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Don’t go for a wholesale change. Just fine tune and tinker, but don’t start over. Seriously.

And just swapping brands of the Pill can often help with problems like bloating or moodiness.

to someone she wanted eyeball from

Hi Natalie! Thanks for sharing your studio with us, it's blissful.

I'm blessed to have a space for crafting, still doesn't look how I want but I'm working on it. Your space has inspired me to go on with mine :)

Jeg likte spesielt artikkelen din, jeg håper du kan skrive flere gode artikler, tror jeg de fleste lesere vil ha samme idé, og jeg ser frem til å fortsette å være i stand til å se en så god artikkel, takk.

Grazie per aver reso questo contenuto facile da capire e interesting.I sono impressionato con il vostro stile di scrittura e abilità.

I really want one of those ikea storage units! It's a real shame they don't mail order!!! There is no ikea here in Tas! We SO need one

What a lovely space! It looks so clean and organized.
Carolyn http://sillyhappysweet.blogspot.com

Congrats to the winner, and your sewing room looks awesome!
Happy sewing!

What a great space!! I love your line...I have yards of all of it...just trying to decide what I can make!!Have a great day!!

Congrats to the lucky winner!
And you studio is so light and sweet! Fantastic creative place!


Big time congratulations to Sarah!! Lucky lady :) Natalie, your studio is ultimately gorgeous ... only surpassed by the beauty that is your fabric and decor! Thank you for sharing !!!

So pretty!! What a happy place to create. Thanks for sharing with us.

Looks great Natalie, I look forward to the day I have a sewing room, at the moment I have a sewing cabinet , and whenever I want to see I have to go looking for everything drives me nuts

what a beautiful space! Mine is filled with IKEA treasures too. Heck, my whole house is!

Hey Natalie, you might need to see if Ikea will give you a spotters fee. I saw my hubby on their website scoping out the combinations of the unit. I'm ever hopeful, but it is one of those things!! :)

I love the photos of your studio - it looks calm but inspiring!

Love your studio! It's so inspiring. And congratulations to Sarah! I'm so jealous it wasn't me, but she is one lucky gal! :) Thank you for sharing your creativity. It just makes me want to 'get my sew on'. :)

Hi Natalie, I love your room soooo much! I hope you don't mind that I pinned a pic so I could remember it when I eventually get the chance to fix up my space!

WOW it's Gorgeous!!

Oooh my, I wish I had a gorgeous creative space like yours! :)

Your work space looks lovely. I wish mine was as nice and bright!
All your yummy fabric in the nice unit. It is awesome. Perhaps I'll have to persuade significant other that we need to go and get one the same! I doubt it would fit in the hatchback, so would need the ute.
Happy sewing and I hope all is well. Madison is going to be a big sister again in the new year.

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