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Fantastic pictures!! I like your creativity and efforts in designing the fabrics.

Fantastic fabrics!! I like your efforts and interest in designing fabrics. Thanks.

Higher densities and areas of plants, with mostly closed cover, provide comprehensive and nearly ongoing colour and are referred to as woodlands.

Sie haben sicherlich einige angenehme Meinungen und Ansichten.

Hyödyllistä tietoa. Onnekas minua henkilökohtaisesti huomasin sivuston vahingossa, sekä Iam yllättynyt miksi tämä erityinen tapaus didnat sattui aiemmin! Me pelastimme tämän

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Woodland may form a transition to shrubland under drier conditions or during early stages of primary or secondary succession. Higher densities and areas of trees, with largely closed canopy, provide extensive and nearly continuous shade and are referred to as forest. Thanks.

A path's purpose typically is to guide its visitors from one place to somewhere else, and back again. Woodland paths, like garden paths, often offer an additional aspect the path itself may be the destination. Thanks.

Your fabrics are really wonderfull, I love them...
fred from France

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what a fun job and such a cute fabric line too... thanks for sharing it ...

wow,cute and the color of the picture and the background are harmonious, thanks a lot!

Very interresting to see this ! Thanks for sharing your work with us !

What kind of feeling is that ? its amazing...

They are so beautiful Natalie. Thanks for sharing your creative process with us. I often look at designs on things and wonder who made them. I often imagine a person sitting down with a blank piece of paper and pencil and sketching away, and then the day when they say to their partner or parents or someone..."Hey! My design's been accepted! It's going to be printed." How joyous that must feel.

They are beautiful. So amazing to see the beginning of one of my favourite fabric lines : )

So, so cute. Will make a wonderful quilt.

Wow it is amazing to see some of the process that goes into designing fabrics, thanks for sharing it with us! Your drawings are gorgeous pieces of art in their own right!

sweet & cute, thanks for sharing your sketches.You look like you have a lot of fun!

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