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Oh Natalie, I wish I could begin to draw half as good as you. That is one cute block. Can't wait to see more.

Hi Nat, Wow your quilt is progressing rapidly I just LOVE what you are doing .... fabric is scumptious!! Cant wait for the next installment. Cheers Sue

I love the look of this new project- and the Shangri La fabrics are to die for- I've used a jelly roll to make myself a nice little "couch quilt", now I wish I had saved it....

Hi Natalie - WOW this project look to be fantastic - I thought it was just 4 panels, but no its 9 - where do you get the inspiration for each panel from:-0
and the imagination is in overdrive thinking about the 'features' that could go in the on point infills
Brilliant - can't wait for the next installment

Hi Natalie. It is such a special treat to see the progress of this quilt as it is created. Thank you for sharing it with us. It is charming & whimsical & gorgeous, as usual. LOVE the babies in the pram. That theme surely needs developing into some designs suitable as baby gifts? Perhaps some patterns offering quick & easy gifts (feeling a little time-poor at present!). Shangri La is my absolute favourite fabric range at the moment. Congratulations on the progress - keep stitching!

Nat.....love the little square on the diagonal.....just adds that little "something" to the pattern...enjoying the journey with you as the blocks are revealed.

Sweet Girl....

the progress on this quilt is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING & full of wonderful & COLOURFUL INSPIRATION!!! A work of HEart...

ps: love the little square on the diagonal... adds a break to the wonderful array of colour & eye candy.

Have another wonderful evening of stitching inspiration Nat!!


I love "good friends by your side" block. Are you using 2 threads/strains in your embroidery? Love the materials. Wonder if we'll be able to get them in the US?

I am hurried to meet Miss Evangeline.... do you work every night like this ????? I like your chioice of fabrics !!!!

Ooh, I've loved the pictures of your current project from the last few posts. You inspired me to go buy a Shangri-la jellyroll in anticipation for your finished pattern! :)

I have just been reading your blog for a few weeks and find it interesting in this quilt that you have the blocks pieced before you start the embroidery. Do you do that all the time or just for this particular quilt?

I have fallen head over heels in love with this new pattern, Natalie. I can hardly wait for you to have it ready for purchase! The fabric line is great with the girls!

I love that movie and I know all the words to the song - it amazes my family when I burst into Bang, bang, chitty chitty bang bang ....
And I also love what you are doing with the quilt and fabric. The name fits is to a T!

These are so cute Natalie. I look forward to meeting your new girl.

Hi Natalie, how exciting! Your girls have such style and 'aplomb'! The 3 babies remind me of little Tintin's! I look forward to seeing the end product.

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