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Merry Christmas, Natalie!
Thank you for the joy your blog gives to all of us.
Best wishes,

Hey Nat,
What an awesome prize!!
Thanks so much for being so generous.
ur such a wonderful person, i hope you and ur family have an absoloutly fantastic christmas and new year, all the best for 2008.
thanks again, jess xx

Hi Natalie, Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Wishing you and your family and happy and safe Christmas and a fantastic New Year. Regards Sandra
p.s. Lesley and I are looking forward to getting your new patterns next year.

I really enjoy reading about your new projects and seeing the fabrics you use- I love the little bag. The presents are under the tree in our house and it really is feeling a little bit like Christmas. Your gift tags are great - some inspiration for me for next year.

Hi Natalie, I'd love to win a copy of your patterns, Hope they are drawn soon...Neeeeerly Xmas Eve.Merry Xmas to you and you family.

I have just started blogging and I am amazed! It is such fun seeing everyone's quilts, bags, etc. I recently started making yoyos too and love them. The tiny tote is darling and I love your embroidery patterns (again, something I love to do).

Wow a whole set of Truly Scrumptious?!!!!!!! Somebody is going to be reallllllly lucky and love the Tiny Tote pattern, cute as cute can be. Please enter me in your drawing. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Congratulations on the completion of your new patterns...I am sure they are yummy...I dont really like dentists also but recently had to have a wisdom tooth out...how brave I was...Merry Christmas...love Julie

Enter me please! I love the look of your patterns...especially the totewith the yo-yo's

Hi Natalie, I love the Tiny Tote - it is sooo cute - I gave my daughter the same little candy cane tags to give to her little friends at school to use as special little bookmarks. Have a wonderful christmas and happy new year.

how nice it is ! and what a wonderful Christmas present !
Greetings from France

Hi Natalie, A very merry xmas to you. Congratulations on the the release of Truly Scrumptious. Such a talented gal you are! Please put me in the draw for either of your give aways.
Kind regards, kristy G.

Oh I love your gift tags. They are so cute. Great idea!! Please, please, oh please Natalie, enter me in your drawing. And thanks for doing the drawing.
Hope the trip to the dentist went well.
Merry Christmas.

Ho Ho Ho, well the presents are wrapped, the food shopping done, the pudding is boiling (yes it's late, number 1 met with disaster!) I think I'm organised,so that leaves plenty of time for sewing scrumptious girls!!
Have a wonderful Christmas, full of lots of joy, love, happiness and festive foods! Chris

Hi Natalie, i love your Truly Scrumptious designs, it's very funny & your fabric selections are gorgeous. Congrats about it.
It's very kind of you to be able to participate in one of your beatiful work.
Kind regards.

Congratulations Natalie, on a 'Truely Scrumptious' new quilt design. What a wonderful opportunty - to win a set. Very generous of you.

I must say after all the wonderful rain we have had - a wonderful end to a tough year (we are graziers), the only thing better, would be the winner a complete set of quilt patterns.

All the best for the festive season and the new year!

I'd also like to join to the competition:)))

Merry Christmas all of you!

KicsiKató from Hungary, Europe

What a fantastic prize! Your house must look great with all your beautiful decorations. Well Done and have a wonderful Xmas.

Wow, your santas - from Heartwood Creek - are really gorgeous (I hope the special people who receive one from us will love him as dearly). :) And your works are incredible! I've just finished "The Night Before", and can't wait to start a new project from your patterns.

Merry Christmas!!!

I can me see me adding "Truly Scrumptious" to my to do list for 2008. The tiny tote is just too cute! Love your designs.

I wrote you about two weeks ago to say just how much I loved your designs. I hope more quilt shops will start carrying your items especially here in North Carolina. The first pattern of yours I intend to finish by next Christmas is the mice! Too cute!!! You are talented!

Merry Christmas Nat, Loooove your work and would love to be in the draw. We all have a collection, love the Santa's. I have a collection of Reindeer's. Regards Lyn

I've recently stumbled on to your blog and I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE your designs. You are encouraging me to get back to embroidery and now I can incorporate it with quilting. Life is good. Would love to win.

I love all your designs. These are wonderfull too.
I hope you are going to make a lot more of these.Merry christmas to you and your loved ones.And a good beginning of 2008.

Hi Natalie,

I am looking at your blog every week and love the things you make. And this tiny totes are realy cute. Happy Holidays.

Best wishes from The Netherlands!

cool christmas ornie's love the tote bags their very cute

hi ! congratulations for your designs, and I love your blog !
hugs from a frenchie

Just stumbled across your blog and am going to bookmark it to look at more of your work. Totally in love with your Sweet Peas Quilt! Might have to get the pattern and make one for my DD. :)

Hey Natalie,
I love your new quilt "Truly Scrumptious" it is without a doubt SCRUMPTIOUS!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on it and get stitching.The little totes are just gorgeous. You certainly are a clever woman. My son can sympathize with you over the dentist, he just had 4 teeth removed and I can sympathize with paying the bill!!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Hey Nat, Would love to win a copy of the patterns.I have been eagerly watching them come alive.I love the stories you have for them all.

Oh wow, look at all these posts!! I was almost put off leaving my name for the draw, but somebody has to win, so here goes. I would love to be in with a chance, so please enter my name. Have a really Happy Christmas.

The tiny tote is so cute! Please enter me in your drawing. Happy Holidays.

Oh my the competition is fierce! Your patterns are wonderful and who wouldn't want to win one. Maybe I'll get some pity since I had to go to the dentist TODAY, sitting here with a numb face, but better to be numb than sore! Wishing you a joyful Christmas!

Can't wait to get started on the new quilt. Where can I get the jelly roll to put it together. Have a Great Christmas!

Hi Nat, Love your Santas and the candy cane tags for your pressies are just soo cute!!! very you. Merry Christmas!! Cheers Sue

Christmas is just around the corner and your lovely blog has given me ideas about how to make our presents more cheery (those candy canes are so cute!) and how to use my stack of tiny yo-yos. Thank you! May your Christmas be blessed and pain free.

Please add me to your long list of hopefuls. I think that quilt is just divine and I will definately be getting my hands on a set whether I'm lucky enough to win or not! Your designs are lovely and so are your Christmas decorations! Merry Christmas!!

Natalie, tus diseños son hermosos! me encantaría tener uno de tus set en casa. no sabes cómo me entretendría!!!!
Siempre estoy visitando tu pagina, es una verdadera fuente de inspiración.
Yo vivo en Chile, en la ciudad de iquique, muy lejos de Australia.
Recibe mis cariños y admiración.

I love your Santa collection and your patterns and your tiny totes...okay, I love everything. :o) Thank you for giving us a chance to win your pattern collection! Keep up the great work.

The tiny totes are the cutest things! I would love the Truly Scrumptious patterns as it's near impossible to find the full line of your patterns in the U.S.

Everything is soo lovely but the little gift tags are just simply adorable, l would just love a gift with one of those on.....

Hi Natalie. Thanks y Merry Christmas!!!
Hugs from Spain.

Hi Natalie
Congratulations on your Truly Scrumptious Girls they are all gorgeous. Also love your christmas tags. They would be great to use as tree decorations.

Hi Natalie
Congratulations on your Truly Scrumptious Girls they are all gorgeous. Also love your christmas tags. They would be great to use as tree decorations.

It is good to see that we have a universal thought about trips to the dentist.
Truly scrumptious is definitely an apt thing to with talk of dental trips.
I absolutely love the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang story and as a children truly believed I would grow up to be Truly from that movie.
I often sing the song to my children.
Hope your mouth recovers from the dentist but can I say keep your distance from the Toot sweets.

I have been waiting in great anticipation for truly Scrumptious to arrive in NewZealand, Please put me into your draw.
Your designs are just so cute

Have only recently discovered your Blog and just love your latest project...and I love ANYTHING Heartwood Creek...Congratulations and have a wonderful Christmas

Your Bom is so delightful! I have been enjoying your progress on each block with great anticipation. I love the quirky outfits and especially the hats! Keep up the inspiring designs.

I just love the little bags, l have been visiting your blog since l met you at Warburton, oh what a great day that was. Keep up the dlightful work

Merry Christmas Nat! And thankyou for sharing your wonderful work with us throughout the year. The only thing on my christmas list this year was the Truly Scrumptious patterns! Hopefully Santa will deliver at some stage! xx

I too have only recently discovered your blog and I am nearly a local from Blackburn.. I have loved watching your gals come together and they look like they would just love to make themselves at home wherever they land... Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe New Year...

Oh I REALLY want to win this!! I have been waiting and waiting for you to put do the comp!! Just *love* those girls!!
Also just *love* your tags.... did you make them yourself??
Can you believe it is only 4 more sleeps till Xmas OMG, I had better finish getting my tree up :/
Cya soon in Tas
Sarah x

I just love the little totes and as for the tags, you put me to shame!! Greeting from the UK!

Hey Natalie,
The Tiny Totes are 2 cute!!!! The Truly Scrumptious gang are indeed that. Wow what away to start the new year stitching these beauties!!!!
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008.
Nicole :-}

Hey Natalie,
The Tiny Totes are 2 cute!!!! The Truly Scrumptious gang are indeed that. Wow what away to start the new year stitching these beauties!!!!
Merry Christmas and all the best for 2008.
Nicole :-}

Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love the tiny tote you have pictured. It is adorable.

Hi Natalie,
I have waited with anticipation to see the finished result and I must say that Truly Scrumptous is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to get started.
Merry Christmas.

Hope you are feeling better, and that you can enjoy Christmas! Your designs are lovely, and the tiny totes are just gorgeous!

I love your gift tags, they are so sweet! Did you cut out the candy canes or are they die cuts?
I love the Truly Scrumptios quilt too- hope i'm the lucky winner,

What an inspiration for the new year. I'd love to win and start right away with some new projects. Thanks for the chance.

You go girl Natalie. Truely Scrumptious is, hope you have a safe and merry christmas. Cheers

I love, love, love your patterns and can't wait to get my hands on the Truly Scrumptious pattern (did you name this quilt after the female lead in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?).
A very happy holiday season to you and yours.

Dear Nat,
Wishing you and your family a safe and merry Christmas. Your Santas are lovely. At the in South Aust we have an early Xmas present it is raining - it has been such a long time since we had a good soaking rain lets hope it rains all day.

gorgeous gorgeous little totes.....and those santas are lovely too.....love this blog, always a great read and loads of lovely eye candy

hi Nathalie,
thank you for your lovely blog, it is my daily pleasure. The tiny tots are so funny, would love to be in the bowl ... hugs from Poland: Brigitte

Your Jim Shore santas are just beautiful. I have one little heartwood creek ornament that I treasure.
Merry Christmas Natalie xx

Tiny totes, polkadot candy canes, wow, I have died and gone to heaven! Hope you feel great by dinnertime.

Hi have a very Merry Xmas.........enjoy your holidays

You are dreaming of projects for your French fabric. I return after Christmas to the USA after 5 month in the Netherlands, and I purchased some wonderful Dutch chintzes that will keep me busy for a long time. I couldn't resist them - something no one else I know has sewn with!!

oh I would love to win your so wonderfull patterns !!!!! I love !!! I love !!!!!!

I just found your site last week with all my searching I can't remember how I linked to you, but am so glad I did! I love all your creativeness that is oozing from your blog! I will keep checking back for more!

Ferne Watt

What a delightful giveaway and what a wonderful way to start 2008 if I were to win, lovely patterns to keep me busy!

Ho ho ho, what a truly scrumptious way to start the new year - with a new pattern. Please include me in the draw for either pattern. Merry Christmas.

I also love the Heartwood Creak Santas!...and I would also love your Truly Scrumptious Girls!


Hi Natalie!
Well, my first reaction flew into space.......so I will try it again!
I would love to enter the competition!
I would like to wish you and your family a beautifull and peacefull Christmas!
Groetjes uit Nederland (the Netherlands)

Hi Natalie!
Love your free pattern and your site also! That's why I would love to be in the draw!
It seems weird to me to have Christmas in the sun! Over here in Holland we have no snow, but it is really cold now.
I wish you and your family a very nice Christmas and a very good and creative New Year!

I also love the Heartwood Creak Santas...I also would love your truly scrumptious girls too!! LOL

I love those Santa too. I have some of the Angels. They gift tags are wonderful and giving me ideas. I really want to do Truly Scrumptious and hope I can get them here in the States.

I have always wanted some of those Santas! And of course, I would love your giveaway. Please count me in.
Merry Christmas!

It has been wonderful to watch as each of the girls came alive in Truly Scrumtious and it is equally unbelievable that you are giving a set of patterns away. Count me in! Christmas Blessings!

It is all so wonderful. I love the little gift tags with the candy canes and the tiny totes are lovely. I would love to be in the draw for the patterns. Merry Christmas.

Hi. Hope you are ok again and ready for Christmas dinner. ;-)
I hope I can get one of your pattern. I just love them.(If not I must buy them) Have a lovely Christmas.

I admire people who take the time to make the holidays special! I do love your decorating! Thank you for sharing your talents! Happy Holidays!

I found your blog just this month, and I love your stuff. I would love to receive one of the Tiny Tote patterns. I have nieces that would just love them!

I love your Christmas tags - I wouldn't care what was in the present just the tag would be enough!! All the best wishes.


You have to cut down on the chocolate eating while stitching :)
Truly Scrumptious is my MUST DO for 2008 and I noticed Honeysuckle Cottage has it in stock so I must pop on over after Chrissy for that special purchase.
Thankyou Nat for the opportunity to create a lovely quilt of my own

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Love the new patterns.

you are truly scrumptious to give away such lovely goodies. Thankyou from a cold Cyprus. Have a truly scrumptious Christmas. Irene

I think your santas are lovely. I still haven't got into the Christmas spirit yet, but my Santa collection has nevertheless made it out of hiding. I just love them. Every year I try to add a 'santa' or 'angel' of some sort to my collection.
Who needs the tree anyway.
Merry Christmas to all.

your santa's are just beautiful where do you get them from? I love your patterns and I was admiring the "truly scrumptious" ones the other day - scrumptious! please count me in for your competition

I have totally fallen in love with your Truly Scrumptious Pattern. It is on my Christmas wish list!
Janelle xx

The quilt and tote look fantastic. Please add me to the draw. Hope your teeth and face are feeling better!

Even though I have already bought pattern one I can't miss this draw!! Merry Christmas Natalie.

What a delight it has been checking out your blog each morning before starting work - each new design and sketch you have posted has inspired and in some cases brightened up the morning before starting a taxing project at work. I am sure we are ALL looking forward to seeing what 'delicious delights' you have to tantalise us with in 2008 - warmest Christmas and New Years Blessings from Dumfries (Scoltand)

i live in france and i come to visit your blog as often as possible. Everytime i can see so many beautifull things !! what are you going to make with your french fabric from Le Rouvray ?
You yoyo's tote are so cute !!! Sorry for my bad english !
Merry christmas ! Patricia From France.

Natalie, I have stitched a few times but never sewed. You have INSPIRED me to learn patchwork and quilting. I used to think it was daggy, for the oldies, but your whimsical, fun, stitches have me converted (or possibly I am a daggy, oldie now!!). I can't wait to get started on this school hols. The scrumptious girls are so quirky - Merry Xmas & keep smiling, Pauli
PS Please mature people don't take offence at the term 'oldies' it was the arrogance of youth which has faded. We do get to a certain age where age has no meaning!!

You are so sweet to make such a generous giveaway for us! Love your patterns! Take care and Merry Xmas!

I have enjoyed reading your blog for several months and love watching your wonderful designs evolve. Truly Scrumptious is truly gorgeous and the tiny tote is sooo cute!. I recently became addicted to making yo-yo's and this little bag showcases them beautifully. Please keep designing beautiful projects for us to stitch. Christine

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! These are both so wonderful and I can't wait to see who the lucky gal is (maybe even me!)...beautiful designs. Merry Christmas!!!

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