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Your design of butterfly is very much pretty ,I love it !!

thank u for your sharing, i learn a lot from your article!

Kia emocio legi afiŝo! Ĉi tiu jaro estos vere esti plej memorinda naskiĝtago. Congrats en via * bela * hejmo kaj dezirante al vi multaj, multaj jaroj plenigis feliĉo kaj amo. :-)

What fun, I wished I lived nearer I would love to attend the course. Loving your stitchery work.

Hello from Kentucky, USA.
Your art and stitchery designs are so charming. I love them.

Happy Stitching,


Hi Natalie...

Janelle said to come over and say hello but I already come over and do that... lol


I don't know how you get your stitches to look so perfect all the time! Mine are so inconsistent and imperfect!

Oh, and Janelle said Hi too!

Another visitor here from Janelle's birthday celebrations giveaways. I was at the Craft and Quilt Fair in Melbourne on Saturday and got chatting to a lady from Horsham, we were looking at the quilt that will be in the upcoming homespun mag (gnomes and toadstools - super cute) and she said if I liked that then I would love Cinderberry Stitches, and how right she was!Can't wait to explore your work and products further!

I've come from Janelle to say how much I love your foxes!!

SO thrilled janelle featured you on her blog...your art is GORGEOUS!! i adore foxes and love love love your little card set!! so adorable!!

Oooooh Natalie, so glad Janelle sent us to your Blog - LOTS of lovely goodness!! And I LOVE Daylesford! I'd love to be able to participate in the Craft Experience.............maybe one day.

Just popped over to Janelle's and saw that you are offering up your gorgeous stitcheries, thanks for a lovely giveaway!

Oh, they look lovely!

Natalie, this looks like another gorgeous design from you. I wish I could be there in Daylesford but the distance is too far this year. Maybe another year! Hope it is lots of fun.

oh these look so sweet! I hope they will be available to those of us far away...

Oh I am comming to Daylesford, this will be so exciting. xx

That looks so pretty! I wish I lived close enough to come to Daylesford!

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