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SO looking forward to the Tail Feathers BOM patterns! for your FAQ's, I would like a tip on how to keep blanket stitch from rolling inwards when it is stitched in small circles (like the ornaments I just did on your Christmas mouse pattern). Ta!

Delightful as always! Your stitcheries inspire me!

So happy I found your blog. I just discovered embroidery. Your work is so pretty!

Your new pattern looks so sweet! Cannot wait to se the finish!
Laila, Norway

Love your darling little birds... the colours are gorgeous... I'm still working on the Truly Scrumptious girls so maybe after they are finished.... or.... why couldn't I have just one more wisp to add to my list.

Hi Natalie,

I've already emailed you about this gorgeous project and can't wait till it's finished. I'd love to make one!

Tag - you're it! I've been tagged by Diane Knott and am passing it to you. All you need to to is post 7 things about yourself, it can be funny, serious, whatever your like - and tag 7 other bloggers to do the same.

I hope you join in the fun!

Hi Natalie,
oooh, I fear I'll break my new year's resolutions not to start "unplanned" projects this year...but the 'tail feathers' are going to be irresistible...;o)
I just finished the 'fresh breeze' top {hmpf, have to wait for backing fabric to arrive} ...and I can't live without a Cinderberry-WIP, can I? ;o)
Hope you & your little one are well,

The new blog layout looks great. I'm working on Truly Scrumptious at the moment and loving it but one suggestion would be to have iron-on transfers as an option for future stitching patterns & BOM. For the time poor every bit helps. :)

This is awesome! I just finished Truly Scrumptious and it was TRULY fun to do. I can't wait to do this one. I'm assuming that we should buy some Patisserie sweet rolls? If so, can you tell me how many so I can be prepared. Thanks!

OMGosh cannot believe I have been outa Blogland long enough for your Sweet Baby Girl to arrive... Congratulations Natalie !!! One of your posts reminded me of something once read " Babies are Nature's way of showing people what the world looks like at 2.ooam "... How True. Luvin' the variegated threads you are using in Tail Feathers...

These little birds are so adorable. I am almost done with the "girls" from Truly Scrumptous. It's so much fun watching them come to life with each stitch! Thank you for being so creative!

My stitching sister and I are almost done stitching "Scrumptious", we are having the best time with those yummy girls!

We look forward to your next BOM!!

You are such a tease. I love the colors and can't wait to do this project. I have all of your stitchery patterns and every one of them are beautiful.

Thanks for the update picture of your precious baby girl, we all look forward to seeing her grow!Now we love your stitchers too.Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Marie

moda patisserie fabrics are so beautiful!!!!kisses

Adorable, what more could I say?

Love the new photo! what a treasured picture that will be in years to come! And you know I am looking forward to your new BOM....so will be following it's progress!

Natalie, I'm TOTALLY in love with your patterns and have eight on order right now. I can't wait for them to arrive so I can get started stitching them. Keep bringing those wonderful designs to us. You are truly talented!

Carolyn :)

Thank you for the sneek peak! I love it so far. The blog looks terrific too!

absolutely indescribably gorgeous tail feathers - can hardly wait for BOM and i got my variations threads also and love them too.

just look how perfectly precious your embroidery is! Gorgeous!

oh I just love your stitching a work. I can't wait to see more.

Blog is looking great. I think you need a section of photos of bubs though. The one on the left isn't very clear Natalie and would love to see an update.

Looks like a great new project, cant wait to see it all!

I like it...I don't have very good eyesight so its hard to see some stuff, but I like this.

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