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The new look of your patterns is adorable.

I found your blog from another blog and fell in love with the patterns! I'm writing from Fort Wayne Indiana in the US, it would make my day (week?) to win a pattern!
I like the outline stitch, but I don't think my french knot is up to par yet. Your quilts are wonderful!

Thanks for the opportunity to win! I'm writing from Bentleigh, Victoria (not too far away!). My fave stitch has to be backstitch - most common for me and therefore most practised! Thank you. Susie

Hi! I am writing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I think my favorite stitch is a french knot! I would really like to embroider more and get better at all of the stitches! Your new look is wonderful! Love reading your blog!!!

Hi Natalie, Great new look to your patterns, I hate those sticky plastic envelopes they are not user friendly at all. I like backstich it is easy and so quick.

As a beginner I stand in awe of the pattern making process. Love the uniqueness of your work & cant wait to try your patterns.Meg

Hi Natalie
you are a wonderful teacher , mum that love sharing what her little her is up too !!!! LOVE THOSE POSTS!!!!`
i love french knot ....i use in everyone of my work .
thank you for sharing

Hello Natalie, well done with the "new look". I just love it!!!

My favourite stitch is chain stitch which I remember being taught such a long time ago at school.

Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

Regards, SuziQ

Hi Natalie, I am visiting all the way from Canton Michigan in the USA. Been talking on Flickr with my friends from Oz all morning. I love your patterns and your new fabric line too. Keep up the wonderful work!!

Greetings from Lawrenceville, Georgia USA!
I love your patterns and your new look. I love learning new stitches especially some of the old crazy quilting stitches. I am enjoying the fly stitch at the moment.

Hi Natalie! I am writing you from Utah - right at the base of the beautiful "Zion National Park." We have great quilt stores here and wonderful patterns but I have never found patterns that I love more than yours. I saw Hedge Hog Happy-ness and just fell in love with it. I want to thank you for the the chance to win. Your new look is wonderful. So much happy-ness. Love to you, Bonnie//(*.*)\\

LOVE all stitches , from snowed in Washington state, need a project, love to win your great patterns.

Hi, I'm from Maryland USA! Would love a chance to win!I Love French knots! NXX

My favorite stitch is the stem or outline stitch. Very useful stitch. I'm writing from Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Hi Natalie, I'm Hildy from Munich, germany, and my favorite stich is cross-stich. Great patterns and thanks for the chance to win, Hildy

Have always loved your Owls but think the Hedgehogs come a close 2nd...a fiend absolutely loves Echinda's and these are the closest I have seen - love the new look, colours and your darling logo. Thanks for such a lovely offer...

I have just started stitching hedgehog happiness....and just love the colours and the hedghogs. Along with your great new fabrics cant wait to sew it all up. I plan to put the new babys (my new great neice/nephew) in the middle of the design. My fav thing is using cosmo threads (i am a convert!) and as long as I am stitiching it doesnt matter what stitch .... I am just HAPPY!

So many people from all four corners of the world - WOW.
I am from Valencia region in Spain and today it is very cold, but sunny :)
I have finally mastered the dreaded French Knot, so that is my favourite stitch - at the moment.
Love your new packaging...

Hi Natalie! I'm Barbara from Italy (Rome). I love all your patterns and the new look is fantastic. As you can see, I 'm working on my personal blog and the birds are also my deal. Changes are always positive and they give new inspiration. Thank you for the chance to win your projects.

I'm in Bairnsdale - East Gippsland, Victoria. I love your patterns, your book and absolutely adore your Woodland fabric. Love the new look patterns, and thanks for the chance to win one!

I see you each time from Spain (Valencia)
I love your work and I like your idea about iron transfers!!

Wonderful new look for your patterns!


The new pattern presentations are fabulous Natalie. And are you now distributing them yourself, not through Creative Abundance?

I am not sure why I like stem stich, I just do. Its a gorgeous evening here in Adelaide.

hi there! The new look is great!! fsv stitch is chain stitch it looks full and thick!!!
/g'day from inverell nsw

Back stitch is my fave - simple, clean and easy to do. I live in SE Qld.

Visiting from the Netherlands where it is winter and freezing cold. Kids are hoping they can skate on the ice today (tomorrow there will be ice on the iceskating ring, but they hope today)

Posted by Cinderberry on behalf of Marielle


I just know you few days ago by chance. I'm in Taiwan. I love your patterns.
Wish I could get your book in Taiwan in the near future.

Hi Nat, love the new look and your designs, which are hard to find here! I'm in cloudy and cool Dunedin, New Zealand

Hi Natalie,

I'm loving all types of stitches, but definitely love the effect that chain stitch has. I'm from Melbourne!! Love your work! The new pattern covers look great too!!


I am from Brisbane. I love all sorts of stitchery but for now I enjoy the simple straight stitches. I am constantly interrupted and find that this sort of work is easy to pick up and put down as life demands.

Hi Natalie,
so beautiful, I feel the love :-)
Greatings from Hamburg/Germany
from Annette

Hi Natalie, really impressed with all your wonderful designs. Keep up the amazing designs!!

I love the look of your patterns, particularly the idea of iron on transfers for each and every one. I don't really have a favourite stitch. There are just so many applications and so many stitches it is really hard to pick. I'm visiting from the Snowy mountains in NSW.

I love lazy daisy ... What's not to love about that so pretty. I'm from beautiful Perth

Hi Natalie. love the new look! My fave stitch to do is satin stitch, and i live sunny Mildura!!

Hi Natalie, love the new look patterns - my favourite stitch is backstich.

Love the new pattern layout - I'm from the sunshine coast though there isn't alot of sun around.

Hi! My favourite embroidery stitch is the French knot ... and I am from North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thank you for the giveaway!

Hi! I'm from Salt Lake City Utah and am loving the French knot. I can do hundreds and not get sick of them. I'm working on your Sew Deer kit and loving it. I wish I could find your patterns locally but love them so much I will order wherever I can get them.

I love to use the lazy daisy stitch. Thanks for giving me a chance to win. I'm from Indiana.

Hi Nat, well done on the new look... I'm just up the road in the Wimmera, and will be driving down to Ballarat in a few weeks to catch up:)love chatting to you on fb xx

WOW!!! These patterns really look great. Wish my Flat Nat pattern was this pretty, but I love her so much I will just have to buy some of your other patterns.
I am from South Australia and my favourite stitch is the bullion knot. I love the versatility and the way it can be used for so many things - eyes, noses, mouths, to create pictures and to cover button holes.
Congratulations on the new look.

Olá,BRASIL é o meu País,amei as novidades.Não foi à toa que eu desejei à todos FELIZ ANO TODO...Gosto de todo tipo de bordado,mas...ponto cruz com avesso perfeito é a minha especialidade.beijos. p.s.Moro noroeste do estado do RIO DE JANEIRO,REGIÃO SERRANA.PETRÓPOLIS é MUNICÍPIO.

I'm Linda from upstate New York. My favorite stitch is the blanket stitch!

Hi Natalie..I am from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States..I just love any kind of stitching!!!

I love all your patterns and am so happy that I am able to receive your newsletters via email now!! I am following you from Indianapolis, Indiana!! Truly Scrumptious is hanging on my office wall at Indiana University.

Oh, I just love your pattern's new look! And hope to stitch one of them sometime :)

My favourite is still cross stitch, but I love to try something new!


I love your book and patterns but I am having a hard time finding them around here in Michigan. I would love to win one of them.

I am from Cincinnati Ohio. I love your patterns and book, but it is hard to find here. My birthday is next thurs. the 9th. And it would be a special surprise if you picked me. Enjoy reading your blog.

So bright and cheerful - plus a little whimsy - a lovely combination and such a perfect reflection of your patterns. Not likely to find any, in person, on the coast of North Carolina - but looking forward to finding them at my favourite online stores :) Favourite stitch - french knot and the lazy daisy stitch.

Morning I love all the patterns, i gave snow balls to the grandaugther as her christmas quilt last year and she oved it Vick

I feel the pattern love !!!

I love the new patterns and can't wait to work with them. The Woodland fabric line is fantastic, and will be my next project! Congratulations on the new look!

Hi, after just finishing tracing 3 of your gorgeous patterns, really happy to hear of the new iron on transfers.... thanks for the chance of winning one of the gorgeous hedgehog patterns... fav stitch would be french knots at the moment... Bunyip Vic....
maybe a bunyip could be in your next pattern?? lol...

Great new look. I dont have a favourite - all your designs are lovely.

Natalie, So happy for you for your new
looks! Well, as I am here in the middle of Indiana avoiding the craziness of the fact that Indianapolis is the host for the Super Bowl,I will be home sewing or stitching. Just hoping to be lucky in your drawing of 6 luckies!

Hi Natalie, Love the crisp, bright layout it looks just like the first spring day - beautiful. Vickie

Hi Natalie, I'm writing from Montana, in the USA. I had to send all the way to Australia for my Hedgehog Happiness pattern. I now have everything I need to do this project. I got some gorgeous white cotton sateen to do the embroidery on. I think my favorite stitch is the outline stitch, because you can do anything with it. The pattern update is still you--just tweaked a bit. Still recognisably yours. :)

Hi Natalie! I am writing to you from Orroroo in South Australia! It is a lovely little town at the entrance to the Flinders Ranges and the community is full of young and old families! WE have lots of great services and friendly people! One of my favourite stitches is satin stitch as it makes parts of my stitcheries 'pop' and stand out beautifully!
I love your new pattern design! Enjoy your day!:)

Hi Natalie, I have only recently discovered Cinderberry stitches and I am in love. I have in my hot little hands a bundle of Woodland fabric and Hedgehog Happyness and I can't wait to start on the project. Keep up the good work, you are very talented.

Natale, visiting from Calgary, Alberta Canada. I just discovered embroidery and my favorite stitch is definately the french knot. I admire your work and have been meaning to purchase your book. Nesha

Really like the new look Natalie. I'm visiting from Leicestershire, England. Afraid my stitching skills are limited so plain old backstitch is my favourite.

Hi Natalie, I'm from Adelaide South Australia. Congrats on your new patterns they look fantastic the colors and presentation are first class. My very favorite stitch is good old back stitch ...fast and easy to do. But do also like chain stitch. Thanks for the opportunity to win a pattern .... fingers crossed. I don't have either of them yet but they are on my wish list. Cheers Sue

Hi Natalie,greetings from the Riverland South Australia. congrats on the new look, I dont have a favourite stitch, that changes from one project to the other (chuckle)

Hi Natalie, I too love the look of your patterns ...so you!! I think my favourite stitch is what ever is in the pattern :) Love them all. Hugs Vicki x

Hi. I'm new to embroidery. I've just learnt how to do French knots. I'm totally obsessed! Ordered your book this morning - it looks delicious! I couldn't find it in Nz. The wait is going to be so painful!

I like the humble French knot the best... so satisfying when you get them Just. So. Your patterns look fabulous, I like the bright new look. Fits you well.

Oh, and I'm reading your blog over here in Southern California.

Hi Natalie, love your patterns and adore the new look of your covers - front and back. Your drawings are so whimsical and my daughter and I adore them. We are from just over the strait in Tassie. I enjoy all embroidery stitches - don't think I could choose a favourite.

Hi Natalie,I like the new fresh look of your patterns. My favourite stitch this week is a chain stitch, great for outlining shapes and adding interst to designs. Ask me next week and it may be another stitch, I do enjoy stitching!Greetings from Adelaide

I love you new look. I am still discovering all the stitches so don't have a fav just yet. I am following from Bendigo in Victoria

Hi Natalie - I love the new look and look forward to having one of your patterns. My favourite stitch is the Chain Stick followed very close by blanket stitch. I am following you from Kerikeri in the beautifull Bay of Islands in New Zealand.

Oh your patterns are looking so noice! Very easy to find in store I expect & that is good when you have good eye catching designs. The brighter the better!

Oh, those are 2 of your patterns I actually don't have yet! I'd love to be one of 6 happy people! Congratulations on the new look - must've been loads of work but everything is so pretty.

Visiting from South East Queensland. I love backstitch & daisy stitch the most. But to be honest i love all embroidery. Hugs,

Hi Natalie. Your new covers are beautiful. My favourite stitch is backstitch as it is so easy! Mind you I do love any handstitching really. I am from Canberra.

Hi Natalie! I'm visiting from the gorgeous south coast of NSW, Narooma to be exact and I just love ALL of your designs. My favourite stitch has to be backstitch....I use it a LOT! Please keep up the great work and have a great day!!

My fav stitch are french knots, great way to fill space! Your new look covers look fab and I come all the way from .....Rowville!

Hi I'm from Central Victoria.
I love using drizzle stitch as it gives great dimension and is easier than it looks!
Your new iron on transfers are da bomb!
Will you sell them separately for people like me who has already purchased some of your new patterns ;)

Hi, I love the fact that the patterns will now be iron on, and all will slip back into the packaging so easily. I'm from Newcastle NSW and my favorite stitch is backstitch.

Hi there, Im not very far away at all in Melbourne, just love the idea of iron on patterns and all your little creatures are just divine. My fav stitch is stem.

Oh my goodness, I love reading where you are all visiting me from while I have my breakfast. Thanks everyone for making my morning - you're the bestest xo

Love the new look Natalie, it's so 'you' - love all of your gawjus designs too :o).
Joy ;o)

Wow I love the new look covers and love the idea of the iron on transfers....

My favourite stitch is chain stitch.....

I live in Sydney....


Do love the new look, and as to my favorite embroidery stitch, I must say the French Knot, I love making them for some strange reason. Barb in WNC in the US

Hi Natalie, I am rather in love wih your Woodland creations and creatures. I'm visiting you from Brisbane and two of my favourite stitches are lazy daisy and french knots. I love piling them up to make fields of flowers.

I'm visiting from Oud-Beijerland, the Netherlands. :D
I love your book and patterns. My favorite stitch?.... hmmm, I love many stitches, but I think the ladder and feather stitch. The ladder stitch is very useful at many projects and the feather stitch, I think, is decorative.
Love to try and make the hedgehog. Warm regards, Erika

Love your new look and am a great fan of your designs. My sister stitched me one of your christmas ones and I just love it

Hi, Natalie. I am visiting from Missouri, USA, the Show-Me State. I enjoy the sweetness of your work and how your colors play so well together. My favorite is the good old backstitch, but I do love me some French knots scattered around.

Thanks for the opportunity to win.

I'm just over the water from you and was so happy I got to meet you a couple of years ago at AQM when I came over from New Zealand with my boss to buy goodies for the shop.
I think you can't go wrong with a nice backstitch. Wishing you all the very best!

When I see you have a new pattern I wish for more hours in the day! I like the feather stitch. and I'm visiting you from Camano Island in Washington State USA!

I'm stitching in South Dakota, USA. I like the backstitch. There is something very relaxing about mindless redwork in backstitch. I like stitching on quilts, bags, pin cushions, etc. I think it adds so much love to my "making".

Hi Natalie, I am a self-taught embroiderer. I cut my chops by making Truly Scrumptious 4 years ago. It was so fun to make! Now I am in love with all things to do with embroidery and quilting. ;p

I am in the USA and it is hard to get your patterns around here. ;p I often have to buy them online.

Love the new look. So happy cheerful.
I come to visit you from Heerlen the Netherlands, where I enjoy the back stitch most.

Wonderful new look Natalie!!!!

I have bought Woodland village for Christmas and I had to start .... I hope soon.

I'm italian and I live near Venice ^__^ and now (WINTER) we have the snow and I'm dreaming on Spring ... so your wonderful pattern help me ^__*

My favourite stitch is backstitch above all ... but I love chain stitch too!!!!
Thanks for the chance!!!!

All beautiful...
I'm italian and your patterns are wonderful

Hi Natalie, I'm visiting you from Madrid.
I love your designs, but unfortunatelly I can't find them here in Spain!
Un beso enorme

I'm visiting from a seaside town on the North-East coast of England and I love colonial knots! Love the new look patterns, thanks for the chance to win one!

Hi Natalie! Love the new look and your patterns are so cute! I'm visiting from Bristow, Virginia (near Washington DC), USA. My absolute favorite stitch is the french knot, but the one I use more than any other is the "outline stitch".

Hello Natalie!
I am from Calgary, Alberta here in Canada. I am so excited about your give away and have my fingers crossed that I will be one of the lucky ones. My favorite stitch right now is the stem stitch but I have not yet had the opportunity to try many others.
Just want to say keep up the inspiring work and I love reading your new blog posts!

Hi Natalie!

The changes are great, and all my favourite colours too! I love that you have included your Cinderberry girl and the transfer stamp is adorable.

I am a follower from a coastal town in England called Bournemouth. We have the beach on our doorstep and barely half an hour's drive out of town and we have the beautiful New Forest and its wild ponies.

My favourite stitch is the backstitch, mainly because it's the one I can do best! I am very much enjoying learning the daisy stitch on Sew Deer though.

Congratulations on your latest news and advancements - it's another great year for you and we're only in February! Long may it continue! x

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