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Adorable!!! Great work! :D

I really enjoy your work. The birds are just adorable. I am looking forward to the pattern.

I have just found your blog and I think I am drooling!!!!! What a beautiful place you have and what gorgeous work you do. I love to stitch too, and just love to see other people's work.
I hope that the weather down there is improving and that all the people are safe. I have cried watching the horror, but know what a strong and hopeful people Australians are.

Marilyn in Virginia USA

So adorable Natalie...but not quite as adorable as your little bundle of joy....how are you going the pair of you during this horrid heat?
Keep cool ...and thanks for your delightful treats..jo

Love the birdie. I saw a similar white frame in a shop here in the US but I didn't get it. I think I'll give it a try. Your endorsement means a lot to me!

Oh boy, is he ever *cute*!

I do love all your projects but one thing really stands out for me....your stitching! How do you do such gorgeous hand work? I try so hard and cannot get it half as nice as yours.
I do think you Aussie girls have quite a knack for all the different hand work!!!
Peggy in NJ, USA

Absolutely CUTE BIRDIE! That will be a HAPPIEST DAY ever when we'll see the finished Tail Feathers;))) I'm looking forward to patterns...

He's beautiful, as is all your work.

Its always amazing to me that I can travel to Australia and visit your web site. Enjoying visiting your creations!! And hearing about your life "down under". Looking forward to more....love the birdies.

Your applique birdie is just darling! Would love to see him pop up in this pattern! Also can't wait to see the finished product!

Your blog just makes me itch to stich, such inspiration. I just have soo many hobbies I really don't need another. I love the little bird, very cute indeed.

Thank you for sharing your creations Natalie. I love logging on every few days just to see the next little appear. I love them and can't wait to see the finished project. Love Meagan

A new adventure...he is as cute as can be!! I love watching your blog...

Natalie - he's delightful and I look forward to seeing where he appears next

The little bird is precious.

Your needlework is so incredibly precise! No matter how hard I try, I just can't get mine that uniform and tidy.

How could you not fall in love with him! I feel like a kid at christmas waiting for your next installment!

Hi Natalie, just love the little bird he is so cute, cant wait to see where he ends up.
Take care, Sue Holland

So cute, Natalie! The little bird is so sweet. Am really looking forward to this pattern release!
Happy stitching,

Love the little bird, very cute! Hope you find a good home for it.

Mmmm, easter eggs...Im trying to hold out a few more weeks, but that could be difficult.

this little one is certainly sweet. Please give him a home soon.

wow wow wow. very nice and cute. When can we get our hands on this one. I love it Natalie. Keep creating.


That is sooo cute!!!!!! It's always fun to see what you come up with~~

Very cute! You're always finding some different way to show us your little feathered friends! Love them!

Natalie, I've already "preordered" my copy of your newest pattern from Darlene of BewSewWhimsical!!! I asked her to please save one for me when they arrive!! LOL!! Cheers! Mary Ann

I don't know how you do it! The applique for the bird is absolutely adorable. Can't wait to see what's next!

Love the appliqued bird and what beautiful blanket stitching. What weight thread do you use for that - I am assuming this isn't machine applique! :)

Love the little birdie...your stitching is amazing!

The applique birdie is adorable!!! I love those clip frames but I use mine for hand quilting. Now I'll have to try it with my embroidery.

These are so beautiful! I can't wait to get this in my hot little hands!!! Do you know yet how many honeybuns are required for the quilt?

Come see me at my blog, I have Truly Scrumptious up now that I just finished. Thanks!

I can see why you're smitten. Absolutely darling!!!

OOooooooo how many ways can we say cute??? Your little birdie is adorable;)

Your feathered friends are so precious :)

Natalie, I'm totally in love with your little birds!
I made your Blue Wren's Tote at the weekend, the photo is on my blog. Too cute for words!

Hi Natalie,
I like very much this quilt of the little birds, Do you can to say to me like it calls and where I can find the pattern.
I am charmed with your designs.
Sorry for my mistakes, my english isn't very good.

Hi Natalie - I too like to watch your blog to see what interesting things you come up with next... But I like to ask you a question if I may - how do you get your stitches so evenly placed??? I really like doing backstitch but I am continually frustrated that mine are not as even or as well spaced - try as I might they just don't seem to work for me... Is it just patience and practice or is there a secret???? What ever it is I would love to know...

Hi Natalie,
what a cute little fella, I so love watching your blog to see what you may come up with next, fascinating!
cheers, Shiree

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