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¸.❤·'★just tooo tooo Precious.What a wonderful mommy you are sharing your talents in such a loving way w/her~she will grow up w/such good memories ¸.❤·'★¸.❤·

I love you not for who you are, but for who I am before you.

i use my phone alot too these days, like you said sometimes you see something and just need to take a shot instantly and click , done.

i love what you made for your little one, i can remember very clearly my mum helping me make a pillow and blanket for my babies when i was little.....
you brought a smile of remembrance to my face

I have a fancy SLR and have started to learn how to use it manually but I always find myself pulling my phone out for those spontaneous pictures. with little ones, those are the best pics.
These moments are so precious. I remember my baby at that age and miss it (she's 25 now).
Say hi to your mom from Tx!

Wonderful, so cute, have a nice weekend!

So cute!
I love my phone. I always have it with me, but I'd always forget the camera. Everything I take is done with my phone. You get all the candid shots with them - can't with the SLR. I know with my daughter-in-law, if she drags out her trick SLR, the kids pose, whereas she can get some super cute candid shots she wouldn't get any other way.
I love how much fun that she seemed to have helping to make dolly's bedding. Gorgeous!

How woderfully put...and the smile says it all!

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