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Hey there! Ich bin bei der Arbeit surfen rund um Ihr Blog von meinem neuen iphone!

I use a hoop, but not the screw-type ones...they were marketed as frames for emboidery and have a solid plastic bottom hoop, with a rubbery plastic top hoop which keeps the tension nice and firm. I haven't seen any in the shops for a while...I bought my last one from an op shop for $1...bargain!

Hi Natalie. I did the Perfect Embroidery course with you at Ballarat Patchwork and after trying your frame found one for myself. I also bought the 8 inch q frame but I got mine from Stitchabout - an online cross stitch site. Makes a nice change from the round hoop. Jacinta. Ps - almost finished the sew deer embroidery - just the letters to go.

Thanks for sharing Natalie! I'm going to give this hoop a go I think! I'm just getting in to embroidery that is not cross stitch and have a little hoop but would prefer a bigger frame.

hey, thank u for your sharing! i am interested in the colors you choose!

oui j'utilise en priorité ce genre de cadre ... bien pratique, pas lourd, et n'abîme pas les tissus .... bonne journée, amicalement, chantal45

Hi Susan,
I brought mine online from Ozquilts, they have a selection of different size frames available too, try their website www.ozquilts.com.au for more details/information you can try the Q-Snap US website directly www.qsnap.com
Thanks, Natalie

Hi Natalie, I use the older frame for crewel work on cashmere wool so thanks for the heads up. The Q-frame looks good just wondering how thick a material it will take. Handkerchief linen is way thinner than wool so be interesting to check it out. Are you able to say who the distributor is or where it can be purchased, also the sizes? Do not ask for much - I live in suburban Adelaide.

Thanks for your help. Love your work.

Hi Karen,
Yes it is known as hanky linen here in Australia - not sure of a US store I can refer you to but it is just like a soft (non starchy linen). A great online Australian source is Ballarat Patchwork http://store.ballaratpatchwork.com.au/details/2593665.html
If I hear of any US stores I will let you know! Thanks, Natalie

Hi Jennie,
I just use this frame for my stitchery (embroidery) - I don't generally have a lot of excess fabric when stitching. The fabric I work on might only be 12 inches square with an 8inch frame? Hope that helps you a little

Somewhere you mentioned that you use Hankey linen (I think that's what it was called). Do you have a source for that that I could order it online? I'm in the US and I've looked but don't see anything like it. Unless it's called a different name. Thanks, Natalie.

I always used this type of frame or a roller frame (rather than a hoop) when I did a lot of cross stitch,but since starting quilting and doing stitcheries on a large piece of fabric I've found this type of square frame to not be quite as good as a hoop - what do you do with all of the excess fabric?

Every time I see your beautiful work it makes my feel like I need to start stitching again, and that square frame will make life easier :)

I'm going to look for one of these! I use the old fashioned screw hoops & they are a pain...

I never used anything because I used to do cross stitch, but started using a hoop & it makes my embroidery look much better! I hate hoops, so I use the smallest - 4".

I have one of these, mine is a bit bigger. I used to use it when I was a hand quilter& cross stitcher. It is a bit big for stitcherys. I have several round hoops in different sizes. They are the spring kind.

I used to use a hoop but stopped using one many years ago. Well for stiticheries i don't but for those real old fashioned pre-printed embroideries on linen i use a hoop. I'm thinking i'll have to go back to a hoop for all stitcheries soon as i'm having a lot of trouble now holding fabric because of osteo in my fingers. Might give Q-snap a go. Hugs,

None! I prefer to free hand it!!

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