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Those are some wonderful cards!

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I think i used this card to celebrate the birthday of our friends and our family members. This card is lovely and cuteness, and I loved it! Your postcards designs are very nice and beautiful, I like it so very much. Congratulation and keep creating!

What a pleasure to meet you this morning at Jiddis Patch you are such an inspiration and those gorgeous drawings and beautiful fabrics - I have been sewing all afternoon since coming home
Keep up the the beautiful work

I love the cards. They are happy cards. Congrats with making your dreams come true.

So Cute and Awesome!! Love them!

These cards are completely and utterly adorable!!! I hope we will be able to find them in the US. I would love to win a set.

Awww Natalie they looks amazing & what a great idea framing them is.....
Hugs Catherine xx

They really are darling... I've been writing a lot more lately... just nice to have something to be able to read again and again if you want. Not like e-mail...where one read and poof... we delete it.
My mom loves Owls... I would enjoy writing her on your new note cards... please enter me in your drawing.
Thank you!

Love the cards. As our first grandchild is due later this year I am making a quilt using your fabrics and embroidering some of your designs. The cards framed would compliment the quilt nicely. Thanks for your great work.

You are on a winner here Natalie. I love these cards and will try and get some. I have a grandaughter who's room they will match and look lovely in and a new grandson due in August who is destined to have a room with something owly in it as I am a big fan of owls. Some might even call it an obsession if you saw how many I have collected.
I look forward to seeing more great things from you.

Nataslie they are just so gorgeous,love them all.xx


You certainly are an amazing talent! I adore the owls on a wire! I just ordered some of your beautiful fabrics on-line and I have been dreaming of what I will make when they arrive!

Super adorable! what a wonderful talent, Natalie. Keep inspiring us with greatness. (:


I love your cards Natalie, especially the 'Owls on a Wire' one. It would match perfectly with the 'Owlish Out and About' pouch that I am currently making for the mother of my first niece or nephew.

The cards are adorable Nat, well done, once again so proud of you. We loved Montana's birthday card, thankyou.

Natalie, I love your artwork. The new greeting cards are delightful and I would love to win them. I, too, would frame them rather than write on them. Although, I am sure many of my friends would love to receive one of your cards. I love your little girls and owls and love the colors of red and turquoise. Thank you for your creations. Joyce

I have recently purchased your fabric in a variety of colours and can't wait to be well enough to start sewing them up. Your cards are so devine and am sure they will be a huge hit. You draw beautifully and your designs are just so gorgeous.

Love your designs, this is the first time I have seen them and I have two beautiful grand Daughters who would love the cards even more than me!The fox is great too!

LOVE*LOVE*LOVE!!!! They are adorable! Love your style so much!! Congratulations

Like all the others I too enjoy the beautiful cards. I have hung up cards for my boys before, but not having a little girl until now have not been able to enjoy things other than fire trucks and army tanks. Thank you for getting me inspired to decorate my little girls room. Do you think that you will do any cards from the tail feathers quilt, I am only new to the quilting and patchwork scene and some one showed me a picture of this quilt and I fell in love straight away, maybe something I can strive towards in the future. Congratulations for the new cards and I hope that they are as popular as the rest of your range

I just love your art, Natalie. I really enjoyed meeting you and participating in the Sew Deer class at Ballarat Patchwork last month.
I still haven't finished the stitchery, but I look forward to getting it done for my grand daughters.
The little cards are gorgeous, and like other commenters, I don't think I could write on them, but rather like you did, frame them for the girls. I'd need three sets because my crystal ball says "squabbles!". You are just so clever and talented.

So, so wonderful cards.And your framing is just perfect. Thanks for the giveaway!

Adorable! I would love some little hedgehogs too please.

They are fab-u-lous. I love them. I hope I am lucky enough to win. Love that you moved from stitching/drawing abilities to mailing abilities. Wonderful.

Cute, cute, cute!

Simply Adorable! Very cheerful and makes life fun.

I love these cards and would love to frame them for a bedroom! So springy and fresh, too.

I love them! cute cute!

These are absolutely adorable! I love that you framed the cards.

gorgeous cards - glad to see that I'm not the only one who frames beautiful greating cards.

I just love those owls!!!!

WOW!! Natalie I am so excited for you the cards are just so lovely. Great job

You're such an inspiration, Natalie.
The cards are gorgeous.

Flutterby girl and the owls are delightful, congratulations Natalie

Just BEAUTIFUL ... You clever girl


I love your new cards. They look lovely in the frames.

I really love your cards...and I love the fabrics that you have designed!

Love the cards- very cute. You are one talented chick.

Congrats-they're adorable! I love the owls.

The cards are adorable Natalie. Great idea to put them in the frames, they look very fresh and sweet! Thanks for the chance to win.

Hi Natalie Beautiful! I love! Nina Dias

Just Gorgeous.You must be so happy.

LOVE the greeting cards - just adorable!

Incredibly gorgeous Natalie - well done! I would have done the same thing with the frame idea, they would look lovely on my girls' wall as a set :)

Absolutely gorgeous! I am definitely going to have to get hold of some of these. If I'm lucky maybe I can win some! Thanks very much for the chance.

ADORABLE ...the cards are simply adorable.

Glad to hear you can buy these from your new online store. They look fantastic !

What a fun idea! Your designs are adorable on the cards! And a great idea to frame them, too! Soooo cute!

These cards are soo gorgeous. Love the white frames, they look fresh and crisp :)
thansk for the opportunity in the giveaway, woulde love to own a set!!

These cards are just wonderful! I'm totally fond of your embroideries, so your cards are also splendid.
Greetings from France,

congrats Natalie! Love your wonderful cards, I need them :)

Oh my goodness, these are so very lovely! Your designs make me so happy. I plan on getting these and framing them, whether I win or not. I'll look at them and smile.

Who WOULDN'T want to win these??? They're so sweet, my teeth hurt...
I hope they'll be available somewhere near me some day :)

Natalie, I truly love all your designs, especially these sweet girls! They are just too adorable!

Natalie, your cards are soooooooo lovely. It's a big thing when your dream comes true, i'm very happy for you.
Kisses from Switzerland

Hi Natalie! Congratulations for your creativity. You always surprise me with your new ideas. Thank you for the chance to win them. Barbara from Italy

Love them. It will be great to give with the quilt to that special someone.

Ah Natalie! They are so beautiful! So FUN!I couldn't pick one. They are all so darn cute!

What a GREAT giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance! I do a lot of sewing swaps and love to include a cute card with the package. These are perfect! Of cours, i'm a big fan of your work any way, but these are just the icing on the cake!

Those cards are so lovely!!!!
I hope I will be lucky enough to win the set.
kisses from FRANCE

What an amazing collection of girls and owls, I can see them adorning my new granddaughters walls. Thank you for once again sharing some of your dreams with us...they do say Dare to dream, and you certainly have.
Hugs Debbie

That 's very kind of you ,thank you Nathalie , I love this edea and I love your design , it's very nice !! good luck to me ^^.I wish you a good Week-end

What a lovely idea to frame them, and the clean white look is perfect for showing off the girls' colours. Another success, Nat! x

Love your new cards ... so cute.

Anyone who loves your designs would love to receive one of these in the mail!

Love the cards, would look really cute in a little girls room.

The cards are adorable! Congrats on the new product :-) wish you a great weekend!

oooh love them they would i would frame them and put them up in my craft room if i win

I love your cards and they look fantastic framed. Congratulations.

I love the cards, they are gorgeous, they are on my shopping list, thank you for an opportunity to win. :)

Love these! Are they going to be available in the US? Inquiring minds want to know.

Wow. Another extension to your ever growing repertoire. Your mind must be forever flowing. Love your work. x

Tan les nines com el musols son preciosos!!!!!!!

Those cards are so cute! They look great in the frames. The perfect two in one gift!!

Just gorgeous Natalie, you're so clever!
Where will be able to buy them from?

Love those owls - already got my eye on them in your book to stitch... Never enough time!

Love the cards, what a fabulous idea for extending your design breadth - I'd frame the OWLS and post the market folk to friends, to share the beautifulness - who wouldn't want to win?

The girls and boys are gorgeous...even though I have already ordered all of them I would love to win them so I can give them to my mum..

Beautiful cards, just love em, well done:)

These are soooooooo adorable. I'd love to win them!

Love love love them.


This greeting cards is so AWESOME!!! They got my attention when I see the designs.

they are adorable and would go perfectly in my studio!

Congratulations!!! They are absolutely adorable and I hope we are blessed with winning a set to adorn our home with! My youngest said it best, "they just make your whole self smile Mama...they are precious!"

These are adorable! My friend just made me the Ruby bag for my birthday, and I purchased 2 patterns just yesterday and will be madly checking the mail for them to arrive! Congratulations, your designs are brilliant!!

These are soo cute i would love to win these don't know if i would ever write on them though:)

Love the colors. Love your style. Gotta have the owls!

I love all of your adorable cards. EVERYTHING you make is soooo stinkin' cute. I made a Flower Faieries baby quilt. Love your work....keep them coming! <3

I hope I'm lucky. I think my daughters would love to hang these in their bedroom.

I love them.They would look great framed on any wall and bring a smile to every ones face when they saw them.Congratulations

c'est adorable !!!

They are beautiful. My sister is expecting her first baby and they would be perfect framed in the nursery. Thankyou for the chance to win them....

Natalie, I love your cards so much & my Mum loves them too!

Oh My Goodness they are just way too cute...love them as cards and absolutely they are adorable framed...congratulations on adding greeting cards to your achievements...

You are over flowing with the cutest ideas....your cards are lovely!

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