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Just thought I would say how much I enjoyed visiting your blog.
The louvre will not disappoint you! I am in England and france is very easy to get to from my parents house (we go on day trips!) - so lucky! It's a beautiful country.

LOL!! got the tag....& thinking cap on.

WOW!!! reading your list (how cool is that...hehe on the cooking) and The Louvre... my darlin' 12yr daughter, Ashlei is doing a 6 week/12 challenges Digital Scrapbook Race & the 1st challenge is to scrap about Museums they want or have visited...since she has read the DaVinci Code & seen the movie - she has wanted to visit this amazing place...

Have a Happy Stitchin' evening

Hi Natalie - thanks for the tag. I need to think a bit but I'll add my list to my blog later today! :-)

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