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I'm amazed with your stitches!! :D

As everything you do, this is perfect too.
Isis RJ/Brasil

so beautiful , I love it .. really

I noticed your hoop is a frame. Does that work better then a hoop?
And how do you keep from getting hand hoop marks? It doesn't matter what hoop I use I still get a dirt mark from my hands on the top where I have done my stitching. I sure need help in this area.

I love your precious little birds!! I have been seeing things about these fires. I am thinking about you guys there!

Hi! I'm usually a lurker. :) Your designs are adorable and vibrant! I love details too.

For frames I see you use those square tubes. May I ask what the pros/cons in comparison with the regular wooden hoops?

a little bit of spring for here in France !

Your birds are looking gorgeous. I love the colours you've chosen.

The little birds are wonderful, I can not wait until the finished project looking interesting.

So sweety !! as always...

You do such beautiful, neat work. Inspires me to get out the thread and needle and get creative. Hope you are safe.

Your little birdies are precious! Your photography really makes them 'come alive'!

Hope that your saving some of these sweet birds for your little one. They are really cute! And the picture of you and your sweetie are wonderful! It looks like your enjoying her very much!

What gorgeous little birds!

Im madly stitching Scrumptious too, and like everyone else love your little tail feathers! Keep up the great work and thank for the smile!

What a happy, beautiful quilt this will be when finished. I am looking forward to seeing each stitched piece revealed.

Natalie ~ What a cheerful pattern and your stitching is beautiful!! I love birds too.

How do you do it? I was wondering what stitch you use, everything you make is so perfect.

These are really gorgeous, Nathalie! Thank you for the 'rules'. They brought a smile to my face, as did the cute little birds (O:

Simply divine

The stitcheries are so cute - the colour range you are using is so lovely - has an autumn feel. My your wee babe is growing so fast - just saw your updated profile photo - so cute :) Hugs Jx

your birds are gorgeous Natalie - I can't wait to see them all finished. I loved stitching 12 red robins and this one looks right up my ally too :)

Those little birds are so cute. They made me happy!

i hope your print run for this one is huge - this will be popular! ;-)

Such delicate little tweeters, love your work.

You are such a tease :) I'm still waiting for the entire thing to be available!

Beautiful! Your stitching is just perfect and the designs are gorgeous. I love your rule about the bubble bath. I'm sure many world problems (as well as design problems) could be solved if people took more bubble baths. haha.

Love it. I can't wait for the pattern to be ready so that I can start.

Tailfeathers is really inspirational. I can hardly wait to start sewing, i can feel my fingers itchin

It is wonderful

This is just so cute! I look forward to see more, and more;o)
Cannot wait to se the complete pattern and quilt!

Ooooo,I just soooo love your little birdies!!!!Can't wait for the whole quilt to be finished and the pattern to be for sale in the shops!I just want to make it for myself,lol!!!
I am at the present very busy making your scrumptious blocks,they are sooo yummie!!
Thanks for thinking up such cute quilts!!!!
love from Holland,

Darling and I love your rules!

Hi Natalie,these blocks look really cute.Love the varigated threads.At the present time I am madly stitching scrumptious,cant wait to see the end result of your new quilt.Your little one is sure going to be a lucky girl with all these quilts to snuggle under!!!

What delightful birds. Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

They all look fantastic.

Natalie, this project is so adorable! I can't wait to add it to my collection!!
Mary Ann

I love these cute birds!

it is so beautiful !! Can't wait to see the rest !

They are lovely, I am sitting with a smile behind my computer :-)

These birdies are just the cutest bunch!!!! They sure do put a smile on my face~

Natalie your birdies are just to cute for words. Cant wait to see the finished product. Yes i had a smile looking at the pictures & reading your comments.

They look very sweet. Can't wait to see it when it is all finished.

Your designs always make me smile, they are so whimsical! Looking forward to seeing the completed project.

Natalie, those little birds are just the cutest, as you say they certainly bring a smile to all- no doubt just like Isabelle. Hope all is well with your little family.

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