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I spent 6 hours at the show yesterday. I know exactly how you felt, but it was worth every ache and pain,lol. It was fantastic.

congrats to the girls who won your draw......love the material you got at the fair.......they are such good things to go to to see so much quickly....I went to Sydney and had a fabulous time......take care

Like the girls said before..... you can't beat a hot tub with loads of yummy scented bubbles, a glass of wine, some soft music & then when you've finished....get lost in fabric/goodie heaven. Read all the books bought, fondle the fabric, play with the buttons/notions and then dream sweet dreams full of inspiring ideas.

Glad you & your Mum had such a wonderful day Nat....it bought back the same memories from a few weeks back when the Sydney Fair was on...LOL!!

Take care...Happy Stitching Thoughts!! hugs xoxo

Good advices, but when we enter quilt shows and craft fairs all these advices are forgotten. A good advice for sore muscles is to take a good buble bath and a big glass of red wine. And after that enjoying all the treasures you have bought.

From experience I can tell you the best cure for aching muscles and sore feet is....a hot bubble bath with some scented candles and some soft music in the background...oh and some comfy pyjamas. Ah not only good for the body but also the mind. I may just take my own advise tonight.

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