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I love your beautiful foxes. I was looking for something special to do for my friend who is having her second baby when I came across your beautiful store. I immediately knew that was it. The foxes embroidered on a quilt or pillow will be perfect. I love all your patterns.

I have fallen in love with red fox twirly beard. Thank you for your lovely embroidery design as a gift award. I want to win these!

Cosas que es la atracción en tu blog, lo que escribes y el estilo y probada. Gracias. Mis mejores deseos para ti.

I've fallen for the red foxes twirly mustache. Thanks for the lovely embroidery designs as the giveaway prize. I would like to win these!

You're Red Foxes are so cute!

A sleepy red fox, a flighty hedgehog and a dear little squirrel in a billy cart. What's not to love? They have won my heart I would love to win them.

I think Red Fox has the right idea - Just Relax. Love the new patterns.

Red Fox is totally adorable. Would love to stitch him!

Sandra C

Just so completely adorable. The lashes on that little red fox, just make you smile.

Oh, how I do like the little red fox! What a clever idea! Would love to win these or buy them in the USA. Want some of your other patterns also. Thanks for wonderful designs & for your generosity.

He's the cutest! All the designs are. Great for boys or girls. Perfect!

This little fox it too good to be true ;-)!

Wow those are just an adorable set of drawings that draw me back in time. I can remember my parents reading me their books and some of the pictures were so like the adorable little fox. I would love to do those stitcheries.

I think your little foxes are so sweet. And they would make very sweet greeting cards!

So cute! The fox theme is very appealing. Well done on another great design.

Your designs are create such great inspiration!!

Love the "Little Fox" seriers but I am having a hard time finding them in the USA. Any ideas?

Ooh your Mister Fox really is most fantastic! Adorable designs looking completely awesome hung as a set on the wall. Would also look adorable as an apron panel on the front of an apron skirt for a little girl over some of the cute woodland fabrics available at the moment. Love them all!

Oh, so very cute! I would love to stitch these little guys up!

Hi Natalie, a yes to adding to the cards. After seeing these I think I have found the 'thing' to stitch for the special little man who came into our lives 9 weeks ago,it would have to be as special as he is. These would look fantastic stretched over some canvases. Dont know if I can wait for these :-). Yet another wonderful design congratulations


Love the red fox stitching series - just adorable.

These small foxes are so cute :o) I'd like to stitch them all !
Thank you !

Wow I love your design!

Wow more so cute patterns.... It would look great in a kids bedroom on the wall... they can lied in their beds and come up with stories using the cute Red fox and his friends....


I love seeing red foxes out in nature..Your little guy is just as cute as the real ones..I just adore the one that is curled up and sleeping..and all of his friends are just adorable..I would so love to stitch them all up in hoops like you did..Just precious Natalie!!!

You could do a children's book on your Red Fox, a book stitchery series would be fun..3 simple short story books, my grand daughters would find something like that fun, plus myself included and some stitchery to go along with it.
But cards are definitely a plus..

I love all ... so lovely and for sure add them in the card collection!!!!
Thanks for your creativity and thanks for the giveway ^__^

I certainly have fallen for him and his spikey little pals.

How could anybody not love those whiskers. Love the Red Fox & his friends. Would love to stitch these patterns.lyn.robyn.smith@gmail.com

So, so cute! I think my favourite is Dream with Me. And yes, please add these designs to your card line!

Love little red fox but I am also a little keen on his little porcupine friend!! So very cute!

Oh I so love The Red Fox his whiskers give him a real cheeky look, cheers Vickie

Who wouldn't fall in love with this cute little fox...
Just great as always

A fox who dreams, a hedgehog who flies and a squirrel who eats nuts in a buggy. What a team. Enough to curl your whiskers.

I've been watching for his appearance ever since you gave us a little glimpse of him! Love him, and will probably have to buy direct from you as I haven't found him in any shops in the US online yet. :(

The red fox is another cute design from your wonderful creativity. I love the colors you used and the wonderland feeling that it gives.
Thank you for the chance to win. Barbara from Italy

Your little red foxes are adorable!

They are so cute! I would love to win a set!

Oh gosh... I love, love, love them! So whimsical :)

Bok Bok B'Gerk

these are darling! I would love to stitch them up

The Red Fox line is super cute; the curly whiskers add a lot of personality.

oh my... these are just so cute! i especially love the 'just relax' one!

I love them all. So cute and fun. I love the simplicity of them, but they are also just so sweet.

They are so cute. Linda gerig

I've been anxiously waiting to see your fox designs - they're great and should DEFINATELY be added to the card selection!

Love the look of the curly Red Fox whiskers, so playful and fun. Stick together is one I would have to stitch for my two little ones who are very cheeky at times and as brother and sister always stick together.
Congrats on your wonderful designs.

How can you not fall in love with those gorgeous little foxes!

WOW I am in love. May 9th is one day after my daughters birthday and can say she is like a sneaky fox and this stitchery set would be great in her room.

I love the little cheeky adorable red fox and he teams so nicely with his wonderful friends - greeting cards a definate - this could be a bit more boy based....Thanks for the chance of a giveaway again...

Absolutely beautiful!! Foxes and wolves have always been one of my favourite animals. Just love the whole set. Congratulations Natalie on another fantastic design....will be looking out for them!

Darling. Too Darling. As is all of your work.

Thanks for the inspiration,

I love the red fox.:)
All the best.:)

OMG!!! Your little red foxes are adorable!!!
I am definitely going to stitch me a set of those cutties.

I've fallen for the hedgehog...don't know what it is but I just adore him! ;p

Hello Red Fox ! You And your friends are Very cute !!!

Relaxing Red Fox is soo cute and I love all the detail you have put in this set of stitchery (not too sure if this is a word!!). Definitely put it in your card range.

Oh my, those three foxy hoops hung together are so adorable. I really like the new shapes you are working with for the trees and leaves. Gorgeous designs as always Natalie!

Yes! I love the little whiskers and the whole red fox. So cute! Much cuter than the real fox I see occasionally in the woods. I love your whimsical designs - they appeal to the little girl that still lives inside me - and I'm a grandma!

This little Red Fox is too lovely !! How can't we fall in love with him ???

Thumbs up on adding the Red Fox to your cards. Would love to make these for my special little guys!

I'm head over heels for Red!!

These little foxes are so cute, incl. the 'special' whiskers :-)).
The patterns brought back so many memories. When I was a teen we always went camping in summer in a wood, where a lot of foxes lived. At night they strolled around the tents in search of some treats. They got so close, they even sometimes stumbled over the lines LOL. As I slept in my own little tent I got quite a shock the first time LOL.
Thank you for a journey down memory lane .
Dutch hugs

Would love to get this little GUY / ATTITUDE to stitch THANKS, cards too!

Soooooooo cute! Love the little fox and would love to stitch it.

I love Red. He is so cute...and his little friends are, too.

I'd love to win your beautiful designs. :)

Love the whiskers. I think you must include the fox on notecards! He's too handsome not to.

so beautiful!

Oh LOL! Like we wouldn't fall for this gorgeous little fellow!!! He's adorable!!! ... And yes, I agree with Mhairi - you definitely need to add his to the card selection if you get a chance!!! SOOO cute!!!

Yes Natalie, the Red Fox along with all his little friends has captured my heart and soul. Cant wait to be able to stitch them.

So very adorable, Natalie. I would love to do these...and it is my birthday next week. Perhaps I need to do some obvious hinting lol.
Hugs, Sharon

Oh I have definitely fallen for Red Fox! I am thinking how perfect the series would look stitched in my 2 month old grandson's room. Oh and I really think they would be a perfect addition to the card selection.

They are just gorgeous & Mr Fox is so adorably cute....Love them!
Hugs Catherine xx

How adorable. I'm not one for facial hair but those little curly whiskers have won me over!

Uh YES! He's adorable!

il est superbe ton renard rouge!!! dommage ici en france on n'a pas acces a tes livres!!!! et surtout a tes tissus que j'adore!!!!!

Your little red fox is adorable! I love the new stitchery patterns! Thanks for the chance to win them! :0)

I'm going to become a Foxy lady when I marry my Mr Fox in October. I'd love to have some new foxy friends to decorate my sewing room with.

The patterns are gorgeous love red fox and his little hedgehog friends..

I HAVE fallen for the Red Fox! And every other little critter I see in your artwork, they are all so adorable! Looking forward to seeing more from you :)

I have fallen for Red Fox, he and his companions are adorable! Can't wait to get my hands on these patterns!!!

I think he is absolutely adorable, just too cute!

Definitely add these to the card selection - PLEASE!!!
They are lovely, I really like the idea of these hanging on a wall above a bed - like a beautiful dream catcher.
Thanks for continuing to create such lovely designs.

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