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There getting better and better with each new one Natalie. And you can't beat a good piece of dark chocolate can ya? I worked on one of your patterns while on the plane ride this week. I love it!!!

I like this one !!! very fantastaic !!! but what is Sugar plums ???? I find and don't try

barley sugar nm sucre d'orge
beet sugar nm sucre de betterave
blood sugar nf glycémie
brown sugar nf cassonade
cane sugar nm sucre de canne
castor sugar nm sucre semoule
confectioners' sugar nm sucre glace
dunk one's bread or sugar phrase faire tremper (Culinaire)
fruit sugar nm sucre végétal tel que le fructose, le glucose, etc.
granulated sugar nm le sucre semoule
granulated sugar nm sucre semoule
icing sugar nm sucre glace
loaf-sugar nm pain de sucre (pain de sucre)
maple sugar sucre d'érable
milk sugar nm lactose
milk sugar (lactose) nm sucre de lait
powdered sugar nm sucre en poudre
put sugar v sucrer ⇒ (mettre du sucre)
sprinkle sugar on v sucrer ⇒ (en saupoudrant)
sugar beet betterave à sucre
sugar bowl nm sucrier
sugar candy nm sucre candi
sugar candy nmpl bonbons
sugar cane canne à sucre
sugar daddy nm vieux protecteur (d'une jeune fille)
sugar diabetes diabète sucré
sugar maple nm érable à sucre
sugar mill nf sucrerie
sugar refinery nf raffinerie de sucre
sugar refining nm raffinage de sucre
sugar tree canne à sucre
sugar-candy de bonbons
sugar-cane de canne à sucre
sugar-coated adj enrobé de sucre
sugar-coated pill nf dragée
sugar-coating enrobage de sucre
Suggest additional English compound forms.

Seems you mentioned the fabric (thankyou for that info) what about the threads you use as they are really stunning colours.
Can't wait for the next block...happy stitching

Hi Nat, I am really looking forward to seeing your quilt and was wondering if it was actually going to be a quilt pattern or a BOM??
Keep up the great work,
Sarah xx

Oh, I almost missed Tilly! She's adorable! I've already put two jelly rolls aside for this project. :-)

You're sleeping???? No, no there's no time for sleeping! teehee!!!!

Another gorgeous block Nat, cant wait for the next installment.... certainly looking forward to starting. Dark chocolate and red wine go well together!!! but can lead to some dubious stitching???
Cheers Sue

Wow, what a lovely blog you have! I just looked at your yo-yo tutorial and said to myself that I should really try them, too! Your stitchery is adorable, I really like your style!

If you have time, I would be pleased to welcome you on my blog, too. I am currently sharing my latest sewing project, too!

Best wishes from Germany,

You're definitely keeping us all fascinated & in daydreams Nat...

It's all looking absolutely gorgeous... what is sleep??? hmmm...as for dark chocolate.... keep a plentiful supply on hand!

Have a glorious weekend!!

You stitches are so fun. I hope it will be able to buy the pattern soon. I just think I need it....Christmas present to mom from mom ?? :-)

Another fantastic block. I am anxiously awaiting the "center" block. Where will we (in US) be able to purchase your pattern?

Oh Tilly is such a cutie :) You are such a fast stitcher, do you have some extra hours in each day??

Uhhhh - I love these girls!!! I really hope that You will sell that pattern - even to a girl in Sweden :-) Can hardly wait... Love it!

Yes yes who needs sleep! Hurry hurry must have more stitcheries. . . okay sorry I got a little carried away but they're just so cute I'm drooling over when they will be released and I can have them in my own hot little hands. heh heh.

Just love the design. Thanks for the info regarding the tea stained material that has answered that little mystery.Just love dark chocolate,that is the one that is good for us.

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