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Where can I get in the United States. I can't find it!

I like! !!This magnificent! !!!!

Jag känner mig glad att läsa så bra inlägg, vill jag tacka författare för denna fantastiska efforts.this inlägget är bra i fråga om både kunskap och information. Tack för tjänsten.

j'adore!!!c'est superbe!!!!!

How adorable and she looks a bit ornery!

Where can I get in the US. I can't find it!

Another beautiful design - your designs are always so very beautiful, sweet and filled with whimsy. I just adore them. I have 3 projects using your designs in the wings and will email you some pictures when they are finished. Then I will have to order some new designs to start on. How do you remove the lines with your new iron on transfers by the way. I usually trace your designs with a heat erasable pen I can see the benefit of saving all that time and getting to the stitching sooner.

Wow, Pip is so cute! Lovely girl :)


Your designs are so cute!

She's adorable!

Just as cute as can be!

While this is another adorable and cute pattern from your amazing fingers. I have to say that I am disappointed. I saw the title 'Paper Dolls' and thought excellent, Woodland paper dolls to create for my little girl to play with. Or fabric ones to cut out and finish for playing with. Still, I live in hope that one day soon you will create a range like this for me and my daughter to create and play with.

Hello Pip ! You are very cute !!!

I love her...She is so cute... Good on you Nat - another design that is truely yours alone... x x

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