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I get chills thinking of the excellent time I recently had at the Sydney show. I think some of the store holders must have thought I was stalking them some of them I went back to 3 & 4 times !!! I am total inspiration junkie !!!
My next big purchase will be a decent sized light box. I have found that window light is just no good at midnight when you get the urge to start a new project...lol. As the saying goes there is just not enough hours in the day.

You're fabric stash won't disappear...and neither will you sew a crooked link...LOL!! I didn't mind being tagged at all...it actually made me pull out the dusty thinking cap!! Don't feel guilty.

As for the Melbourne show...well I won't be there... but I did go to the Sydney show - so I know all about how much gorgeouness there is out there to peek at & dream over. Totally inspirational & if I had that empty c/card, a couple of empty bags or 2 & hands to hold them - fabric, books, more fabric & some of those new accessories...WOW!!! AMAZING!! I'd buy up big. Wait...I did have all that & had a great time with my kids walking each aisle being creatively inspired.

ps: have a great time at your Melbourne Show Nat!! Take care!

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