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I'ms so sorry about all these fires in your country.
we see it from France and we hope this will finish soon.

Praying for an end to the heat and fires.
Enjoy reading your blog daily.
Happy Valentines Day

My prayers are with you all.

Words are often not enough to describe such devastation. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered loss of homes and family in these fires.

Seeing the horrible pictures of the fires, the desperate people, the animals, the firefighters trying so hard..... it breaks my heart.
Know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers

Hugs and prayers from me here in Utah!! I am so sorry!

Hugs to you and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers here in Northern California.

There's just an awful feeling in my stomach because of the fires. I agree that words are hard to find--just know that the world is concerned and saddened.

Siento mucho lo que estan pasando con los incendios espero no haya victimas y se encuentren bien.
Mi solidaridad desde Uruguay
Maria isabel

Natalie ~
please know that I think of all those who are affected by these horrible fires...
~ julia

Such a sad situation. Be safe. Many prayers being sent.

Besides the prayers for safety we are also praying for rain for you all! Hopefully this will end quickly! And that they will find who ever started them.
Be safe.

we are keeping close watch on what is happening in your awesome country, and we are so sad. I have visited and I love it there, and this is a tragedy of unreal magnitute....prayers going out to you from southern Calif

Natalie, My niece lives in NZ and I'm in Montana. We are both familiar with the devastation wild fires and forest fires bring. We are both praying for everyone in Australia. ~Jil~

siento lo que esta sucediendo en australia uno mi sentimiento de que tu familia y amigos se encuentren bien..

Here in Spain we're watching the disaster on TV: the images are terrible. I hope that it don't perjudicate your family and friends.
Besos desde España

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your country.

Dear Natalie,
My heart breaks to see the pictures and hear the stories. People from around the world are praying for Australia. Stay safe and know that many are thinking of you and your family. God Bless.

My heart goes out to you all i hope you and your family and friends keep safe we watch the news and are devastated i have a cousin and his family over there .Iwill say a prayer for you God bless and keep safe.

I watched the images on brazilian TV. We are praying for australian people. I'm glad that you are Ok.

Today when I'm watching TV and looking this horrible fire I remember of you.
I hope you are OK and all the fire finish as soon as possible.


I saw the fires on the news... I hope that they'll stop soon... and I hope they find those who are responsable... They should be punished severely !

I couldn't believe the images. It really does look like hell. I'm so sad for what is happening. I can't believe it might be arson or mass murder as your PM put it so well. Praying for all the heartache and praying lives will be spared. It is already so horrible.

Sending more prayers from the U.S. for Victoria and her citizens. May you all be safe, Natalie.

I have been thinking of all of you since news of the fires broke here in the US. Will continue to keep all of you in my thoughts & prayers.

My prayers are with all those affected.

Natalie, I'm so very sorry for the ravaging of your homeland. My thoughts are with you as well as those in the midst of this terrible tragedy.

I so sorry to hear of the terrible fires and the loss of life I pray it will all end soon. You and yours take care.

This is so sad. I am praying for everyone there.

This is so horrible to watch! Prayers for you and your neighbors from your U.S. fans and friends!

My prayers and thoughts are with you! Please stay safe.

I saw this reported on the news and I thought of you and your family. We are all hoping that this nightmare will end soon. - Marlene

I've been thinking of you Natalie, glad to hear you are safe.

We will also pray for you and your fellow Australians. Here in Holland we do see it on TV and it's soo sad to see what is happening to the people and the country.

God be with you---hodl onto that baby....the rest can be replaced....

There is not much to say, but i hope things get better! Here in the other side of the world we are soffering from waters desasters. Flood after flood everywhere.

Unfortunally this is a result of human kind behaviour. Maybe one day we will see all this mass and stop the nature devastation. Till there i hope inocent people could pass trought all this with no harming.



Hi Natalie,
I am glad to hear that you and your family are OK. I am over here in the West Aust and have been watching the news with tears streaming down my face. I was so worried about all my favourite designers as I know you are all over that side but I wasn't sure whereabouts. It is just so unbelievable. You are all in my thoughts.

I pray for you and for your country !
with friendship

Nous avons une tempéte et des pluies torrentielles cette semaine en bretagne (France), je pense à vous avec tristesse et je me dis quel gachis !

Good Morning Natalie,
that are sad new you have to write to day.
I hope that the nightmare will end soon and that your loved ones are healthy.
I pray for you all.

Hello Natalie,
I am so glad that you and your family are ok. After seeing the awful pictures and hearing the devastating news on Dutch TV I am thinking of all of you in Australia, who are affected by this terrible weather. I hope it will end soon and I pray for all those who have lost their relatives and their homes.

my family and i really hope for a real amelioration of the weather. hope that the wind will stop, hope that men aren't responsable of two fires, we keep our fingers cross for a near end !!!!

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