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Thank you Natalie !!
Ces petits oiseaux sont adorables. :o) Je les broderai, c'est sûr !

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it's so nice ! I love it !
congratulations !

I just love the hand made designs because it has originality and in previous times this was common. And these bag designs are way too good.

Looking forward to seeing Blue Wrens popping up all over the world and bringing smiles to faces of those Stitcher's Angels as they unwrap their gifts.

What a beautiful pattern, I think I might just have to try it. Thank you.

so cute

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it's so nice ! I love it !
congratulations !

Thank you, thank you for this adorable little pattern Natalie! I've just finished embroidering it and I'm putting it in a little quilt. The quilt will be very plain, so this is just the spark it needs! XOXO.

Thank you, thank you for this adorable little pattern Natalie!.I really like your blog.

My wife will love it. She really likes it. I was browsing some blogs and read your and forward it to my wife.

This is the first time i came to find this blog and it's Auspicious to see your work, your design and your creativity.

The stitching is completed with 2 strands of DMC thread and variegated thread highlights the blue wrens showing off little flashes of color - of course you can pick and choose your own threads to match fabric and make your gift unique.

You know how much I love close up photos so I couldn't resist showing of the color of little blue wren against the white homespun fabric - crisp, delicate & sweet.

Hi, As a design student i just usually visit design blogs and found your stuff great. love it.

it's so nice !!i love what you do !!!

quels beaux oiseaux... je les aime follement!!!

Sûrement que je vais revenir souvent vous visiter... c'est très beau chez vous.

what a beautiful pattern. I adore the colours that you used. You are one very talented lady

thanks for the lovely pattern, I can't wait to start it.

How cute that is! Thanks for sharing it.

J'adore ton blog.
Merci pour le pattern.
Bisous brésiliens.

I finished your bag over the weekend and just wanted to thank you. I love it! I posted it on my blog if you want to see. What a great pattern!

Beautiful, gentle and elegant :)

Thanks a lot for this lovely pattern, I love it, and I have done a little bag for my embroidery. You can see it here :

What a beautiful pattern, I think I might just have to try it. Thank you.

Thank you Natalie for the lovely pattern it was really fun to make. I have just finished it and you can have a look at it on my blog if you like. Thank you again.
Jane 8o)

Thimbleanna sent me and I thank you for this free pattern. I'm excited to find your blog and look forward to browsing.


it's so nice ! I love it !
congratulations !

It's really so nice ! I love it !
congratulations !

Thank you, thank you for this adorable little pattern Natalie! I've just finished embroidering it and I'm putting it in a little quilt. The quilt will be very plain, so this is just the spark it needs! XOXO.

Thankyou for the lovely pattern! It is so cute, I can hardly wait to make it!

Thank you for the pattern! The bag is so cute!

Hi Natalie,
I have now done two little tote. One for myself (find it at my blog) and one for my sewing partner. If you want to see them, please welcome and visit at my blogsite. I have really enjoyed to stitch them. Thank you:)

I really love what you do :))

I've really enjoyed the stitching and sewing, but I've changed your tutorial a little bit...and in addition to this I've made a pincushion and "stitcher's helper" too. You can see it in my blog, the fotos are unfortunately grainy.

This is a really sweet sweet bag.

Tu página es preciosa!!!! Me encantan tus trabajos.

merci nathalie pour cet adorable free, j'aime beaucoup ton blog et tes créations

Thanks for the cute little bag pattern, Nat, I am stitching it now for my stitcher's angel swap partner in America.
Sandi xx

Delightful!! So cute, I really enjoyed making this little bag... thank you for being a part of this event, it's so wonderful of you all to make your lovely designs available,
Cheryl xx

Thank you so much for this pattern Nathalie.
Hugs from Spain

This is such a CUTE bag. I can't wait to make one

Thank you

very wonderful pattern thanks a lot! have a nice week full of colors and love ;oD

This is so beautiful. Thank you.

You've reignited my love of stitchery. Thank you for the too cute pattern. I can't wait to start it. Keep inspiring us! Thank you for the tutorials too.
Jil in Montana, USA :)

So adorable ! Great tutorials! Thanks so much for sharing. I've added them to my fav's list! ;o) ooxx ~jodi

Natalie: thank you for such a wonderful pattern. I can't wait to get started on this (we have a 3-day weekend coming up in the States at the end of the week). SuzK

I have been watching and have not signed up yet.....but have fallen in love with this and downloaded it.
Thank you so much.

Me encanta todos tus trabajos un saludo desde España

Adore your little Blue Wrens nesting in the trees Natalie... & Thank You so much for the Easy To Follow Tutorial - *Too Easy* .

Natalie, thank you for this nice pattern. I will sew it later because at the moment I´m still at work with your "Truly scrumptious" girls. I really makes fun!
Hugs, Nicole

Very nice. Thanks a lot !

thank you so much for this lovely freebie design.

Hi Natalie, this is a beautiful pattern and I think I'll have to make two: one for me to practise on the stitching and another one for the swap!

what a beautiful pattern and what a talanted and generous person you are

Thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern. It is absolutely delightful. Again, thank you for sharing. Your designs are wonderful and such great fun.

Thankyou Natalie for the Gorgeous Bag for our Angel Stitchers swap.

Oh Natalie! It's just BEAUTIFUL and I LOVE it. Thank you so much -- I love little blue birds and your wrens are just adorable!!!

Oh what a sweet bag! I think I'll start to make one of these right away!

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