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super cute!

Just amazing, totally love this, guess what is coming after I finish Truly Scrumptious!

When oh when will this pattern be available, it is absolutly gorgeous.

I love all of your designs and patterns but i think this one is a favourate. I love it! Cant wait for the pattern release. Just gorgeous! You are so talented, keep up the beautiful work, your work always makes me smile!

wonderful i love very much all yours works and i come very soon on your blog - Marité - France

Your blog and pictures always leave me feeling truly inspired, your work is divine, thankyou for sharing it with us!

Gorgeous !
clares craftroom

The birds are beautiful and the whole piece is amazing. Thank you for posting the most inspiring work I have seen in ages. hugs Margie.

It looks very very very pretty

it's so cute!

Looking just fabulous. Such lovely clean, neat, unwrinkled work. And I love the pile of sliced fabrics. I am collecting a bucket of them at them moment. Maybe to go under organza for the front of a bag.
Have done it with threads, collecting bucket of those also.

Love bubs. She is a sweetie.
Looking forward to the finished quilt.

your works are simply nice.
by by from tuscany, italy.

Ooohhh!!! It's wonderful!! I love your birds!!! so adorable!!

Absolutely Delightful! I love it!

ohhhhh... I just love this one.. love the others but this is simple divine!

Its stunning. Cant wait for it to be released!

I love the combination of applique and stitchery. It is just perfect. And that fabric. Ooohhhh I love that fabric!!!!!!

I think this is one quilt pattern I will just have to buy for myself.

Oh my goodness! Your birdies are adorable! I love your work!

Just think your designs are sooo quirky...love 'em.. this one looks like it will have to earmarked for "the to do list one day" thanks for sharing, happy stitching...Raylene Smith

Your work is exquisite!

Lovin' this quilt. You've got me inspired. Can't wait to see the pattern... You do such lovely work. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

it's WONDERFUL! Agnès from France

Waht a beauty! I really look forward to see the whole quilt. It looks so happy!

It is wonderful !!
Can we buy the pattern ?

Those stitched birds are just beautiful.

ohhhhhhhhhhhh, georgeous! I love stitchery and apliqué. When will be ready the pattern? I want it!

Natalie, love your sneaky peeks. Do you do your applique by hand or machine, so neat?

I cannot wait to see your finished design. It looks totally beautiful from the pictures.

What a gorgeous peek at your latest quilt. It is just beyond words!

This is absolutely beautiful!!!! I love it!!!!! Can't wait to see it all finished!!!!!

Natalie your Quilt is stunning...just beautiful...cant wait for it to be released....nic

Natalie, the applique and stitchery together are exquisite - and I think these fabrics are so perfect! What beautiful handiwork you do!

Hi Natalie, Im just love your gorgeous birdies they are sooo cute. Applique and stitching do go so well together. Thankyou for telling us about the fabric, it is lovely, Im going to grab 2 sweet rolls asap. I know when the pattern is released of a reliable source to get the pattern from, havent had a lot of luck with BOMs so think I will do this one myself. Look forward to the next installment.
Well done. Cheers Sue

Your Stitching is Gorgeous & those Cute Little Birds are Adorable...can't wait to see the whole Quilt...

WHEN;, WHEN;, this is cruel to have to wait sooo long for this pattern, or book to come out--will be getting some of the fabric soon, so I will be ready for the "birds to come to momma"---WHEN, WHEN, DID YOU SAY IT WOULD BE OUT????????
HURRY-- keep working --we are all on pins and needles here!!!!!!!
Give that baby a hug for me too, while you're at it--Just, Di

I was having withdrawal pains waiting for your updates...but the wait was TOTALLY worth it.

You are a stitching superstar!!!
Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Molting with anticipation.

Tia from Hudson WI USA

Congratulations! It is looking gorgeous, Natalie! Can't wait for the pattern release. Hope it is soon!!!
Happy stitching, P

Oh my goodness, your designs are just gorgeous, a prettier thing to dream about there is not. Can't wait until the pattern is out for this, it's a must do in a stitchers life time of WIP's.

Your little birdies are adorable;) You're having some mighty sweet dreams;) Fabulous work!

Oh I love these little chaps and am looking forward to more peeps

Beautiful! I'm lost for words! They are just gorgeous!!

Lovely birds!I`m looking forward to see it all finished and maybe get the pattern!

This has to be one of the cutest quilts I've ever seen. I will be stalking your blog until the pattern is released so I can buy one right away!

Absolutely adorable! It is so much fun when you let us all in as your designs take shape. Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful block, fabrics and stitchery! I love your design, can't wait to see what you do next!!!

It is really pretty what you make. This mixture of cloths and embroidering on a quilt. SPLENDID! And the harmony of colours. I like everything!!!! I have put your blog in my favourites list.

Isabella is really lucky to have a mom like you.

This is so gorgeous...and since Patisserie is my favorite fabric right now...I love it all the more!

So gorgeous! And I bet you could actually put those scraps and strings outside and let some *real* birds have a very colorful nest! :0) Wouldn't that be a great thing to see at a quilter's house?

Oh my gosh!@ I love this and can't wait to see the entire quilt. I definitely want to order the pattern just the minute it is available. This is so me!

And yes, I believe you when you say you are dreaming up these little guys; they are so unique! Hurry and finish for us all. :)

Natalie, your stitchery is just gorgeous!!! Love that fabric, as well! Will have to check it out!
Cheers! Mary Ann

oh dear - I am sensing another BOM that I will just HAVE to sign up for! ;) It is looking absolutely gorgeous Natalie - I cannot wait to see the finished project!

Yes I am enjoying another journey...perfect timing as I have just finished Truly Scrumptious :)

Totally loving your design journey. Thanks so much for sharing. I am smitten with your sweet birdies!

Oh it's gorgeous Natalie ... I really can't wait to see the whole thing!!
Joy :o)

Love your new design and the beautiful fabric range you chose for it!

These birds are fantastic.
Thanks and ciao ciao

oooh, I cant wait to see the finished product! Im not one for stitcheries, but this might get me started, its so cute!

oooh looking good

Oh how sweet are these birds, i also can hardly wait till the pattern comes out. Thank you for all these beautiful birds..
Greetings Carla from luxemburg

Natalie! This is the most adorable thing i have ever seen!!! You are SOOOOO amazingly talented, thank you so much for your inspiration, I can't wait for your latest pattern to become available. Take care, Kerry.

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