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J'aime beaucoup ce que vous faites.
Vos tissus sont très beaux et vos réalisations en broderies ravissantes.
Je suis dans un club de patchwork dans les Landes (à côté d'Hossegor - sud-ouest) en France
Où puis-je trouver un livre avec vos modèles.
Merci de me renseigner

I wonder that you scratch pencil drawings.
Or if you use carbon.
I love doing her embroidery, but I have a big problem to trace the pattern.
Can you tell me the name of the material to scratch the tissues?
Whenever I finish my embroidery, the fabric is all stained or carbon pencil that I use and I have to wash it.

Hi Natalie I am in the UK and have managed to get a couple of your designs but I would love to get 3 sisters and the cottage garden bag are there any other stockists here that I havent found yet, many thanks for any help I love all of your work

I live in the United States and would like to purchase your Raspberry Cream and Sublime Seasons quilt patterns but am unable to locate a source on the internet. Would you please advise where these patterns can be purchased in the U.S. Thank you - Dona Henderson

I would like to purchase the pattern Tiny Tote. But I am unable to find it online in United States Shops. Help! Could you email me with a way for me to purchase this cute pattern?

Natalie, Your stitchery inspires me. I am hoping that Sweet Home Quilt co. Conyers, GA, Is doing your BOM Tail Feathers. What fabric line is this BOM? Do you know who will be handling this BOM in the USA? So Cute! What size needle do you use? I check your blog every day. You and Anne Sutton are my favorites! Blessings to you. Please keep designing. Hugs. Sheila

Before she died, my mother did all my embroidery work. Her work was so beautiful that the back looked as good as the front. I entered her work in many county fairs and she loved getting all those first place ribbons.

Now that she is gone, I have to do my own embroidery and your blog is an inspiration to me. I enjoy sitting down in a quiet room and stitching away. My mind drifts and wanders away thinking of how much I miss my mother but am pleased that she taught me how to do my own stitching. It may never look as good as hers or yours, but I enjoy the process.

To end this very long comment, I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog.

no hablo ingles pero quiero expresarte mi admiracion, utilizo muchos de tus diseños para mi casa,sos una creadora increible me inspiraste a hacer mi propio blog te invito a conocerme kises sonia
buenos aires argentina

I love your works. TRully was super. You're an artist,
Isis Eliane, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

so we inspire ours
Be happy.
Jane Vicente

I've discovered this page and I'm just overwhelmed by your designs....

I love your patterns and your needlework. What kind of threads do you use when doing your embroidery? I love the variegated colours and wondered what brand and where you get them. Thanks, Tammy

Natali what talent you have----have no idea where you get the time----with new baby (congratulation) loving your baby birds-----hurrry cant wait to see the next one jeanette

Be quite assured that you certainly do inspire us!
Glad you are enjoying being a Mum

C'est vraiment toujours avec beaucoup de plaisir que je me promène sur votre site !!! votre créativité m'enchante !!! cordialement !

"I need to eat chocolate
I wish someone else would cook dinner and clean house..."
lol, me too!

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