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You are amazing! So many beautiful designs.
you have great stuff!!!
and great art is made from it.

Knowing your customers and competition is crutual to run good marketing strategy.

I'm currently doing an Afghan but I'm unsure of how to finish the backing.
I'd be grateful for any suggestions as its for my children and I'm sure it will be washed a few times. I just don't want it to all wash out when it does get washed. Thank you in advance.

Your post is rocking and knowledgeable… I really appreciate the way you write . I would like to read more from you

Hi natalie
Had a lovely time last week end in daylesford. Thanks for your tutoring loved chatting with you. Stitching your projects at the moment love to catch up again
Take care Judy jende

Hi Natalie!! I'm MªCarmen from Barcelona, Spain. I just wanna say that I have enjoyed your blog. It's very instructive.I like to follow blogs all over the world just to see different things!! I invite you to follow mine:
Greeting from spain!!

I like to spend my free time by reading different web resources and today i came across your blog and I believe that it is one of the best free resources available! Well done! Keep on this quality!

Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.

Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a cool site I like

With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.

You write well will be waiting for your new publications.

Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.

Hello Louise, thank you for asking & no question is a silly one! I always press my seam to one side and generally away from the stitchery design. As a general 'rule' I was taught to press your seam toward the darker fabrics, of course I break the rules sometimes if the seam sits better in one direction than the other. I hope that makes sense - I love show and tell so please be sure to send me a picture when you have finished! Thx - Natalie

Hello. This may seem like a silly question, but aren't they the ones others wish they asked as well!?? I am at present attempting to put together your quilt, Truly Srumptious, since this is only my 2nd quilt ever to be attempted I thought I would ask your expert advise. Now, here is my question. When sewing your fabrics together, do you, when ironing them, iron the seam allowance out flat, or do you keep it together ironing it to one side. There is something nagging me in the back of my mind saying I should be keeping my seams together, though I am totally doing the opposite. Hope you can help with this one Natalie. By the way, your work is Truly Beautiful, I just love it. If you are interested, I will send you a picture of my finished product, so far it is looking pretty good, teaching myself as I go. I also have a lovley husband who will stop what he is doing and together we figure it out. All the best. Louise.

Hi Natalie,
Those Klipfast frames look good, do you know where i can purchase one in Geelong?

Hi Natalie, I just love all your designs and at the moment I'm stitching the Tail Feathers Quilt and it's just beatiful! I've also fallen in love with the Vintage Garden Quilt but am finding it terribly hard to find a store that sells this as a BOM. Also can I ask what fabric range you used in this quilt because I just love the colours. Thank you Sandra

Why do you use interfacing on the back of your stitchery? Another designer recommends it too, but I'm not sure I understand what the benefit is.


Natalie, thank you so so much for your help re 'to wash or not to wash' fabrics. It is such a wonderful idea to be able to post queries to you, as often it is the smaller things that can confuse 'newbies' so thanks for offering your vast knowledge and common sense to us! Regards from Cherie

Hi Natalie, am loving your blog and viewing all of your beautiful handiwork. Just a query from someone who is a 'new' and already confirmed stitchery addict; do you wash all of your fat quarters before using them? I notice a lot of patterns state 'all cottons should be pre-washed before using' just wondering as I can remember seeing fat 1/4's hanging up drying....are they washed in the washing machine with normal detergent or are they handwashed? Many thanks, regards Cherie

Hi Penny - the weaveline is ironed to the back of the stitching fabric before you start your hand stitching, enjoy - Natalie

Hi Joan - Treasured Threads an online store in US are selling the Tail Feather's patterns without fabric, you will find the link to the store under the list "stockist" to the left of the screen - happy stitching, Natalie

I would like to buy JUST the pattern for the tail feathers quilt. is it available in the US without the fabric kit?

Do you iron the backing on the fabric before or after stitching?

Karla The klip fast frame is called the q-snap frame in the USA. I found mine at jo-ann's fabric online. They also have some of the larger sizes in the store. Hope that helps Julie

Hi Scarlette, check with you local Patchwork store first for fabric or try The Fat Quarter Shop online store, they have some suitable fabrics for stitching!

hi natalie, i am having trouble finding plain white or off white homespun in the US or for that matter on websites. (or for that matter, any solid) any suggestions on where to find it. thanks, scarlette

Thanks for covering all those subjects, ones I am always asked of my work or ones I even ask of others. I am curious about the iron on product. Sometimes I find the iron on pellon (in the USA) leaves a funky look to the front side of my stitchery. Do you ever feel that way with your product. And where can we get that product in the USA?
Thanks so much for sharing.

Thanks, great idea, Sounds like I may need to invest in a Klip Fast Frame, they look much easier than the old hoop.

Thanks for those tips Natalie. I'm a hoop using girl and find stabbing makes my stitches more even, flatter etc too so I feel much better now I've read you tips. I'm still a bit slow but I'm also a perfectionist so I'll take slow. Thanks again.

Thank you very much for sharing this information! I would love to know about the size and brand of needles you prefer too =)

Thank you, the information you provided helped answer my questions. But I am unsure of Teastain 1045 by XLN can you find that in the USA? Also how does one find a Klipfast frame? I have been doing stitchery for years and just been using hoops, the plastic with a lip on it to keep the fabrics from slipping. I will be checking into the Weaveline also something new for me to try. Is it lightweight enough to quilt through? Thank you for your faq's page. One problem I have is hand marks on my stitchery,trying to remove that. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all of your answers, you're such an inspiration!! Julie~WI

You are welcome Eva!

What threads do you use?

Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this information.

Ok, really bad language skills in that last question. lol I meant to ask what fabric you usually use to stitch on?

What is your fabric to stich on?

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