!

I'm Patrícia from Hungary, Europe, your follower still 3-4 years. My favourite is the combination of the blanket-stitched-application and the backstitch like in Tail Feathers. 9th of February is the birtheday of my daughter, so it is a happy and lucy day. Maybe...

Bonjour Nathalie, j'aime beaucoup votre nouveau look, les couleurs sentent la joie, l'amour et la bonne humeur, j'aime beaucoup le hibou, les champignons et les petits sacs; je vous écris de belgique, amitiés cathy

I love Cinderberry stitches...

Just wish I had more time to stitch, quilt, but what the heck eating is overrated!

I stick to what I know, back stitch and stem stitch. But I really haven't had a project/pattern that really called for any other stitch besides those. I do love making french knots though.
I love your patterns, they're so cute and whimsical. It always brings a smile to my face. I'm from plain old California.

Hi Natalie,i love doing stem stitch and i am from Victoria,love your designs.xx

Hi Natalie

I love your work.
Backstitch is probably my favourite stitch.
So relaxing to just sit back and stitch away.
I am from Brisbane Queensland where at the moment it is very hot and humid.

Great new look to your patterns Natalie. I am in Queensland and I enjoy doing good old backstitch.

I like your new look. My favorite stitch to do is a basic one...I love doing the backstitch.

I have been enjoying your patterns for some time. I life in NE Washington state up near the Canadian border. I am a recent retiree who is enjoying her new found freedom to make things for my lovely family.

I just found your blog and love all the patterns, I am in Louisville, KY in USA. My favourite embroidery stitch is... umm there is so many, the feather stich is today

Hi Natalie, loving the iron on transfers they are amazing there should be more of it, u are an amazing talent.
Cheers Lee from Hobart, Tas

Hi Natalie. Love your new look. I wish you lots of luck in your new venture. I'm writing from from Berkshire in England. Haven't found your woodland fabric yet but can't wait to try some of your ideas when I do. My favourite stitch is chain stitch. x

I love the new look but I the old one was also awesome!
I am a Canadian, living in Germany and my favorite stitch is the Lazy Daisy ( my Grandma use to call me her daisy & I think of her everytime I make one)

Hi, I am visiting from the Netherlands. Not sure which stitch I like best. Best experience though is when I teach the French Knot and my students get exited because they tried for years and now suddenly they know how to do it!

I am from the South of England, close to the sea.

Hedgehog happy hour is just heavenly and Im
l-o-v-i-n-g the chance to win. Adore your new look.

My favourite stitch is blanket stitch

My favorite stitch is a chain stitch! I love how it looks when you fill in a space with chains right next to each other, beauty!! Love the new look!


Visiting from Holden Beach North Carolina, where we winter. Iowa is our home, but we don't like the cold, so this is our second year on the beach and we love it! I bring my sewing machine and make quilts over the winter. Last year I finished 8, so far this year I have two done and the third almost ready to put together.

ps. sorry forgot the mention I am from the Netherlands Europe. Marianna

the new look is great and not to much different that you wouldn't recognise in the shops! I love the bright colours! They really stand for YOU! I love especially the Happy-ness pattern!

Love your patterns and new look! My favorite stitch is still the stem stitch, especially when worked in a varigated thread. Please enter me in your giveaway. I am writing all the way from Western New York State in the USA!

Great patterns, I love your embroidery styles, makes me want to embroider more. Not enough of that happening here in Cary, NC

Hi! I am up here in hot hot hot Brisbane! I've just finished your Market Folk quilt, and I love it! Time for a new project... ;) My fave stitch is lazy daisy.

I have two favourites - back stitch and blanket stitch - great cause they cover most patterns these days! Cheers from sunny Belgrave. :-)

I love your new look. My favourite stitch is back stitch. But I also love lazy daisy for making little flowers! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

I like the blanket stitch and the outline stitch and probably use them the most. Thanks for the giveaway.

I love all your patterns and really love my truly scrumptious quilt. Good luck with the new venture

I think the interwebs ate my previous attempt at posting. I love the owl! Great look and a very generous give away. I think my favorite stitch is the blanket stitch, as I adore wool applique.

Waving from West Virginia!

I am loving french knots, all bunched together, it add's dimension to a quilt, Making it tactile. Like you in chilly Melbourne.

You are my new addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and I am local in Ferntree Gully
Bron xoxo

Your new pattern covers are cute and represent "your brand" very well. Thanks for the nice giveaway.

I would be very happy to win one of your patterns. I have been doing lots of redwork with the stem stitch but sometimes i do bluework and sometimes all different colors of work.

eeek oh they are all so Fabulous !! I want them all hehehe Im visiting from Kalgoorlie Western Australia and my fav embroidery stitch is back stitch because im a beginner in the embroidery world ive always stood afar and admired everyones work thinking its about time i learnt i know basic stitches from embroidering dolls faces so its going to be exciting to branch out.
Hugs and Congrats
Lisa xo

Visiting from my couch in Canada! :)
Love that you're going to have iron on transfers! Make me incredibly excited!!

I've been loving the lazy daisy lately!

So pretty! Great new look. I love the humble backstitch, but the bullion knot for roses is my favorite.

Hello Natalie i am in Oregon just outside of portland.I like all the stitches have been sewing and hand stitching since i was young.I learned from my Grandmother and now have my grandchildren doing pillows and all kinds of stitchings.I would love to win and share with them.

Hello from Kenai, Alaska USA! I'm so glad I found your site a few months back. Your fabrics and creations make me so very happy.

The new pattern layout looks great.

Love all your stuff. I am from Illinois. I relly like the blanket stitch. jillfroelich@yahoo.com

I LOVE your patterns and would love to win some - as I would like to re gift it to my friend who I know needs a pick me - and I think this could just be what she needs!

Hi Natalie,
Love your new look patterns and that they will have iron-on transfers. I love doing stitcheries and therefore rely especially on backstitch, satin stitch and colonial or french knots. I guess backstitch has to be the most important as it is the mainstay without which the others do not come together. Though I have discovered chain stitch recently too.
Hugs, Sharon

Love your whimsical characters, feathery birds and HedgeHog Happiness...writing from Portland, Oregon

Hi Natalie, my favourite stich is lazy daisy, just a few stitches and there's a flower! Hugs Ullis in Sweden

Hi Natalie
Loving the new look on the patterns. Nice and colourful and bright.. just like your designs. I have just about finished my Tail Feathers quilt, so it's easy to say "I love backstitch!!" And I'd love to win a new Cinderberry stitches pattern to start. Greetings from Sydney NSW.

Hi Natalie,

I discovered stitching just recently and trying to put it into my quilting.
I love to see your new look. It is so fresh and clean. It makes me smile.
Greetings from The Netherlands.


Hi Natalie, I first have to say I love the woodland fabric! I've used it to make a wallet and carrying case so far. My favorite stitch (and pain in the butt at the same time!) is the french knot stitch, but I love how it looks on an embroidered piece! I am visiting from sunny Georgia, it's been beautiful out this weekend!

Hi Natalie, Just love the "new look". My favourite stitch is back stitch but it should be called forward stitch as with each stitch I'm closer to my next project!!!
Keep up the good work, Kellie xxx

Hello from ON, Canada!
My favorite stitch is the French knot. I actually mastered this one early on - it is the lazy daisy that still gives me trouble.
Love your new packaging style.

I like your new look and your little owl.

i love lazy daisy stitch.im from charters towers in far north queensland.i really love your work it great it makes me feel inspired.

Hi Natalie,I love your new look..Congratulations.My favourite stitch is back stitch

Hey there - I'm in Bendigo, Victoria. My fave sewing stitch is chain stitch - decorative & multi-functional!

Oops, apart from my spelling mistake, I forgot to mention my favourite stitch is stem stitch.

Hi from Northern Beaches of Sydney.
I think the iron-on transfers are a fantastic idea.
I also am an owl lover from way back. I have found theme to be wise and good listeners.

I haven't started down the road of embroidery yet, although I have bought some hoops ready to go! I bought some of your fabric a couple of weeks ago and just popped in to see where I could find some of your stitching patterns. I'm from Canberra :)

I looooooove the new look :o)
Coming to you from Delphos, Ohio in the US.
I belong to a local quilt group that reaches out to less fortunate individuals.

I'm writing from sunny California. I'm boring; my favorite stitch is the backstitch. Thanks for the giveaway!

I really love all the patterns and things I see on your blog. I visit you from North Carolina in the US. I don't really have a favorite stitch, but I do love trying stitches I haven't tried before.

Greetings from Kentucky, USA! I love the daisy stitch....so cute. Love the new look.

This is my first time viewing your site. What lovely work you do and the patterns, fabulous.

Hi Natalie congrats on our fantastic new look - it is clean bright fun and fresh just like your designs. Thanks for thinking of us. love iron on transfers which allows me to enjoy the stitching moments confident that no tracing has been missed. Love stitching, your designs are brilliant and well loved by my son and daughter. Jo, Adelaide.

Oooooo goody goody, I love your patterns! I love chain stitch and can I just add a sassy french know is good too!


I love blanket stitch for applique, I use it quite a bit on my own quilts. Love the new look and the packaging. Thank you for the opportunity to win a pattern. I love visiting your blog and seeing your patterns/designs.

Lake District

Hi! I'm definitely a stem stich girl! I love your Cotton Floss book! I'm currently in Michigan (USA) but packing my bags for a trip to Maine for work. Happy weekend!

Your new look is simply stunning ... i just love your beautiful fun creations & wish I didn't have quite such a long list of things I want to do as I will have to put off that list a while longer to get started on one of your creations!

Hi Natalie

Beautiful designs. If I tell you my name is Natalie too will I have a better chance of winning :) However I do use my second name instead. I'm from St. John's, Newfoundland Canada.

Hi Natalie..I love your new look patterns the red birdie rocks, I am visiting from Humpty Doo, Northern Teritory..I don't have afav embroidery stitch as such -I just love to stitch when my arm permits,cheers vickie

What wonderful patterns!! I think my favorite stitch is the stem stitch! and I also like french knots in my projects as well! Thanks for the great giveaway - - and I'm visiting from Syracuse, NY, USA

I live in Highfields, Queensland and am currently stitching your Tail Feathers quilt. I have put 3 blocks together and it looks gorgeous. Verna is my chosen fabric and it lends itself beautifully to the whimsical birds in this quilt. A very 'Cinderberry' style design...

Oh, how gorgeous! I am following your blog for almost three years now and I am always soooo excited about your new patterns. But in Germany it´s not so easy to obtain.... Just lovely!!!

Hi Natalie,I'm from Victoria,Australia and currently melting in thr heat LOl.Love all your pattern especially your woodland fairies :) Barb.

Natalie, I am visiting from Townsville. I enjoy all stitching especially backstitch.

Looks great!! I'm visiting you from Vancouver Island, Canada.. :) It's so neat to see where everyone is visiting from! Thank you for your generosity! :) fingers crossed..

Hi Natalie,
I am from outer edge of Sydney at the base of the Blue mountains. Love the new pattern look and also great that you have gone to the ziplock packaging and not that yucky sticky envelope. I have dont have a favourite stitch I just enjoy the process of stitching both by hand and machine.

I'm living in belgium and I just love your patterns, I just love doing stitchery its so relaxing

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