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Oh, very nice corner....
Jo Masonfrom Italy

Hi Natalie, Your shelves look so inspiring and I can't wait to see your next project! Your stitches are beautiful. Also congratulations on the new Joy in your life.

I too like to keep my supplies on display, I find that it helps me to see what goes well and where I can use things, it has also meant that my stash is slowly diminishing as I don't 'forget' I have something hiding in the cupboard. Love your work and look forward to seeing what is coming next. Thanks for sharing.

Everything is so neat and organized with lovely eye appeal. Your project looks very interesting.

Love all that Fabric & Jelly Rolls in their little spaces...Thanks for the Sneak Peak it is Looking Gorgeous as Usual...Glad to hear you are getting some ME time...Bubby must be Very Good.!!

So organized...and very inspirational;) Can't wait to see your new creations;)

OMG! I've been waiting *forever* for a block of the month to start ever since I saw the Christmas quilt on display. I'm lucky to be living close to Creative Edge Quilting. I'll need to run over there and hand over my credit card :)

love you collections. And your stitching. beautiful. I too love to stitch in the evening, it's very relaxing.

Lovely, neatly stacked pile of fabrics. And oh I spy a little house. Love little houses.

so neat..so organised....thanks for sharing the photos! I have trouble cutting into my fabrics when they are all sorted out nicely!! Don't the jelly rolls look fabulous! Looking forward to seeing your new creation!

thank you for make me dreaming with you beautiful pictures, it's just what i need this time. kisses. Christel

I think I've got stash envy...you have some lovely looking fabrics!

I'm in awe of your beautiful, neat and organised workspace! I used to have a room I could leave my craft out and shut it away from the kids. We've just moved and I don't have a room like that in our new place. I've been lucky enough to fit a desk in the corner of our room!! How wonderful that you've ben able to get some stitching done!! Babies are such a blessing... and a distraction!!

Oh Natalie ... it's all so neat and tidy. My sewing room is utterly chaotic lol!! I'm super envious, I'd love to be more organised!!!
Your sneak peak looks great - I love your birdies :o).
Joy :o)

The photos are beautiful and so inspiring. I love all the colors and your stitches are so neat.

Since you inspire me, I've left a little something for you at my blog.

Your sneak peak has me intrigued. Can't wait to see what it is. I recently posted a photo of your stitched trilogy which i finally finished for myself.

First I love the sneak peak photos...I have fallen in love with your birds. I am going to have to do something about that. This one looks cute with a house and a bird....

oh what wonderful photos, your stitching is divine!!!

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