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Love your Blog, and your QUILTS and embroidery. Nice to see someone else does that! Hope you check my Blog and see MY QUILTS! Check me out before it disappears off Yahoo. One bad thing, you have to have to have a Free account to gain access. But check out my Mini Quilt show, Hugs to all QUILTERS. Also come see my Group at Yahoo and join my quilt group. susana

Hi Natalie!

I'm a starter in this kind of embroidery and I'd like to know how many threads do you use from six (hm, my English is not very good... I hope you'll understand my question... I started to practise with 3 threads but sometimes it seems to be lot... you can see it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8643965@N07/1813209207/ )

I adore those girls! Your patterns are so lovely. I'm realy looking forward to block 9!!

Greetings from the Netherlands!


I just love these girls. When I showed them to my little girl she said "Will you make dose for me, mommy". She is as excited as I am!

Thank you for your answers.....I hope the end of November very quickly and why not to put the patterns in my letter to Christmas Father ;-)))) !!!!!

ps: your last "girl" is so "gourmande et délicieuse " !

So...besides the red wine, dk chocolate....now we're adding strawberry6 shortcake - WOW!!!! how totally decadent.

Nat - truly relax & be kind to yourself sweetie...& along with everyone else... we're in love with these gorgeous babe's & their journey.

Huge hugs girlie!

I can't remember being this excited about a set of patterns in a very long time. They are definitely Truly Scrumptious!

Miss Delish is so cute!

I am a huge fan of your beautiful work. Words can't express how delightful I think it is. Such a treat for the eyes. This one is, of course, my favorite so far.
I tried to find a place here is the U.S. that has your patterns but the link you have doesn't show any in stock. Will they be available here soon.......please? Pretty please??

Oh Nat she is sublim !!!! I like her and l like to read your blog every day and share the evolution of your work !!!!! I think like Bloom we are very lucky !!!!! Be kind of yourself .... have a nice bath

Hi Nathalie, I wanted to ask you what fabric you use for the stitcherys, is it a Moda Marble?

hi nat,
oh, how I love to read your blog and see those scrumptious girls getting all together for a cuppa!
have a nice bath!

Natalie, these designs are just delightful. We are so lucky to share in the evolution of a stitched masterpiece. Thank you. You are on a roll - keep going, can't wait to see the next instalment.

Each on just gets more 'delicious'. I look foward to seeing the scrumpious gals in their glory very very soon - pace yourself and enjoy the developing masterpiece

Nice to see you are being kind to yourself, Nat. I hope that bath was lit by candlelight and scented with something delish...

Enjoy your bath Nat...I think you deserve it!!
As always I love your work, I just can't decide on a favourite...but no one said I had to have just one!!
I love them all!!

I have been lurking and watching your gaggle of girls grow. They are just beautiful. I hope that you do really well at the quilt market.

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